Superthotics vs Walkfit Platinum

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are specially designed shoe or heel inserts that are typically prescribed by a doctor to address biomechanical foot issues related to walking, standing and running. Orthotics shoe inserts are worn inside your shoe and are used to treat pain associated with diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis and bursitis etc. Orthotics are also sometimes used to treat posture, leg and back issues. Doctor prescribed orthotic insoles are expensive [often costing as high as $500] and hence a lot of OTC orthotics like the Superthotics and Walkfit have emerged as low-cost alternatives.





Walkfit Platinum

Walkfit Platinum



How do Superthotics and Walkfit Platinum work?

Superthotics and Walkfit are popular non-prescription OTC orthotics that are available online. Both Superthotics and Walkfit Platinum claim to realign your feet and posture.

Superthotics and Walkfit are “customizable” feet orthotics available without a doctor’s prescription. Both Superthotics and Walkfit Platinum claim to adjust your misaligned feet and subsequently corrects your body’s alignment. Superthotics and Walkfit claim to be better alternative to the other regular orthotics available at the drugstore which provide little to no support and fail to realign your feet and body like a real orthotic. Superthotics claim to work instantly to align and stabilize your heel and ankle providing instant weight distribution, balance and support.


Superthotics and Walkfit Platinum instantly puts your feet back into alignment, relieving pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. They claim to relieve pain with Every Step You Take. Our work activities put tremendous pressure on our feet, often causing ligaments to stretch and forcing bones out of alignment and collapsing the arches. The toll on feet can lead to heel-pain, hammer-toes, bunions, plantar fasciitis, corns and callouses. And when your feet are out of alignment so is your body posture which can cause pain in your knee, ankles, hips and even in your back. According to the doctors the most effective way to relive foot pain is to prescribe a custom orthotic insole created specifically for the particular individual’s foot structure [like the way they create dentures]. But the issue is most people cannot afford the high cost of custom orthotics and often not covered by insurance.



Compare Design: Superthotics vs Walkfit Platinum

Superthotics Design

Superthotics claims to give you the benefit of custom orthotics. The Superthotics design has the following features.
  • Bio-Lock Heel Cup – It has a feature called as “Bio-Lock Heel Cup” that supposedly stabilizes your heel and ankle. The Bio-Lock Heel cup helps put your foot in proper alignment.
  • Metatarsal Arch – The other feature of the Superthotics is the Metatarsal Arch distributes the force of impact across the orthotics thus relieving the pressure on your Metatarsal bones.
  • Pronation Inserts – The Superthotics come with three [3] customizable Pronation inserts that attach to the bottom of the orthotics. These inserts correct the angle at which your feet touches the ground. They absorb the the pressure on your arch.


Walkfit Platinum Design

The Walkfit Platinum claims that the orthotic has been used by over 2 million people it works on the same principle as the Superthotics but has lesser features compared to the Superthotics.
  • Bio-Lock Heel Cup Like the Superthotics, Walkfit too has the Bio-Lock Heel which keeps the foot rooted to the ground and prevents the heel from rolling.
  • Cushioning Gel Pad – Similar to the “Metatarsal Arch” of the Superthotics, the Cushioning Gel Pad of Walkfit Platinum acts as a shock absorber for your foot and provides comfort.
  • Customizable Arch Inserts – The Walkfit Platinum comes with three [3] customizable arch inserts which are similar to the Pronation Inserts


Compare Price: Superthotics vs Walkfit

Superthotics Price

  • One Pair of Superthotics
  • Soothing Peppermint Lotion
  • 3 Customizable Biodynamic Balance Inserts
  • Luxurious Memory Foam Comfort Slippers
  • Therabotanics BeFlexible Total Joint Support
  • Price – Superthotics is priced at $39.95 + $9.95 S&P. The Orthotic insoles are available at the official website



Walkfit Platinum

  • 1 Pair of Platinum Walkfit
  • 3 Walkfit Inserts
  • 1 Sandal Adapter
  • 1 Peppermint Lotion
  • 1 How-to Guide
  • Acupressure Inserts
  • Price – Walkfit Platinum is priced at $19.95 + $9.95 S&P per pair. And is available at
Verdict – Walkfit Platinum is available at half the cost of Superthotics and based on the reviews it is clear that Superthotics is no better than the Walkfit Platinum.


Superthotics Review

  • Too Hard – Many users complain that the Superthotics are too “hard” as they are made of plastic. “The hard plastic causes even more pain” users complain. Even the thin gel part has hard plastic lining under it.
  • Does Not Work – One user who bought the Superthotics insoles complain that given his job, he has to stand for 12 hours in a stretch and he bought the Superthotics believing the claims made in the official website. To his utter disappointment, the Superthotics did not provide any relief from pain. The Metatarsal cushion too is very flat and makes no difference s far as support is concerned.
  • Painful – Superthotics users complain that the orthotic insert does nothing to relive pain. In-fact people complain that the their feet pain has worsened after using the Superthotics.
  • Not for Big Feet – One Superthotics user mentions in his review that these orthotics fit average sized feet, that most people have. And the claim that these inserts are “customizable”, is not entirely true. The inserts are not customizable if you have larger feet. People with bigger [than average] feet will find the Superthotics placed too far back on the feet.
  • Build Quality – There are several review which mention that the Yellow Biodynamic Insert that attaches to the bottom of the insole, keeps falling off after a couple of weeks.



Walkfit Platinum Review

  • Complaints – The Walkfit Platinum reviews aren’t good either. Most of the review we analyzed are actually COMPLAINTS of the orthotics. In this review we have covered all the major disadvantages and advantages [though not too many].
  • They Crack – There are a few complaints that Walkfit inserts begin to crack after about 6 months of use, this could be when they are used by “heavy” people. Once they crack they do not provide the required support.
  • Uncomfortable – Some users have reported that Walkfit are not the only orthotics inserts out there in the market but they are surely the most uncomfortable ones. The seem to be uncomfortable on the lowest arch setting too. Many users find them stiff and hard. The arch is too high for some people. These complaints are from users who are “big”. People with average weight don’t have sever issues with pain and comfort. Though many people can’t get used to the “lump” in the arch of the foot.
  • Painful – There are several reports that wearing Walkfit Platinum is painful. The pain is reported mostly in the heel area where you have the extra gel cushion. One Walkfit user reports that his heel began to ache in an hour after using the Walkfit.
  • Our Verdict

    Both Superthotics and Walkfit Platinum are overhyped orthotic insoles, they do work to some extent for people with average weight. But they definitely are not a miracle product, that their manufacturer claim them to be. These orthotics do not relieve pain but are comfortable for people who are not too “heavy”. Many people got sucked in to the overhyped advertising and bought these orthotics [Superthotics and Walkfit] and are disappointed with their purchase. We would suggest not to buy these orthotics [Superthotics and Walkfit]. As one of the users suggested better alternative is to going to a Walgreens store where you can buy inexpensive and better quality orthotics which you can check for yourself before buying.

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