Star Shower Laser Light vs Blisslights

Compare What are they? Star Shower Laser Light vs Blisslights

Star Shower and Blisslights SPRIGHT are laser light projectors that illuminate your house with thousands of stars/dots of green/red light. They claim to be safe and easy alternative to string lights and best outdoor Christmas light solution.



Compare what it does? Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light – It is a Christmas light projector that promises to offer you good coverage and saves you the hassle of putting up traditional lights year after year.

Blisslights – It is a compact spright blue or firefly light laser projector that works on different surfaces from trees to walls, gives decent coverage and claims to be a brilliant landscape lighting option for you.

Verdict – While both are landscape lights, there are more options with Blisslights that also give you better coverage. That’s why it wins this category.


Compare Features: Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light – These lights that include a laser unit, power adaptor and yard stick have two projection windows for the desired effect. There is a light sensor, which ensures that the lights come on at nights. These lights promise to work between 5 and 105 Degrees F and give you a substantial coverage area. The secret of these lights lies in the two lasers that shine through the refraction glass and get separated into thousands of dots for stunning light effect. These light dots are created with the help of 20 – 30 mw diodes.

Blisslights – These easy to install low voltage lights give you brilliant landscape lighting in about 5 minutes. They create thousands of pin points of laser lights on trees, bushes, by the pool or on the house. Spright compact option lets you create fairies on the wall, which is ideal for the holiday season. The firefly light transformer can be plugged directly into a standard US 110 volt outlet and is another cool option with Blisslights that are weather resistant and easy to install as well. The subzero design of these lights allow them to operate at temperatures as low as -15 degrees F.

VerdictBlisslights definitely have more distinguishing features including the fact that they are weather resistant and work at lower temperatures. For us, Blisslights win this category.


Compare Review: Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light Review

Not bright enough – Katrina who bought Star Shower Laser Light complained in her review that she was hoping for bright lights like seen in the infomercial but that wasn’t the case at all. She believes that you might need at least three lights to get the kind of effect you are shown on TV. The indoor effect of the lights was much better but she is not convinced that they are meant for outdoor lighting.

No value for money – Ian who used Star Shower Laser Light exposed in his review that wished he had watched and read the reviews of these lights because that would have stopped him from buying these lights. They were just not as bright as they were supposed to be and rather anemic. He is disappointed by the false marketing of these lights, which are not worth their price for him.

Need more lights – Pat who reviewed Star Shower Laser Light revealed in his review that though the lights gave some decent landscape lighting option, he needed at least 5 lights to have a bright effect on the wall. He had to work around the display by keeping a couple of lights close to the wall and others at the back to highlight the effect. He also suggests that these lights might be a lot better in places where it gets pitch dark in the evenings. In case there is even a dim light around, you won’t get much of an effect with these lights.

For more Star Shower Laser Light review – visit this Star Shower Laser Light Review page.


Blisslights Review

Has its limitations – Karen who used Blisslights complained in her review that there are several restrictions about these lights that you are not told about. For example you need to be at least 10 miles away from the airport to use them. That’s why she suggests doing some research before buying them.

Doesn’t last long – Bernard who bought Blisslights exposed in his review that though the lights worked well initially, he just stopped getting bright light after using them for about four months. He felt that was a huge letdown because he had paid a lot of money for these lights. He thinks that they are not a good investment in the long run.

Take time to warm up – Jason who reviewed Blisslights revealed in his review that overall he is happy with the lights as they are bright and make people stop in the tracks and notice them. The firefly effect in particular is eye-catching. His only complaint with the lights was that they take some time to warm up, which was a nuisance.


Compare Colors: Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light – Green, and green and red.

Blisslights – They use blue light to add more color and dynamic to the landscape.

Verdict – Although Star Shower Laser Light gives you more options, Blisslights have the unique blue lighting. Moreover it can lead to either fairy light or firefly light effect, which is why we call it the winner in this category.


Do the lights move?

Star Shower Laser Light – No, the lights don’t move.

Blisslights – No the lights do not move.

Verdict – Both the lights are equal in this category because they don’t really move.


Compare Material: Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light – They seem to be made out of plastic, and not really built to last.

Blisslights – They are quite sturdy and made out of Aluminum. They are also weather resistant.

VerdictBlisslights are made out of a strong, durable material and last you a long time. They are a clear winner in this category.


Compare Area Covered: Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light – These lights claim to cover around 600 square feet.

Blisslights – You get coverage of about 900 square feet.

VerdictBlisslights not only give you more coverage but on different surfaces as well, which makes them the winner for us in this category.


Compare Bulb Life: Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light – No information.

Blisslights – 7,000 hour

Verdict – Blisslight is clear winner when compared to Star Shower.


Compare Wattage: Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light – 0.005 watts.

Blisslights – Less than 5 mW.

Verdict – Both the lights are about the same when it comes to wattage and there is not a lot to pick between them.


Compare Price: Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light – These lights cost $39.99.

Blisslights – $149.25 each.

Verdict – In the case of Star Shower Laser Light you really get what you pay for. Blisslights might be more expensive but they give better light effect, coverage and are long lasting, which is why we find them winners in this category.


Compare Warranty: Star Shower Laser Light Vs Blisslights

Star Shower Laser Light – No information.

Blisslights – They come with a 12 month standard warranty on part and manufacturing defects.

Verdict – Not only are Blisslights sturdy but have a solid warranty, which makes them the winner for us here.


Does it have adjustable lamp head?

Star Shower Laser Light – Yes it does.

Blisslights – Yes they do.

Verdict – It’s all even between these lights in this category.


Final Verdict

Star Shower Laser Light is a cheap alternative to more expensive Blisslights. If you a want to buy a Laser light that will last a couple of fears then we suggest you to buy the cheaper Star Shower Laser Light, but if you are looking for something that would last for years then buy the more reliable Blisslights. It also matters in what climatic condition you are going to use these lights, is the conditions are really harsh and extreme then the Blisslights are the only option you have.

7 Comments on "Star Shower Laser Light vs Blisslights"

  1. dan friedeman | January 9, 2017 at 1:17 am | Reply

    Apparently there is some semi deceptive advertising about the power consumption of these products. My bliss lights instruction manual lists the entire unit at 8 watts, not .0005 watts. A wattage meter proved this to be accurate. I have not tested star shower motion, but guessing a little higher because of the movement. The 5 milliwatt figure appears to be for each dot it produces, not the whole unit. This would be like saying that power consumption for a 100 bulb string of xmas lights is 1.5 watts, when reality is each bulb uses 1.5 watts, and the whole string uses 150. The lasers themselves 30 milliwatts each, per the manual.

  2. For those who want brighter beams we have come out with a special BIG BEAM series that has fewer but much brighter beams that can be seem from much further away.

  3. LCL’s brand is better. Brighter, more coverage etc.

  4. I am a fan of Bliss products as the company’s roots can be found in professional theater and stage lighting. As a landscape contactor, I have used almost every brand of decorative laser light on the market. I would have to say my top three favorite brands are Sparkle Magic, Bliss, and Elf Lights. Sparkle Magic does not offer as many variations as Bliss or Elf lights (i.e. each illuminator only comes in a single color), but their lasers appear much brighter when compares side-by-side with the other brands. The higher end ($149+/unit) Bliss and Elf Lights are great if the project’s budget allows.

  5. Blisslights are decent but not at bright at LCL’s (laser Christmas lights) brand. Nor do they come in multi colored models, remote controllers etc

  6. I also like my Bliss Lights, but think the company should work on making them brighter. As you pointed out they can not be seen from the street driving by. Don’t compare these to normal Xmas lights. brightness not even close. If you live in an area that has street lights, it definitely affects your ability to see the lights. It seems that those who live in a very dark community have the most success.

  7. I love my Bliss Lights. And they do come in a model that moves, although they cost more. If you are lighting trees, you don’t need the movable light, as the slightest breeze give the illusion of movement anyway. My main complaint is I have a large front yard, and from much of a distance, you can’t see the lights from the street. I now use them inside on my high ceilings.

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