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Compare How does it work? Total Flex vs Flex Force vs Total Gym

How does Total Flex work? – It is a versatile, flexible and affordable home gym that claims to help you work your entire body. What’s more, it promises to give you the total body workout within as little as 18 minutes a day. It is an ultra compact home gym that can be easily adjusted to different positions so that you can get more than 50 gym exercises at home. The secret lies in its unique design, which allows you to use the locking pins to change the seat position. For more info and reviews on Total Flex, please visit this Total Flex page.

You can use it as a flat bench to work on your back and chest, while it can also easily be converted into an incline bench to get those well defined abs. Moreover you can also make the most out of it as a lower body workout machine to tone your buns, thighs and hips, according to its claims. Not only does it enable you to tone your body but lose weight too as you get a healthy cardio exercise thanks to the super quick changeovers, which keep your heart rate elevated. You can choose between three bands to change the intensity of your workout, making it ideal for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike.


How does Flex Force work? – It is a personal training system that allows you to do 50 exercises with one machine. It stresses that it’s like having your use at home gym with a personal trainer. Flex Force has its advantages for those who are hard pressed for time on a regular basis because 20 minutes of your time everyday is all it takes to work out your entire body. The highlight of this home gym is that it can be easily adjusted into different positions so that you can work out various parts of your body.

Thanks to the different exercises you can get with Flex Force, things never get boring and you feel motivated to get the results you have always wanted. This home gym ensures that you can work out your back and chest to get that toned shape. You can also get those washboard abs with core strengthening exercises while the lower body workout means your hips, buns, thighs and legs will get into the shape of your life. This training system comes with a program guide and 30 day training calendar besides a daily meal planner to ensure that you see desired results. Want to read Flex Force reviews? We have theme here.


How does Total Gym XLS work? – It is a home fitness system that promises to help you work out your entire body without any hassle. In fact with this fitness system you can do more than 80 exercises at home to work out different muscle groups; from your back and chest to thighs and buns, abs and more. There are various attachments including Leg Pull Accessory and Ribbed Squad Stand that can be used to good effect to exercise specific parts of your body. This fitness system does a lot more than toning your body because you can do cardio, circuit training, strength training and stretching with it whenever you want.

Total Gym XLS emphasizes that it works by making you lift a part of your body weight against gravity. Thus a fluid resistance is created to improve strength and conditioning. You can then increase the incline to boost resistance and that in turns adds to the body weight lifted in the exercise. This workout is meant for different muscle groups and can help you reduce body fat while increasing the proportion of lean body mass. This fitness system has a 400 lbs capacity and claims to be ideal for people of all age groups with their individual fitness levels.

Compare Reviews/Complaints: Total Flex vs Flex Force vs Total Gym

Total Flex Pros/Advantages

Lightweight machine that works – Glenn who bought Total Flex revealed in his review that he bought it because he doesn’t like working out in a gym and wanted a lightweight system to work out at home. He was pleased to find that it is not only solid but lightweight and allowed him to work out different parts of his body with ease. It comes with a meal plan, exercise guide and DVDs, which makes it easier for beginners to start working out, according to him.

Works great – Alwyn who reviewed Total Flex claimed in his review that the system worked perfectly for him and he started seeing the results sooner rather than later. He was also happy that it was easy to install and could be moved around without any difficulty. For him it’s the perfect home gym.


Total Flex Cons/Disadvantages

Low resistance – Richard who used Total Flex complained in his review that although it offers you a complete body workout there is a major problem with resistance. Since it is way too low, it can’t do much for those already in shape. According to him, you can use it for shaping but not building muscles unless they made the resistance bands stronger.

Has serious limitations – Ed who bought Total Flex exposed in his review that it works but has its drawbacks including the foot attachment, which is completely useless. He claims to have used similar home gyms and they worked out a lot better for him.


Flex Force Pros/Advantages

Ideal for beginners – Natasha who used Flex Force revealed in her review that she bought it to get in shape while working out at home. She found the fitness system ideal because she could install it in hardly any time and the detailed instructions meant she could get started with it at the earliest. The convenient card holder showed her all the exercises that she can do while her kids play around. She was also quite happy with the construction of the system, which is sturdy but lightweight at the same time. She could move it around the house whenever she wanted and the comfortable seat was an added bonus.


Flex Force Cons/Disadvantages

Missing DVDs – Thorne who bought Flex Force complained in his review that you are told to follow the DVDs for exercises, but the problem was that his set had them missing. He did use the workout cards and start exercising, which did bring results but there was no sign of the DVDs. He tried calling the customer service of the company but they weren’t helpful, which was annoying.


Total Gym XLS Pros

Great home gym – Ryan who bought Total Gym XLS revealed in his review that it does what is expected and gives you a full body workout. All the different attachments allow you to work out various parts of your body and the instructional DVD makes it easier to do the exercises. He also found it very convenient to use as there was no assembly required and it didn’t take a lot of storage space as well.

Good abs workout – Katie who used Total Gym XLS explained in her review that she loves using it because she gets a complete body workout and things don’t get boring because there are several exercises one can do. She was happy with the abs workout in particular as it showed results quite quickly.


Total Gym XLS Cons

Poorly made – Jon who used Total Gym XLS exposed in his review that it is quite flimsy and you start noticing the defects before you know it. The first time the cable horn broke off and then he realized that the weld wasn’t connecting the two pieces they way it should be. For him it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Not efficient at all – Andrew who bought Total Gym XLS complained in his review that it didn’t work for him even when he had set the resistance to the highest level. He didn’t get a satisfactory workout with it at all and prefers using free weights, which give better results.

Very expensive – Piers who reviewed Total Gym XLS revealed in his review that though it gave him a full body workout he thought it was very expensive. He claims to have used other home gyms, which are a lot cheaper and offer him similar results.

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  1. I bought a Flex Force 50 in 1 resistance chair gym 2 years ago. we moved and we lost the exercices cards. I am trying to find someone who could sell me the cards only.
    Con you get me the cards?

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