Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Compare what is it? Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Supreme Toning Tower
A home exercise equipment that combines Pilates and Barre in one and can provide over 100 exercise moves to give you sculpted, sexy, and healthy body. For more information about Supreme Toning Tower, visit this page.

Supreme Pilates Pro
It’s an exercise equipment that gives you the benefits of Pilates and Barre workout right at home to give you longer, stronger, and leaner body right at home


How does it work? Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Supreme Toning Tower
It combines Ballet Barre and toning tower inspired by Pilates and can be used by anyone. The machine has Resistance Coils that give you cardio leg routine by working them together or alternating them. The Swing-Thru bar gives abs workout, the Sculpting Bar along with Resistance Coils gives upper body no-impact workout, and the machine perfects your posture. The exercise equipment comes with give Top 10 Moves DVD and Barre Exercises to get the most out of your workout.

Supreme Pilates Pro
The 8-Basic Moves DVD teaches you the main exercise moves, after which you can use professional Pilates and Barre exercise moves. It is adjustable to different resistance levels and heights. Get true Studio Barre experience with the Ballet Burn DVD, arms and legs workout with Resistance Coils, ultimate abs workout with Swing-Thru Bar, focus on the upper body with Upper Body Bar, classic Pilates 100s with the DVD, and perfect posture workout.


Features: Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Supreme Toning Tower
The home exercise equipment is as effective as those found at professional Ballet Barre and Pilates studios. It is simple enough for any regular person to use. Supreme Toning Tower has Resistance Coils, Sculpting Bar, and Swing-Thru Bar to give you leg cardio, abs exercises, and upper body workout. It is made of greatest quality material and is good enough even for professional Pilates or Barre practitioners. Its height is set at internationally recognized standards for Ballet Barre exercising and the heavy-duty gauge steel makes it very stable while being easy to maneuver with its uni-tower build. It is fully assembled and ready to use in seconds and folds to make easy storage.

Supreme Pilates Pro
The equipment is easy to use by just about anyone and effective enough to be used by professional Ballet Bar or Pilates instructors. It is completely adjustable to different heights for different resistance levels, the heavy gauge steel makes it very stable, and comes with Resistance Coils, Swing-Thru Bar, Upper Body Bar, and is fully assembled to be ready to use.


Benefits: Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Supreme Toning Tower
It features Pilates and Barre to help you achieve lean, long, and sexy body right at home. Instead of spending on gyms and professional Pilates or Ballet Bar studios, you can sculpt your body in the privacy of your home at the fraction of annual membership cost. Supreme Toning Tower makes your abs flatter, tones and strengthens your arms and legs, and sculpts your upper body. You can see positive results in just weeks and the machine can be used by anyone without the need for an instructor. It is great for any age, gender or fitness level and transforms a bulky and expensive Pilates machine like the Trap Table into a portable equipment.

Supreme Pilates Pro
You can get long, lean, and sexy body and the benefits of professional Pilates equipment and trainer right in the comfort and privacy of your home. It gives flatter abs, strong and toned arms and legs, tighter buns, thighs, and hips and perfect posture and brings results within weeks. It is beneficial for stay at home moms who can whip the portable equipment from under the bed and start working out. Supreme Pilates Pro revs up your metabolism, sheds inches and burns calories, targets your core.


Exercises: Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Supreme Toning Tower
Get over 100 workout moves from legs, arms, buns, hips and thighs with Resistance Coils, upper body with Sculpting Bar, Swing-thru Bar for abs. with Supreme Toning Tower you can stretch and perfect your posture.

Supreme Pilates Pro
It provides more than 100 exercise moves including main moves and professional Pilates workout. Resistance Coils works on your legs, arms, hips, buns, and thighs, Upper Body Bar sculpts the upper body, Swing-Thru Bar gives the perfect abs and the machine overall targets the core and improves posture.


What to expect? Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Supreme Toning Tower
You can shed kilos and inches, get ripped abs, sculpted upper body, tighter buns, thighs and hips, toned and strengthened arms and legs with one exercise equipment. Get professional quality Pilates and Ballet Barre exercising right at home.

Supreme Pilates Pro
Get the body of your dream and shed kilos and inches in just weeks. You will have the flattest abs, sculpted upper body, tighter buns, thighs, and hips, toned and strong arms and legs, and strengthened core right at home.


Price? Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Supreme Toning Tower
$199 + S&H

Supreme Pilates Pro
$299 + S&H


What do I get? Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Supreme Toning Tower
Exercise equipment and 2 Workout DVDs – 1 Instructional DVD + 1 Bonus Barre/Pilates DVD.

Supreme Pilates Pro
Exercise unit and 5 Instructional DVDs and 1 Abs Ball.


Compare Reviews: Supreme Toning Tower vs Supreme Pilates Pro

Supreme Toning Tower Review

One customer who reviews Supreme Toning Tower says that the instructional DVDs that come with the machine only play on a computer and the customer care couldn’t provide a resolution about it even after keeping them on hold for 30 minutes. Another user who reviews the home workout system states that their machine came with a very bent and stripped main locking screw, making the machine not as usable as it should actually be. Although the construction seemed of good quality components they found the equipment rickety. For a tall person their legs hanged off the end and hence it wasn’t suitable for them.

A reviewer of Supreme Toning Tower writes in their review that they like using the equipment but the ad is misleading about coming with 2 DVD’s. They add that the first DVD is only basic instructions on 10 exercise moves and not actually any workouts.

It is the second DVD that has the actual workouts and there is no way to order any other videos to use with Supreme Toning Tower. The customer made their own exercise moves that seem to be working for them. Another customer of the equipment agrees that there need to be more DVDs and accessories along with a exercise wall chart or book providing different exercises. They bought the machine from HSN for $199 and the presentation said that it has more than 100 exercises. The Beverly Hills Fitness website sells other DVDs. Compared to professional Barre classes membership, Supreme Toning Tower pays for itself in a month and it can be used along with pure Barre DVDs and YouTube Barre exercise videos.

Another user of the machine says that it is very simple to assemble and use. However, the description said that it comes with 5 DVD but they got only 2. They contacted Beverly Hills Fitness for the additional DVDs and those were shipped promptly. The reviewer finds Supreme Toning Tower a great exercise machine.


Supreme Pilates Pro Review

A user of Supreme Pilates Pro Daniel Johnson writes in his review that the machine was delivered with two stripped screws and is very heavy to move around at 68 lbs and didn’t know how to return it. Another reviewer Paul Lambert writes that the machine seems to be great but one of its locking pins was bent. He didn’t hear from the company even after several days of emailing him and HSN customer care’s help could take 21 days. Because of this the customer hasn’t been able to use the machine and was hoping to receive the replacement parts. Another customer Lisa Hill writes that the machine arrived three days earlier than expected. But the top bar didn’t release and pull up to maximum height. So she was returning it for a replacement.

Shelly Hammer writes in her Supreme Pilates Pro review that she was hoping for the equipment to be beneficial but she was wrong and couldn’t use it. The pull up bar did not raise and one of the locking pins did not turn. She was disappointed and was returning it. Another customer, Kelly Reid, asks people to beware as the machine comes in too many pieces and everything including the springs that need to be put together and this wasn’t mentioned. She adds that if it’s put together incorrectly it could hurt someone. When she asked to return it she had to send it back herself since the vendor was outside of HSN. She was told twice that they would help her but did not but gave her some spendable cash.

For Cathy Maxwell who is 5’4” the bed or platform is too short to get a controlled workout and the springs were difficult to control. The hand loops are not up to mark and should be larger. Another reviewer Jen Stainton says that the weight limits of Supreme Pilates Pro wasn’t mentioned before and found out after bringing it home and setting up that she shouldn’t be using it at 300 pds. So she has to pack and return it. Another user, Sandra Summers, didn’t want to get it out of the box because it is too heavy and though it was mentioned on TV that a user just has to take it out of the box, one needs to put the wheels on the equipment. She spent a lot of time looking for screws but it was easy set up. But she couldn’t view the DVD to see the information as the DVDs were defective.

Another user Ripley White says that he likes the machine though was a little hesitant to buy it. Its mat was well-cushioned, it is well made, and the construction is very sturdy. He adds that a workout reminder chart along with the equipment would have helped to know what position would have looked better. It would have been easier to get a quick visual reminder because it is difficult and cumbersome to try to watch the video while working out. Ripley had to watch the videos to know what pose to assume so that he didn’t have to crane his neck or bend the body to look at the screen.

A reviewer of Supreme Pilates Pro, Brenda Richardson, watched the home exercise equipment on TV and at HSN and says that it’s a great deal if you can pick up 60 lbs. She has a limit on lifting things and missed reading the weight on the equipment. HSN leads customers to believe that it is very easy to move around and fold up and that it can be slid from the living room and stored away. But when she saw the UPS guy from HSN struggle for the first time she knew it was trouble and asked him how much it weighed. Brenda adds that she knew it instantly that she had to send it back and as she was very disappointed with the misrepresentation of the ease of stowing it away. She says that she would have given it five stars if someone has absolutely no health issue that would prevent them from lifting and sliding the weight. She gives it 3 stars for not being completely honest about ease of use and hopes they would someday have a lighter version that has the pad as long as the body and is less expensive. She used it to tighten up her belly because she cannot crunches are out with spinal injury and she could use a Ballet Barre.

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