Stealth Core Trainer vs Plankster vs Plankpad

About Plank Exercises

The plank is an abdominal and core exercise that fitness freaks consider a power-packed ab workout program. Besides strengthening the core, this exercise is known to work wonders on the rectus abdominis and other ab muscles. This exercise also works on core muscles that extend from the pelvis to the spine and the shoulder girdle. The plank sustains length and pace of muscle engagement consistently during the exercise without you having to move and lose focus.


Plank Exercise


Benefits of Plank Exercises

Compared to most exercise regimens, the plank exercise has proven its mettle at strengthening the core. A strong and solid core plays a key role in stabilizing and balancing the body. Core strength is known to fuel coordinated and strong athletic activities. A strong core can relieve you of pressure on joints and also aid in improving posture.

The plank exercise is the perfect foundation for a core muscle strength and stability test. The plank is essentially a strength-building exercise when compared to a cardio exercise. At the same time, you can also shed calories by performing plank exercises. Hold the plank longer if calorie burning is your goal. Steer clear of simple isometric exercises for strength building and toning muscles as it’s not very effective.


About Stealth Core Trainer

The difference between Stealth Core Trainer and other equipment, apparently, is the former’s completely unique concept. It promises a lively and fun-filled approach that makes working out enjoyable. Stealth Core Trainer helps you perform planks as a dynamic core workout by engaging you in playing mobile games while you’re exercising. This ‘video game abs workout’ entails you downloading its app and placing your phone on this equipment while you assume your planking position. Since your phone is in direct range of your sight, you simply need to start playing your favorite game using your body as the game controller. You’ll be able to twist, move flexibly and rotate 360 degrees as 29 different muscles in your body, including your abs and lower back.


Models available in Stealth Core Trainer and the Differences

Stealth Core Trainer (Professional | Green Color)

This Stealth Core Trainer model that’s designated as Professional, comes with special patented planking platform and bio-foam support pad. It can support up to 400 lbs. user weight and accommodate smartphone of any size. Two free gaming apps and a limited warranty of one year are also available with it.


Stealth Core Trainer Professional Green Color


Stealth Plankster (Standard | Yellow Color)

Compared to the green model, this model supports up to 300 lbs. weight of users in plank position while providing multi-angle movement in all directions. The size of smartphones it fits is up to 6.5” long and 3.5” wide. It features 22” patented planking platforms and urethane arm pads that guarantee utmost comfort and easy maintenance. Stealth Plankster (Standard | Yellow Color)


Stealth Core Trainer PERSONAL (Deluxe | Red Color)

This deluxe version offers a wider 26” patented planking platform as compared to the yellow model. It supports approximately 300 lbs. user weight in the plank position and smartphones of up to 6.5” long and 3.5” wide. It features ultra-soft urethane top pad, extra thick fully padded platform for greater arm comfort and resilience.


Stealth Core Trainer PERSONAL Deluxe Red Color


About PlankPad

When you compare PlankPad with other exercise equipment, you’ll notice the fervor with which it guarantees making plank exercise far more intensive and engaging. PlankPad, in conjunction with its app, offers a wide array of exercise variations that can transform the classic plank exercise like you’ve never seen before. It converts planking into playing games and simultaneously training all your muscle- be it in the arms, abs, legs and other parts. All you have to do is use PlankPad as balance board for performing plank exercises as per the instructions in its app. PlankPad can be also connected to a Smart TV for exercising and used to train motor coordination, build muscles and get rid of fat effectively.



Compare Padding

The Professional model (Green Color) of the Stealth Core Trainer features commercial Biofoam padding. The whole top of the Professional trainer is covered with the padding. Stealth Plankster (Standard | Yellow Color) and Personal Stealth (Deluxe | Orange Color) trainer features Urethane Arms Pad all over the surface of the trainer. The Plankpad and the Plankpad PRO have the “Soft and Sweat Resistant Foam” that grips your cellphone and is comfortable.


Verdict On Padding

Though all the models of the Stealth Core Trainer and Plankpad are added for comfort, when it comes to the best padding for support, Stealth Core Trainer (Professional | Green Color) is the winner in this comparison parameter with its biofoam commercial grade arm pads.

Compare Areas Targeted

While all the models of the Stealth Core Trainer can be used to target Arms, Shoulders, Lower Back, Glutes, Lower Abs, Upper Abs and side Obliques, the PlankPad can target all these areas and your legs and calves as you can stand on the Plankpad to improve balance and coordination. Plankpad has an edge over Stealth Core Trainer when it comes to number of muscle groups targeted.


Compare Price

  • Stealth Core Trainer (Professional | Green Color) – $300
  • Stealth Plankster (Standard | Yellow Color) – $140
  • Stealth Core Trainer PERSONAL (Deluxe | Orange Color) – $199
  • Plankpad/Plankpad PRO – $119

Price Comparison Verdict

Plankpad/Plankpad Pro again emerges victorious in price comparison with the Stealth Core Trainers. The Plankpad/Pro is 250% cheaper than the Professional stealth trainer, 166% cheaper than Personal stealth trainer and 116% cheaper than the Stealth Plankster. Many reviews complain about the exorbitant prices of Stealth Core Trainer models. Users complain that the Stealth core trainers are definitely not worth $300 and the Plankpad is a better option instead.

Compare Weight and Size

  • Stealth Core Trainer (Professional | Green Color) – It is 26″ wide and weighs 15 lbs
  • Stealth Plankster (Standard | Yellow Color) – Is 22″ wide and weighs 10 lbs.
  • Stealth Core Trainer PERSONAL (Deluxe | Orange Color) – Is 26″ wide and weighs 15 lbs.
  • Plankpad/PRO – Measures 19.7″ x 14.2″ x 3.2″ and weighs 8 lbs.

Verdict on Dimension Comparison

The Stealth Core Trainer models are quiet bulky and heavy to use while the Plankpad is relatively lightweight and easy/convenient to use and carry. The size of Plankpad is optimized for planking and balancing exercises.


Compare Motion

The Stealth Core trainer models offer “360 degree planking motion” while the Plankpad/Pro models offer 180 degree lateral motion. The Stealth Core Trainer has an edge over the Plankpad when it comes to the range of motion, but reviews mention that the Stealth core trainer is difficult to balance with its 360 degree range.


Compare Base

The Stealth Core Trainers feature durable ABS Polymer Base with patented 360 degree fluidity sphere which is very unstable, so you have sweat a lot balance the board. While this “lack of balance” is good in theory, many people find it annoying to use the . The Plankpad and the PRO model has the semi-circular wooden base that makes it more stable.


Compare Warranty

  • Stealth Core Trainer (Professional | Green Color) – 3 months.
  • Stealth Plankster (Standard | Yellow Color) – 3 months.
  • Stealth Core Trainer PERSONAL (Deluxe | Orange Color) – 3 months.
  • Plankpad/PRO – 2 years.


Plankpad with its 2 year warranty wins in this comparison.

Compare Maximum User Weight

  • Stealth Core Trainer (Professional | Green Color) – 400 lbs.
  • Stealth Plankster (Standard | Yellow Color) – 300 lbs.
  • Stealth Core Trainer PERSONAL (Deluxe | Orange Color) – 300 lbs.
  • Plankpad – 265 lbs.
  • Plankpad PRO – 400 lbs.
  • Verdict

    The PlankPad Pro with its 400 lbs max user weight stands up to the expensive Stealth Core Trainers and is the winner.

    Stealth Core Trainer (Professional | Green Color) Pros and Cons

    Experienced workout enthusiasts who compare different exercise equipment have done the same with the green colored professional Stealth Core Trainer too. They have listed its pros and cons properly, which are as follows:


    Stealth Core Trainer Professional Pros

    A user of Professional Stealth Core Trainer has stated that the equipment does exactly what it claims, though one needs a fair amount of exercise to get results. Others have said that they’ve found it good at engaging the core, which is very important. A number of people have said they are excited to use it as the concept is good. They say they look forward to using it for years. Quite a few people say that it’s great to begin exercising with as it gives the right amount of thrust needed to get into the groove.


    Stealth Core Trainer Professional Cons

    When compared to other workout equipment, Professional Stealth Core Trainer has been found to be a disappointment on certain fronts by users. Some of them aren’t happy with the grip area as well as the grip it has on smartphones. Others have noted that they feel awkward in the position they stay at while using it. Some have said it hurts their elbows and is made of inferior quality plastic. Others feel it doesn’t stay stable even though it’s bulky. Others feel there’s no difference between the Stealth Core Trainer and other exercise equipment as there’s nothing innovative about it. It’s just a smart idea poured into new bottle to fool customers- one which does not deserve to cost so much.


    Stealth Plankster (Standard | Yellow Color)

    Customers who’ve used different exercise equipment and like to compare a new launch like Stealth Plankster, have offered their observations about it, which are as follows:


    Stealth Plankster Pros

    The yellow Stealth Plankster, according to satisfied customers, is great concept-wise. They enjoy plank exercising more now as compared to how it’s been so far for them. Some other happy users have said they intend to use it for a long time. They found it does precisely what it claims, which is making them enjoy plank exercises.

    Stealth Plankster Cons

    A host of complaints have also been reported by users of the yellow Stealth Plankster. These complaints primarily revolve around its exceptionally exorbitant price. Most people feel Plankster is overpriced, and say its free games are also not very good. Some are not happy with the design of the Stealth Plankster, and find it difficult to use. One user has remarked that its ball joint spins too easily for comfort. A few people are unable to balance their bodies on it and find their back aches after using it. Some customers have actually remarked that compared to other workout equipment, this one is nothing exceptional. It’s just a plastic board fixed to a footing with a roller which moves in all directions loosely. Some say it is difficult to control and jerks to any side suddenly, which can hurt your hand if you’re holding on to its edge. Most users feel it’s not worth the price they’ve paid for, and it’s turned out to be a disappointment.


    Plankpad Reviews

    The difference between Plankpad and other exercise equipment, its creators claim, is that it yields exceptional results. As for its customers, they hold mixed views, with positive feedback outweighing the negative to an extent. A considerable number of customers feel that Plankpad is a winner as its concept is uncomplicated and easy to grab. They are happy with the blend of gaming and exercising it offers, and find exercising, including engaging the core, fun. Quite a few call it a ‘well-crafted’ device. They are impressed with its design, and that it’s made of wood. Many users like the free apps that come with it. Some appreciate the fact that the number of its free apps is more when compared to others. At the same time, Plankpad seems rather expensive to a large number of people. Some find it uninteresting to use it after a while. One user has said that its padding is rather thin. He feels the pressure of its surface on his forearms within five minutes of exercising. One person has written bluntly that he regrets buying Plankpad as it’s too costly. Overall, customers seem to find Plankpad much better as compared to other exercise equipment, with its price being the chief concern.

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