Wincleaner vs FixMeStick vs System Mechanic

Compare What is it? WinCleaner vs FixMeStick vs System Mechanic

What is WinCleaner OneClick Professional? – WinCleaner OneClick Professional is a PC maintenance software that helps in its optimal functioning in just one click by cleaning, repairing, and optimizing the Windows Registry.

What is WinCleaner Data Zapper Pro? – WinCleaner DataZapper Pro is a PC cleaning software that safeguards you from identity theft and boosts the speed of PC.

What is FixMeStick? – FixMeStick is a virus removal tool that gets rid of viruses, malware, and adware that other anti-virus program cannot.

What is System Mechanic? – System Mechanic is a PC software that has a patented performance technology to fix up and speed your computer automatically.


Compare How does it work? WinCleaner vs FixMeStick vs System Mechanic

How does WinCleaner OneClick Professional work? – Visiting websites clutters your hard drive with thousands of images and cookies that slow the PC down. Internet clutter threatens your privacy since it leaves a record of the sites visited. WinCleaner OneClick safely fixes these problems and cleans, repairs, and optimizes the Windows Registry. Its intelligent Startup Optimizer stops unneeded applications and improves the computer start up time and overall performance. The in-built U.S. DoD Standard file shredding permanently deletes all the Internet images and cookies.

How does WinCleaner Data Zapper Pro work? – WinCleaner DataZapper Pro deletes unwanted sensitive files and all traces of File Data. It permanently deletes traces of Windows and other apps that can make you vulnerable to identity theft. It cleans your hard drive entirely or only selected unneeded folders and files. Deleted Data Zapper wipes files from the Recycle Bin, wipes the free space on disk, and zaps the unused portion of files that hold private data on the disk. Sensitive Folder Zapper wipes folders content that can track your Internet and computer usage.

How does FixMeStick work? – FixMeStick works like a USB stick. You need to insert it into the port, launch the program and reboot and let it get to work without the need to install a program or software and just pull it out when done. FixMeStick works on its own operating system that downloads the latest antivirus and cleans the viruses before Windows has started.

How does System Mechanic work? – It has several features that work together to boost your PC performance and internet speed. These features – LiveBoost, Stability Guard, ActiveCare, AcceleWrite, Program Accelerator, Memory Mechanic, Startup Optimizer, NetBooster, Total Registry Revitalizer, PC Cleanup, Energy Booster, Crudd Remover and Privacy Cleaner optimize Windows Registry .It has intelligent live updates that diagnose and fix over 30,000 PC problems using. It cleans up the PC of 50 types of junk files and protects privacy by wiping sensitive internet and chat history.


Compare What does it do? WinCleaner vs FixMeStick vs System Mechanic

What does WinCleaner OneClick Professional do? – It deletes performance-sapping internet and PC junk and repairs Windows Registry thus preventing errors and slow performance of the PC. It safeguards your privacy by removing internet cookies and images. It restores the PC’s stability and power, increases system start up time, maximizes hard-drive space, curbs and removes unneeded applications and files, relocates programs and folders between drives, and removes stubborn programs that cannot be removed by the Windows “Add/Remove” feature.

What does WinCleaner Data Zapper Pro do? – It cleans registry, fixes Windows, improves and speeds up PC functioning. It securely deletes all traces of Files Data, previously deleted files so that sensitive information is permanently destroyed. It reclaims your disk space while ensuring your needed programs, files, and operating system are untouched.

What does FixMeStick do? – FixMeStick bypasses Windows while working so that viruses and malware that have entered and hidden in the registry are also caught. It does not touch your needed data like emails and photos. The antivirus stick finds suspicious files and gets rid of malicious software.

What does System Mechanic do? – Systematic Mechanic speeds up the startup time of the PC, internet speed, program operation, and gaming. It stops stability threats, optimizes file write speed, realigns displaced program files, reclaims wasted RAM, resolves registry issues and revitalizes the PC, locates and wipes unused extra programs, and permanently deletes internet and chat history, internet clutter and cache.

Compare Reviews: WinCleaner vs FixMeStick vs System Mechanic

WinCleaner OneClick Professional Review

There are not many unique functions of WinCleaner OneClick Professional, basically tasks that cannot be performed if you do not have the program. Anyone can manually use Windows utilities to carry out tasks like clearing Internet browser files and temporary files. The only positive thing is that the software provides the convenience of doing all of these at once, more quickly, and in a fewer clicks thus saving time and effort in boosting the functioning of the PC. However, WinCleaner OneClick Professional works as it claims to and cleans Windows of temporary file clutter and junk that accumulates on the PC over time. It effectively deletes junk files, is a good registry cleaner and it enhances Windows startup time and performance. However, WinCleaner OneClick Professional does not give any different functions than programs available for free working out to be expensive in spite of being reasonably priced. On the flip side, the program cannot be scheduled to run automatically and one has to simply remember to run the program or the PC would remain unclean.


Fixmestick Review

FixMeStick is an easy-to-use antivirus software that scans for viruses using reputable antivirus engines like Kaspersky, GFI/VIPRE, and Sophos. There is an ‘Undo’ feature if you face a problem after deletion of files. The remote-control tech support is quite helpful. But, FixMeStick can only quarantine and not disinfect virus-infected files. The software indiscriminately quarantines system files making test systems unbootable and requiring full undo. Malware traces in Registry are said to have remained untouched and a removal once failed to prevent several detected rootkits from running. It only gets a PC into working state when malware renders Windows non-bootable and prevents antivirus installation; antivirus program does the real work.

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