Urine Gone vs Urine Off vs Nature’s Miracle Review

Compare What is it? Urine Gone vs Urine Off vs Nature’s Miracle

What is Urine Gone? – It’s a solution with strong enzyme action that removes pet urine stains and odor from carpets,floor, furniture and upholstery.

What is Urine Off? – Urine Off is a special bio-enzymatic formula that permanently removes cat urine stains and odor.

What is Nature’s Miracle? – Nature’s Miracle is a formula that eliminates all kinds of new, old, deep-set pet urine stain and odor.

Compare How does it work? Urine Gone vs Urine Off vs Nature’s Miracle

How does Urine Gone work? – It has a unique enzyme formula that eliminates the stains and odor. You just need to spray the solution on the affected area and it will start working immediately. The enzyme action penetrates deep into the carpet or rug and breaks down the urine deep below where the odor grows.

How does Urine Off work? – The bio-enzymatic formula of the solution gets rid of the stains and odors while its unique pheromone blocker prevents future marking by the pet. It works on walls, carpets, litter boxes, furniture, floors, etc.

How does Nature’s Miracle work? – The solution has bio-enzymatic agents with odor locking technology that eliminates odors and does not let them recur. It also has water, Nature’s Enzymes, Isopropyl Alcohol, oxygen boosters and natural citrus scent that get rid of the most severe stains and leave a fresh smell behind. It also has the fastest drying formula that prevents tracking through the house.

Compare Features and Benefits: Urine Gone vs Urine Off vs Nature’s Miracle

Urine Gone Features and Benefits – The hard labor of scrubbing and cleaning away pet urine stains and odors is a thing of the past as you just need to spray the formula on the affected area. It is quick and easy to use and works great for pet as well as people accidents. The formula is non-toxic hence safe around your pets and cleans everything from hardwood, carpets and rugs, upholstery and commodes. It penetrate right into the rug to break urine lying deep under.

Urine Off Features and Benefits – Unlike other formulas that only work temporarily, Urine Off eliminates pet odor and stains permanently. It can be used on any surface like litter box, wall, carpet or rugs. It comes in large container that makes it economical and cover more area. It’s effective enough to be used by trainers, groomers, vets and kennels.

Nature’s Miracle Features and Benefits – The solution removes new as well as the oldest and most deep set pet urine stains and odors.It is safe to be used on pets living and sleeping areas apart from any other surface. It works for dogs as well as birds and other small animals.


Compare Ingredients: Urine Gone vs Urine Off vs Nature’s Miracle

Urine Gone Ingredients – Contains natural enzymes that eat away the organic matter in animal and human waste.

Urine Off Ingredients – There’s no ingredients on the label. Just says Patented bio-enzymatic formula

Nature’s Miracle Ingredients – Water, Nature’s enzymes, Isopropyl Alcohol, and natural citric scent.


Compare What surfaces it works on? Urine Gone vs Urine Off vs Nature’s Miracle

Urine Gone – Works on Hardwood, tiles, carpets, rugs, and outside of litter boxes

Urine Off – Works on On litter boxes, walls, furniture, carpets, floors, etc.

Nature’s Miracle Works on Floor, carpets, furniture, pets living and sleeping areas, etc.


Compare Reviews/Complaints: Urine Gone vs Urine Off vs Nature’s Miracle

Urine Gone Pros/Cons
Urine Gone removes pet urine stains and odors from all kinds of carpets and even clothing no matter what the fabric. But it needs to be sprayed on the back for results.In some cases, the stain got worse than before and in most cases it did not eliminate the odor at all.

Urine Off Pros/Cons – It effectively keeps the litter box or other affected areas fresh and devoid of cat urine smell and stain without having to clean or scrub.It works on other pets’ accidents. One needs gallons of solution to treat even a small area and its smell itself can be as annoying as pet urine.

Nature’s Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover Pros/Cons – A user who reviewed Nature’s Miracle says that it used to work fabulously in the pasthas now become ineffective. Another reviewer says that unlike soaps, the solution gets rid of odor permanently so that your pet won’t return to the same spot to urinate again. A customer reviews that in spite of using a lot of the solution the urine odor returned in a day. One user writes that it encourages the pet to soil the same spot repeatedly.

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    I have MCS, and need to know the exact ingredients of Urine Gone

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