Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Compare what is it? Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Twist-A-Saw: It is a multi-purpose power tool that can be used to cut, grind, sand, polish, sharpen, engrave, etch, carve, clean and a whole lot more.

Dremel Saw-Max: It is a multi-purpose cutting tool that claims to be powerful enough to cut through any type of material efficiently while being convenient enough to let you cut with one hand.


Compare what does it do? Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Twist-A-Saw: It claims to be ideal for everything, from DIY to Arts projects. Its ergonomic handle ensures that you can convert it into jigsaw, concrete saw, cut off saw, router etc. It can cut, sand, polish, sharpen, grind, carve and is up to many other tasks. Its variable speed lets you choose between 5000 and 25000 rpm based on your specific tasks and requirements. It also makes it 10 times faster than your conventional drills. Now you can plunge-cut directly into the counter and fit a new sink without the need for pilot holes. Router bits can be used to create smooth edges and you can also make the most out of etching bits to make gorgeous art pieces. Your options are endless with this saw that comes with a 180 piece accessory kit.

Dremel Saw-Max: With its 6 amp motor with worm drive gearing, it is not only powerful and efficient but quite durable as well. Its compact size and ergonomic handle ensure that you can cut fine lines with ease and store it comfortably as well. It has a SM500 wood / plastic cutting blade for different DIY tasks at home. You can also use the SM 510 metal cutting blade whenever you want to work with different types of metals. It works on different surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, tile, masonry. It also has plunge cut and flush cut ability to add to its versatility.


Compare Saw type Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Twist-A-Saw: It is a multiple saw with two universal blades that make it versatile for use.

Dremel Saw-Max: The multi-purpose saw that has a SM500 wood / plastic cutting blade and 510 metal cutting blade.


Compare what materials it can be used on? Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Twist-A-Saw and Dremel Saw-Max can both be used on practically all types of materials including acrylic, timber, metals, hard tiles, plastic, masonry etc.


Compare blade size: Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Twist-A-Saw: The blade diameter is 6.35 mm.

Dremel Saw-Max: It has a 3 inch blade.


Compare cord length: Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Twist-A-Saw: Its cord length is 2 metres.

Dremel Saw-Max: The cord length of this saw is 6.5 feet.


Compare dimensions: Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Twist-A-Saw: H36, W25.9, D17.8cm

Dremel Saw-Max: Height 4.25 inches, depth 9.15 inches and width 15.15 inches.


Compare Price: Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Twist-A-Saw: It can be bought for $99.99.

Dremel Saw-Max: It is available for $89.99.


Verdict: Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Both Twist-A-Saw and Dremel Saw-Max are multipurpose cutting tools that work on practically all types of surfaces. There is not a lot to choose between them when it comes to the price as well. However Twist-A-Saw is a bit more versatile with the tasks it can do because of its 180 piece accessory kit. That’s the reason it’s the winner for us.


Compare REVIEWS: Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel

Dremel Saw-Max Reviews

Frustrating to use – Keith who bought Dremel Saw-Max complained in his review that he bought it to cut out pieces of the subfloor. However to get consistent results you need to change the blade frequently. It’s frustrating and very slow to use, which is why he busted out the circular saw for most of the cutting. He liked the flush cutting feature though it’s very slow. He suggests getting a mini-circular saw in case you mostly want to cut wood.

Has limitations – Roger who reviewed Dremel Saw-Max revealed in his review that for a circular saw you get a lot of speed here and it is more portable than his heavier circular saw. But he prefers his older saw for heavy duty cutting because it gives more depth. He used Dremel Saw-Max on his old broken down hollow core door by slicing it up into small pieces for the trash barrel. However it has limitations due to the fact that it is hardly any torque, which means no turns or it slows down and stops. After extended use the handle gets too hot to hold, which is annoying.

Accessories missing – Angus who used Dremel Saw-Max revealed in his review that it is a handy tool that works with different types of materials. He liked the size and weight of the saw that make it easy to use. It fits in your hand and lets you cut with confidence. The corded saw runs on 110 V and its 6ft cord length ensures that it is perfect for different home projects. He is also happy with the fact that the tool seems sturdy and comes with a 2 year warranty. He used it to cut drywall and it worked well but left a lot of dust behind. He thinks a drywall or manual jab saw would have done a cleaner job. Cross grain cuts on SYP floor boards were a challenge, and he thinks you would have to stick to lightweight materials and thin metals. He was however annoyed that it came without a storage case and just two wheels – for metal and wood / plastic. On the site it shows pictures of wheels for tiles and multipurpose too. He thinks they could have been missing because he got it through Seeds program and there were no other accessories either.

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