Total Gym XL7 vs XLS vs Extreme

With the ongoing pandemic you are forced to stay indoors as gyms are potential Covid hotspots and the Covid is here to stay for a long time to come. In such scenario a “Home Gym” lets you do your fitness routines. “Total Gym” has become a synonymous to “Home Gym”, but with so many models it can become confusing which one suits your needs. Below is a comparison of some of the bestselling Total Gym models [XLS] and some of the newest models [XL7 and Extreme ].

Total Gym XL7

Total Gym XL7

Also called as the Total Gym X-Force Gym, the Total Gym XL7 is the latest Total Gym model introduced at the beginning of 2020. 12 calibrated resistance levels is the hallmark of the XL7 model. The Total Gym XL7 comes in a “Bundled Package” which includes Wing Attachments, Press Up Bars, Dip Bars, Ab Crunch Boards and Leg Pulley Accessory Kit. The Total Gym XL7 lets you do 60 exercises – cardio, stretching and strength training all in one home gym.


Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS

Endorsed by Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley, the Total Gym XLS is the most expensive amongst the three [XLS, XLS and Extreme ]. Priced at $999 The XLS Total Gym comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is the most used of all the Total Gyms compared here. It has 6 levels or resistance and allows you to do 35 exercises. The XLS Total Gym supports 400 lbs. of user weight highest of the three. The Total Gym XLS comes with total body exercise attachments which include pulley and cable system, squat stand, flexible nylon strap handles, wing attachment, leg pull accessory and Pilates kit.


Total Gym Extreme

Total Gym Extreme

Priced at $545.99, Total Gym Extreme is another complete home fitness system that come with the complete body fitness accessories. The Total Gym Extreme comes with AbCrunch Board, Adjustable Training Deck/Device Holder, Wing Attachment, Tri-Grip Shaper Bars, Squat Stand and Leg Pulley System. Extreme offers 12 levels of resistance and you can do 60 exercises with it. The exercises include cardio, strength training and stretching exercises.


What better way to spend time constructively than to achieve better fitness levels. Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. With the help of some amazing variants of the “Total Gym” it is possible for the users to train as per their convenience within the confines of their homes. The different models available in this product vary as per the requirements and specifications of the users such that there is something for everyone. Following is a comparison between three of the most advanced models of Total Gym – XL7 , XLS and Total Gym Extreme as per the information provided in the advertisements.


Compare Resistance Levels: Total Gym XL7 vs XLS vs Extreme

All Total Gyms use a combination of body weight and the inclination of the glide-board as the resistance. The Glideboard inclination can be increased or decreased to vary the resistance. Higher the angle of inclination, greater the resistance. The Total Gym XLS has up to 6 resistance levels. The Total Gym XL resistance varies from 6% [minimum] to 54% [maximum], it is the resistance of measured in the percentage of the body weight. The Total Gym Extreme and XL7 has 12 resistance levels. Clearly the Total Gym Extreme and XL7 are the winners as compared to the Total Gym XLS model. The body weight training [the basis of all Total Gym Models XL7, XLS and Extreme ] though does not deliver the same results that weight training does.



Compare Number of Exercises: Total Gym XL7 vs XLS vs Extreme

While in the Total Gym XL7 Extreme there are approximately 60 exercises and in the XLS there are 80 exercises but taking into consideration the price range, XLS and Extreme are comparatively the higher price options. This makes XL7 the better Total Gym option as compared to Extreme and XLS.


Compare Max User Weight: Total Gym XL7 vs XLS vs Extreme

Here the XLS has the upper hand as compared to XL7 & Extreme when it comes to weight supported. Total Gym XLS supports 400 lbs of user weight while Total Gym XL7 & Extreme supports approximately 350 lbs as the maximum user weight. In case the user’s are slightly over-weight the XLS would be a proffered option while for everyone else the XL7 & Extreme can be good options depending on their budget.


Compare Accessories: Total Gym XL7 vs XLS vs Extreme

Total Gym Pilates Kit

The TG Pilates kit is used for strength building and balance. The Pilates kit includes Toe Bar and Leg Pull Extension. The Leg Pull accessory helps you strengthen and stretch your major leg muscles. Hamstring pull and Inner Thigh Pull are some of the exercises you can do with the Leg Pull Accessory of the Total Gym Pilates Kit. The Toe Bar accessory of the Total Gym Pilates accessory helps you work your upper body.

Total Gym XL7 and Extreme does not come with the Pilates Kit. Only The Total Gym XLS come with the Pilates Kit.


Flexible Nylon Strap Handles

Get a firm and controlled grip with these Flexible Nylon Strap Handles. These straps are better alternative to the metal handles that cause calluses. The Flexible Nylon Strap Handles put little strain on your hands. The Total Gym XLS & Extreme comes with the Flexible Nylon Strap Handles, they are included in the price. Total Gym XL7’s kit does not include these strap handles.



Ab Crunch Attachment

This is one of the most used in-built attachments of any Total Gym which helps you workout your core ab muscles. The Total Gym XL7 , Extreme & XLS model come with the Ab Crunch attachment to give the users rock hard abs like a Greek god. Ab Crunch attachment let’s you do over 10 ab-sculpting exercises.


Squat Stand

The purpose of this stand is to tone down your legs or build / strengthen the leg muscles. The Total Gym Squat Stand lets you sit at a “scientific” 90 degree knee angle. All of the three models [Total Gym XL7, XLS & Extreme ] include this attachment.


Dip Bar

The Total Gym Dip bar help you workout your upper body. The Dip Bar helps you target your pectorals, shoulders, triceps and chest. While the XLS and Extreme are compatible with the Dip Bar, it is not included in the purchase and has to be purchased separately. Only the Total Gym XL7 has the Dip Bar included with the purchase.


Stability Mats

The stability mat provides extra support and prevents slippage. The stability mat comes handy especially if you are “heavy”. The Stability Mats are compatible with all the Total Gym models but certain models have them included in the price while some do not. The Total Gym XLS and Extreme lack this accessory, the Total Gym XL7 has one included with the purchase.

Wing Attachment Press-Up Bars Leg Pull Accessory

Compare Price: Total Gym XL7 vs XLS vs Extreme

The major reason behind the pricing differences depend completely on the attachments that are include. The most affordable version is the Total Gym XL7 at $299.98 and the Extreme is $545.99 while the most expensive version amongst the three is there Total Gym XLS at $999.


Compare Warranty: Total Gym XL7 vs XLS vs Extreme

The Total Gym XL7 warranty is covered by the the Sam’s Club Member Satisfaction Guarantee while the XLS stands tall with a unique lifetime warranty on frame and 6-month warranty on spares and parts. This way XLS offers more benefits compared to the rest.


Why is Total Gym XLS so expensive Compared to Total Gym XL7 and Extreme

For starters, it is because of the warranty that is provided. Apart from that there are multiple additional attachments provided for the convenience of the users thus transforming their living rooms into a gym. Not only is it multi-functional and has more or less all the features of the other two variants thus fulfilling every need of the fitness regimen. Instead of purchasing multiple products time after time , this is like the ultimate purchase that will endure the harshest treatment and give the best results.



Total Gym XLS Pros and Cons

  • An all-rounder Total Gym model that packed with a complete range of accessories for all sorts of workouts.
  • The XLS model like the other models has a sturdy build, and is sure to last long.
  • For the ladies it offers wide range of Pilates Exercises which is a great way to build up core strength.
  • Unfortunately with the high number of add-ons the XLS model of Total Gym with all its accessories takes up quite a lot of space.
  • One important thing to be cautious about is that the Glideboard’s position cannot be adjusted. This is a big disadvantage for people who aren’t tall since this makes the already tough-to-perform leg exercises even tougher.
  • Attention to detail is the key. Many users have expressed a desire for smaller resistance adjustments.
  • It is a decent home gym for a compact room.
  • The padding on the XLS is slightly tougher than many would prefer.




Based on the comparison above we recommend the Total Gym XLS model even though it costs more than the two other Total Gym models. You probably buy a home gym only once, so might as well opt for the best. Total Gym XLS comes loaded with a variety of accessories and guides & offers more exercise options while supporting more user weight. These features make it worthy enough not only for those who regularly work out but also for those who wish to get into the habit. While the Total Gym Extreme & XL7 are good, the XLS has proved to be the bigger fish in this sea. This easily foldable unit is a perfect home gym.

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  1. Where did you find the XL7 at $299? It’s $399 every place I’ve looked.

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