Worx Landroid vs Husqvarna Automower vs Bosch Indego Review

Compare What it is? Worx Landroid vs Husqvarna Automower vs Bosch Indego

What is WORX Landroid? – It’s a highly advanced pre-programmed robotic lawn mower that comes programmed to mow narrowest and toughest to reach parts of lawn flawlessly.

What is Husqvarna Automower? – Built with 20 years of experience and expertise, the Husqvarna Automower is a sophisticated lawn mower that mows even the most intricate parts of lawn perfectly.

What is Bosch Indego? – It’s a hi-tech robotic lawnmower that works on what its makers call the “Logicut” navigation system that allows it to mow every inch of the lawn immaculately in the most systematic manner.


Compare How does it work? Worx Landroid vs Husqvarna Automower vs Bosch Indego

How does WORX Landroid work? – It’s a pre-programmed robotic lawn mover that operates with artificial intelligence and works on an app. It features programmable timer and other attributes like rain sensor and shock sensor system that make it function as per your schedule.It is also empowered it to sense the terrain and navigate it accurately.

How does Husqvarna Automower work? – Certain models of Husqvarna Automower work on its app through which it can be programmed. It features attributes like spot-cutting function, which enable it to trim grass evenly all over the lawn, height adjustment function that sets cutting height between 20 and 60 mm manually or electrically and more.It makes use of special razorblades that cut grass and produce far better results unlike conventional blades.

How does Bosch Indego work? – Bosch Indego operates with its free Indego Connect and Smart Gardening App that calculate the best cutting route and mows in clean, parallel lines with the help of its special Logicut navigation system. It calculates and maps every part of the garden accurately and mows 30% faster. A cutting schedule can be set up by you and you can simply look forward to impeccable results.


Compare Features: Worx Landroid vs Husqvarna Automower vs Bosch Indego

WORX Landroid
Pre-programmed lawn mower that works through its own app
Calculates drift, inclination and other parameters
Rain sensor and shock sensor system enabled
Can be updated via do-it-yourself installation
Protected with a PIN code for safety
No emissions
Zero noise


Husqvarna Automower
My Automower® App enabled to mow as per your convenience even in user’s absence
Programmed to climb steep slopes to mow without a hitch
Spot-cutting function for even mowing
Height adjustment feature
Makes use of razorblades
Weather timer adjusts mowing to the garden’s growth rate
Cutting blades programmed to shut off automatically when necessary
Some models provided with one or two guide wires that enable the mower return to charging station independently


Bosch Indego

Programmed to be controlled through mobile devices
Calculates best cutting route and mows in clean, parallel lines
Pin protection and alarm system
Automatic charging system
Weathers most rough climatic conditions
Quick blade stop and mulching functions
Climbs slopes and mows expediently
Bump sensor to detect obstacles


Compare Benefits

WORX Landroid
Equipped with artificial intelligence
Pre-programmed function for maximum convenience
Calculates drift, inclination and other parameters accurately
Equipped with rain sensor and shock sensor system
Can be updated via do-it-yourself installation
Zero emission and silent
Glides smoothly on uneven surfaces
Autonomous function
User-friendly interface
Quick, reliable and safe


Husqvarna Automower
Boasts of expertise and innovative engineering proficiencies of over 20 years of experience
Climbs steep slopes (up to 45 degrees) effortlessly and yet cut grass evenly
My Automower® App to program its functions and make it work even user’s absence
Can get in touch with user on its own in case of emergency
Can mow in the dark
Versatile enough to adjust height and cut grass evenly
Easy to set up and completely safe

Bosch Indego
Convenience of control through mobile app
Seamless connectivity
Easy to install mowing blades programmed to stop the moment the machine is lifted off ground
Can mow on slopes of up to 35%
Automatic charging system makes it return to docking station when low on battery
Unique “Logicut” navigation system to evaluate the best cutting route
Works in the dark as well as in most weather conditions
Manual Step Button, PIN protection and alarm function for safety and prevention of misuse
Mulching function and quick blade stop functions for better growth and prevention of mishaps
Easy to install


Compare Models

WORX Landroid
6 models available


Husqvarna Automower
Not mentioned


Bosch Indego
3 models available


Compare Battery Powerpack

Model Power Pack Approx Runtime Approx Charging Time
Worx Landroid M 800 WG790E, Landroid M 1000 WG791E, Landroid M 1000 Wi-fi WG796E, Landroid L 1500 WG792E, Landroid L 2000 WG793E, Landroid L 2000 Wifi WG797E 28 V Max / 2.9 Ah Li-Ion maintenance free 1.5 hours 2 hours

Compare Area it covers


Model Area Covered
Worx Landroid M 800 WG790E 800 sq.mtr
Worx Landroid M 1000 WG791E and Worx Landroid M 1000 WiFi WG796E 1000 sq.mtr
Worx Landroid M 1500 WG792E 1500 sq.mtr
Worx Landroid M 1500 WG793E 2000 sq.mtr

Compare Drive System
Compare Runtime
Compare Charging time
Compare Blade Type
Compare Blade Motor
Compare Cutting Height
Compare Size (LxWxH)
Compare Weight
Compare Security
Compare Blade to chassis clearance
Compare Blade stop time
Compare Blade inertia
Compare Drive wheels
Compare Max slope angle
Does it have Lift sensor
Does it have tilt sensor
Compare Noise level
Compare Warranty
Compare Price
Compare What do I get?

Model Area Covered

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  1. Considering the price, I would say the Worx landroid has the most value for moeny but in terms of overall performance I say the Husqvarna model comes out on top. Even though they are more expensive, the results they can deliver is not easily matched.

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