Turbo Air Fryer vs Power XL Air Fryer

Turbo Air Fryer vs Power XL Air Fryer


You must have come across several models of Power XL Air Fryers, “Turbo Air Fryer“, the “Power XL Oven” and the “Power XL Air Fryer”. In this comparison we will be comparing two of the most popular PowerXL models – The Power XL TURBO Air Fryer and the ORIGINAL PowerXL Air Fryer. The Original Power Air Fryer is at the start of the PowerXL line while the the TURBO Air Fryer at the end of the line. Let’s start the comparison with what these appliances are


Compare what are they? Turbo Air Fryer vs Power XL Air Fryer

In a nutshell, Turbo Air Fryer is a BIG Air Fryer that also works as a rotisserie.

The Power XL is a regular Air Fryer that comes in various sizes – 2.2 qt, 3.4 qt, 5.3 qt. There is a new VORTEX series too. By far the most popular of the POWERXL is the 5.3 Quart Air Fryer that we will be considering in our comparison.

Both the Power XL models [XL and Turbo] are Air Fryers. They cook food by circulating super-heated air around the food that is driven by a powerful fan placed behind the heating element. An Air Fryer is basically a scaled down version of a convection oven and cooks the food with little or no oil. The small size of the “Air frying” is the healthiest cooking method and is also quick as compared to other cooking methods. The Air Fryers are cheaper than the ovens and are ideally suited for individuals and small families. So that we know that both the PowerXL model are Air Fryers, where do they differ?


Compare Differences: Turbo Air Fryer vs Power XL Air Fryer

Though the basic mechanism of the The PowerXL Air Fryer and the Turbo Air Fryer is same, they differ in the size, function, power accessories and price. Let’s compare the individual parameter and see which air fryer is better.



Compare Capacity: Turbo Air Fryer vs Power XL Air Fryer

Size matters when it comes to Air Fryers, it is the small size of the Air Fryers that make them efficient. With convection ovens which are big, the heat takes time to heat the large area of the cooking chamber. The Air Fryer on the other hand have smaller cooking area and the whirlwind of super-heated wind heats the small chamber of the Air Fryers immediately. When we compared the size of PowerXL Air Fryer and Turbo Air Fryer we find that with the capacity of 10 Quart, the TURBO Air Fryer is almost twice the size of Power XL Air Fryer [5.3 Quart] and the TURBO cooks 80% more food than the PowerXL Air Fryer. Air fryers have traditionally been associated with “small meal makers”, they are not capable of making Family sized meals in one go, given their small size. The TURBO Air Fryer tries to remove this drawback by simply increasing the capacity to 10 quart that is air frying a turkey of 14 lbs.

Verdict – Turbo Air Fryer has a clear edge over the Power XL Air Fryer when it comes to capacity. If you are looking for a family sized air fryer and have to choose between the Turbo Air Fryer and Power XL Air Fryer, go for the TURBO. But the reviews reveal that the big size is not very advantageous.


Compare Design: Turbo Air Fryer vs Power XL Air Fryer

The design of the PowerXL Air Fryer is like any other Air Fryer. Basically an oval shaped appliance with the display and control panel at the top and the handle below the display. You pull the handle and the air frying basket comes out. All air fryers invariably have the same design..except the TURBO AIR FRYER. The Turbo Air Fryer has “top lid” design similar to electric pressure cookers. The Turbo Air Fryer has a glass body so you can actually see how your food is cooking and whether its done (“Cook & Look Design”). The lid of the Turbo Air Fryer houses the heating element, the fan and the control panel and display.

Verdict – The TURBO Air Fryer again wins in this comparison. The glass body is an advantage as you have to peep in once in a while to check on the food. With the PowerXL Air Fryer you have to wait for the appliance to cool down and then remove the basket to check. The glass is prone to shattering though, you have to be careful while handling the Turbo Air Fryer, though.


Compare Power: Turbo Air Fryer vs Power XL Air Fryer

The Turbo Air Fryer is rated at 1700 watt of power while the Power XL Air Fryer is rated at 1500 watt. Given the bigger capacity of the Turbo Air Fryer it needs to have more power than the PowerXL air fryer. But if you compare the power to capacity [quart] ratio of both, PowerXL Air Fryer and Turbo Air Fryer, you will find that the Turbo Air Fryer has lesser power per quart. Remember, the Turbo Air Fryer has to heat up twice as much area compared to the Power XL Air Fryer though it has just 13% more power than the PowerXL Air Fryer. So how does this affect the Air Fryers? the answer is though the PowerXL Air Fryer has lesser power compare to TURBO, it cooks food faster as it has lesser food to cook. Turbo Air Fryer is meant to cook food for whole family so it has to trade-off time for volume (of food).

Verdict – Turbo Air Fryer has more power, cooks more food but takes more time too.



Compare Fan: Turbo Air Fryer vs PowerXL Air Fryer

One important difference between the Turbo Air Fryer and the PowerXL Air Fryer is with the fan. The Turbo Air Fryer has a bigger fan with angled blades that rotate at 3700 RPM. The PowerXL Air Fryer on the other hand has a smaller fan that rotates at 2000 RPM which is a standard of all air fryers. Again the Turbo Fryer has to cook more food hence a bigger and powerful fan.


Compare Accessories: Turbo Air Fryer vs PowerXL Air Fryer

Accessories transform an air fryer into various other appliance like a grill, rotisserie, dehydrator and more. The Turbo Air fryer comes with 6 attachments – Rotisserie Spit & Holder, Rotating Fry Basket, 3 Stainless Steel Stacking Racks, Stainless Steel Air Flow Mesh Basket, 8 Skewers and No-Flip Steak & Seafood Basket. The PowerXL Air Fryer on the other hand come only with the non-stick fry basket. All the accessories of the Turbo Air fryer are made from stainless steel which make them more durable. Unlike the PowerXL Air fryer where you have to flip the food in the middle of the cooking, the rotating air fry basket and the air flow basket allow the food to cook from all sides.

Verdict – There is no comparison here, the Turbo Air Fryer with so many accessories is a clear winner here.


Cooking Functions: PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer vs Power XL Air Fryer

The Turbo Air Fryer has 6 cooking functions – French Fries, Fish, Roast, Chicken, Bake & Dehydrate while the PowerXL Air Fryer has 6 – French fries, chicken, steak, roasts, shrimp & baking.

Verdict – The Turbo Air fryer has more functions and cook a variety of food compared to the Power XL Air Fryer.

Compare Price: PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer vs PowerXL Air Fryer

The Turbo Air Fryer is priced at $119.97 at is available only at the official website TurboAirFryer.com. There are several models of PowerXL Air Fryer, you can check them on the official website PowerXLProducts.com


Compare REVIEW | Pros and Cons: Turbo Air Fryer vs Power XL Air Fryer

Power XL Air Fryer REVIEW

Power XL Air Fryer Does Work

It does work fairly well within its limitation. Buyers tend to expect more from Air fryers like they were some miracle appliance. We have gone through so many reviews that confirm that it cooks prepared foods fairly well. If your meal is limited to french fries, fried chicken wings and veggies than for the air fryer and not the TURBO. Sometime the food on the edges tend to overcook, it is recommended to shake the air fryer bowl to avoid this. The secret is to put small cuts of meat in the basket, smaller pieces cook faster an evenly then the whole chicken or big pieces. The greatest benefit of the PowerXL Air Fryer is the barbecue style grill taste without the oil and without using the grill.



Variety of Sizes/Capacity

The Power XL Air Fryer comes in a variety of sizes, from 2 quart to 6 quart. Ideally Suited for family of 2 to 6. The basic operations remain the same for all the air fryers. The cooking capacity is more for larger ones.


Does NOT Cook whole Chicken

The Power XL Air Fryers don’t cook whole chicken well. Not even the bigger 5.3 quart is good at that. It crisps the outer part but the inside is still raw. You might add a few more minutes but that will over-cook the outer part – BUST. You get the same results even if you have thawed the chicken and let it cook for twice the recommended cooking duration.


The Copper Pot is not Good

Most complaints are about the copper basket that air fryers the food. The copper begins to peel off within a few months of moderate use. It is not healthy to cook in a basket with peeled coating. You have to buy replacement baskets.


Needs a Lot of Attention

Air Frying is not “set it and forget it”. You have to keep a constant watch on the Air Fryer (though not like the TURBO Air FRYER where you can actually “see” how its cooking). You need to shake and flip the basket often to cook evenly. Many reviewers find this shaking thing annoying.



The Air Fryers (not just the PowerXL) smokes a lot especially when doing hamburgers and chicken.


Plastic Smell

The PowerXL Air Fryers have a plastic smell that is hard to get rid of. Users have complained that even after running the Air Fryer empty and dry, the plastic smell persists. The smell gets into the food and it too smells like plastic. The Turbo Air Fryer users too have reported this issue.



Its Big

The PowerXL Air Fryer is also big though it has half the capacity of the Turbo Air Fryer. The Air Fryer too has big footprint and takes a lot of space and heats up the surroundings.


Poor Craftsmanship

Since you have to shake the basket in the middle of the cooking, this takes toll on the poor handle. Reviews mention that the handle loosens up (due to shaking) and you have to tighten it regularly. The drawer does not fit right when the machine is hot, you have to let it cool down and struggle to insert the basket in the air fryer. This is really frustrating issue with the air fryers since you have to remove the basket in the middle of the cooking to flip the food over. There are a few complaints of the basket separating from the handle while taking it out, potentially hazardous. You have to keep a watch on the handle and tighten it often.


How to Clean

Users recommend soaking the the PowerXL Air Fryer copper basket in hot soapy water to get rid of the food attached to it. Don’t use scrubby on the basket or else it will peel the coating.


PowerXL Air Fryer Verdict

You should understand that Power XL Air Fryers are not for real food. You cannot put a whole chicken in the PowerXL. People tend to call the PowerXL air fryer a glorified convection oven which big and noisy. Many users have recommended the Philips Air Fryer over the PowerXL.

Power XL Air Fryer Review Video

Power XL VORTEX Air Fryer Review Video


Turbo Air Fryer Reviews And Pros and Cons

Turbo Air Fryer Does not work as advertised

Cooking Chicken Wings – Unfortunately, this machine is too big and under-powered to cook the chicken. Our product testers who tried the appliance complained that the chicken was not completely cooked even after adding 10 minutes to the “poultry” function. The chicken sticks to the mesh basket and cleaning is a mess. Fried chicken was completely dried. Also you have to manually turn the wire racks, something they don’t tell you in the TV ad.


How WELL does Turbo Air Fryer Cook?

Uneven Cooking – The Turbo Air Fryer does not cook food evenly when cooking on the racks. The food that is placed on the top rack gets cooked faster than the food on the lower racks. The Turbo Air Fryer is very slow.

Roasting Chicken – The Rotisserie function however works as promised, it takes about an hour to rotisserie a chicken in the Turbo Air Fryer and the chicken come out completely roasted, crispier on the outside and juicier in the inside.

French Fries – The Turbo Fryer does not work for the french fries though, after cooking them for 20 minutes in the rotating fry basket, the fries are soggy and taste like plastic.

Blooming Onions – One user’s review says that the Turbo Air Fryer did not work for blooming onions too. The result was doughy and uncooked onions.


Too Many Accessories

Then there are complaints from the reviewers who say that most of the accessories are hardly used and the accessories and the TURBO Air Fryer occupies lot of space on the counter.


Our Verdict on Turbo Air Fryer

As mentioned earlier you have to understand the crux of the air fryers, they work well when they are small. The Turbo Air Fryer is bigger but is not powerful enough to cook evenly bigger meals. The Turbo Fryer kind of breaks the golden rule of Air Fryers – “Keep them small”. They try to fit in the features of a convection oven in the Turbo Air Fryer and it fails to work. The smell of the plastic gets into the food and everything tastes like plastic. Go for a full-fledged oven instead of buying the Turbo Air fryer.

Turbo Air Fryer REVIEW Video



Final Verdict

When we compared the PowerXL Air Fryer with the Turbo Air Fryer we found that though it has got its limitations, the PowerXL Air Fryer does work. The Turbo Air fryer on the other hand has failed on all the fronts.

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