Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

What is it? Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

Simply Fit Board is an exercise device designed to help strengthen core muscles and reduce waist fat by using its balance-board design to enhance workouts.

BOSU, an acronym for Both Sides Utilized is a versatile balance training device that combines key elements of fitness cardiovascular toning and flexibility into exclusive and extremely effective combinations. It comprises an inflated rubber dome attached to a rigid platform.


How does it work? Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

Simply Fit Board allows you to rock back and forth like a traditional balance board, and also to twist from side to side. The board’s surface includes handles for hands and non-slip surfaces for feet.

BOSU Balance Trainer is a versatile fitness device that delivers incredible cardio workouts, increases strength, boosts balance and flexibility, and fine-tunes sport skills. When using the BOSU Balance Trainer dome side you get an ever-changing, unstable, dynamic surface while the device itself remains stable. This instability aspect creates an added challenge during exercises and is what makes BOSU so effective, and fun, as a fitness device. When the BOSU is flipped dome side down it offers you additional exercises.

Use the BOSU by simply following the exercises in the owner’s manual. Every exercise perfumed on the BOSU uses balance and stabilization techniques to defy the cardiovascular system, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. The manual includes proper modifications for both beginners and more advanced users offering appropriate workouts for any fitness level. You can also follow one of the workouts in the included DVD or the Bonus DVD that features the Xplode Cross-Training Series.


What does it do? Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

Simply Fit Board ensures weight loss, toning and core strengthening with its one simple motion. Simply Fit Board states that its unique design helps provide twisting motion while standing over the board that pivots to engage the muscles. The twisting action engages the core, tones up the abs and legs while targeting muffin tops and bellies.

The BOSU Balance Trainer targets the core muscles of your body helping you gain strength, trim and tone, strengthen the entire body and improve balance. The BOSU Balance Trainer delivers an ever-changing dynamic surface that you can stand on, jump on, kneel on, and lay on, to perform exercises to train and challenge every part of your body. The BOSU Balance Trainer helps to improve body strength and increase balance, coordination and body awareness delivering overall improved fitness and fewer injuries. You get infinite exercise options as strength and ability increase. And, the small size and weight makes BOSU a great addition to any home gym and fits easily into any fitness program.


Material: Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

Simply Fit Board – Plastic
BOSU– Inflated rubber dome attached to a rigid platform


Features: Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

Simply Fit Board is easy to use and helps improve balance. Design wise, Simply Fit Board is lightweight and portable making it easy to carry anywhere you go. It is easy to store too. It also allows user the chance to perform a quick exercise anytime, anywhere.
• Max user weight supported 400 lbs
• Available in 4 Colors (Orange, Green, Magenta and Blue)
• 6 workouts


Increased Strength
Using the BOSU Balance Trainer while doing weight training exercises increases the challenge and helps to build strength faster. Add hand-held weights while lying on the BOSU to perform arm, shoulder and chest exercises. Stand on the BOSU to perform squats, lunges or other leg exercises. The increased weight forces the engagement of more muscles and helps to improve strength. Push-ups on the BOSU Balance Trainer can be performed dome side up or dome side down depending on the intensity desired.

Improved Balance
Your body must maintain balance to stay upright and prevent falls every time you walk. Balance happens when you control the body over changing terrain like sidewalks, steps, yards and running trails. The BOSU Balance Trainer helps you to maintain your center of gravity while performing any exercise prepares and tones your body for everyday life, athletic skills and helps prevent injury.

Enhanced Flexibility
You can also perform certain yoga poses with the BOSU Balance Trainer to add increased difficulty or bring improved flexibility, while basic moves like downward dog, half moon and standard forward fold can be easier by incorporating the BOSU into the poses.

Fine-Tune Sport Skills
Use the BOSU Balance Trainer when doing plyometric drills to improve both speed and power. The BOSU Balance Trainer helps to exercise maximum force for short intervals for progress in sports like tennis, football, basketball and skiing.


Benefits: Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

Simply Fit Board
• Rehabilitate injuries
• Strengthen muscles
• Condition the body
• Improve stability and postural alignment
• Help prevent falls
It is an excellent rehabilitation technique that strengthens and stabilizes the ankle. You can also reduce the risk of re-injury by up to 50% using balance boards during rehab. Including it in your daily routine can improve your stability. It is also an incredible way to improve your balance, posture and rehab injuries.
Balance board fights “muffin top” and helps you burn fat.

• Strengthens core muscles
• Improves balance
• Increases flexibility
• Burns more calories
• Fine-tunes sport skills
• Use for cardio, strength, yoga, sports and injury recovery
• Endless exercise options

Dimensions: Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

Simply Fit Board – 26 inches x 11 inches W x 3/4 inches D.
Bosu – 65 centimeters or 26 inches


Price: Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

Simply Fit Board – $39.99
Bosu – $99.99


Reviews: Simply Fit Board Vs BOSU

Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board reviews reveal that Simply Fit Board is exactly as advertised and is a nice supplemental cardio workout, as well as muscle toner. Put a piece of 36′ x 36′ laminate wood over carpet and it works fine. First few times did it right on the carpet but it was wearing the carpet.

Simply Fit Board damages the floor.

Be careful on tile floors because it really moves fast. Do it on carpet it is harder to use. Start out by holding on to something.
Tried it out for a few minutes and realized a pad need to be put under it cause of the wooden floors.

It doesn’t hurt the knee. First impression it works pretty ok. It’s not like though workout just a descent nice workout get some movement in. Just be careful the first time hold on to a chair or something and stand on a carpet so it doesn’t slip.

Simply Fit Board won’t help you lose weight unless you work in other cardiovascular with it along with reducing calories.

Highly recommend, but only for people who are already physically literate.

The instructional video is not helpful. You’ll know you’re doing it wrong if your knees start to hurt. Don’t think anyone is going to have a huge, dramatic weight loss story from using this board, but combined with a sensible eating plan and other workouts, it will definitely help improve muscle tone. And you can use it anywhere at any time because it doesn’t produce any noise.


The BOSU balance trainer reviews reveal that the BOSU Balance Trainer seems like it should be a very well-made and solid product, it certainly has the weight and the frame is bolted together, but that’s where the quality stops. The ball is inflated with a very cheap pump and instead of giving you an actual PSI to inflate to, they just tell you find a ruler and inflate it to “about” 9 inches high. But then they give you all kinds of warning about not over-inflating it, hard to do when you have no hard info to go by. After it’s inflated you plug the valve with a plastic pin and once you get it in you need a wrench to pull it back out.

Really do not want to give the BOSU ny type of stars. It does not work it keeps popping out of place.

The pump is very cheap, tried to insert the plastic cheaply made pieces into the ball to inflate it, they broke. Tried to duct tape it back together but the pieces couldn’t be repaired.

The only issue is the actual air pump and the pieces that connect to the ball and pump itself.

Cheap plastic pump that came with it does not work. Used an electric pump with the correct-size nozzle, but the BOSU would never inflate more than 7″ even after several attempts. Note: The recommended amount of inflation is 9″.

It breaks quickly, is hard to inflate and air leaks often.
BOSU is very disappointing. It was only used twice by a 130 pound woman and then while it was not in use – just lying on the floor by couch- it separated from the base.

It is of poor quality, and smells terrible. Material is very cheap.
Can’t get it inflated with the cheap pump it came with. Every time the pump is depressed the nozzle blows out of the BOSU. If you hold the nozzle in with one hand while attempting to inflate it, it blows out the stem connected to the pump. Don’t buy this unless you have a magic inflation device.

It has a small hole near the base. All the reviews say you can’t fix a hole. It’s very frustrating to have paid so much for it and have it be so flimsy.

There wasn’t a pump or DVD’s so no idea how to even inflate it because directions weren’t even included.

BOSU may be a great exercise tool but you will never know unless you can inflate it. The tool to inflate this is very cheap. It does not hold well and it takes multiple times to inflate it. After 3 tries the blue tubing cracked and the top piece is virtually impossible to remove to put the cap on. When you try to remove the cap the blue piece on the bottom pops off and it deflates. It has been beyond frustrating. BOSU is not worth the money.

The cheap plastic hoses pop off numerous times, very poor plug design, no valves. Gave the pump, at the most, two or three inflations before it failed completely.

This was larger and heavier than expected. (Very hard to remove)

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  1. Sharron burnard | November 14, 2017 at 11:04 pm | Reply

    I was going to buy the Fit board today 14th Nov.
    But it was alarming that everyone seemed so indifferent, that is the retail clerks.

    So I have a BOSU BALL , have had it 7 yrs and have
    Not used it a lot …lazy.
    But it is easy to pump and only deflates a bit
    A bit if i don’t use it in the year.
    But hands down this is a sturdy item
    And I always feel safe on it.
    So now I will get myself into gear on the
    BOSU ball. Yeah!

    Sharron Burnard
    it in the year

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