Silk’n Blue vs Tanda Clear

Compare what is it? Silk’n Blue vs Tanda Clear

Silk’n Blue – It is a unique device that helps in preventing and clearing the skin of acnes and pimples. It is a non-invasive treatment device which works using natural 415 nm wave-length blue light targeted at removing current acnes and blemishes. It also is equipped with dermal heating to help prevent future breakouts.

Tanda Clear Plus – It is a new age solution to achieve clear skin using powerful blue-light that kills bacteria and sonic vibrations to disallow any future breakouts. It is dermatologist recommended for effective removal of acne and pimples.


Compare how does it work? Silk’n Blue vs Tanda Clear

Silk’n Blue – It uses blue light therapy, which is clinically proven to destroy acne-causing bacteria. It has been used in professional dermatology in costly procedures. The fractional blue light of 416 nanometre neutralizes the P. acne bacteria residing deeply in the roots of hair follicles. The dermal heating process prevents future breakouts by drying off the sebaceous glands that overproduce oil caused by the bacteria.

Tanda Clear Plus – Blue light used in Tanda Clear Plus is said to be highly powerful and effective at killing off acne-causing P. acne bacteria. These bacteria generally block and clog pores where white blood cells move to fight it resulting into a pimple. The blue light removes existing blemishes, acnes and prevents future breakouts with the help of sonic vibration and gentle warming of the skin.


Compare Features: Silk’n Blue vs Tanda Clear

Silk’n Blue – Feature wise it is a portable and safe device which helps in avoiding use of expensive creams and ointments. It has LED system that has gentle synergistic power of fractional natural blue light. The tip has a temperature sensor embedded as a built-in safety feature that prevents the device from damaging the skin. It works on lithium ion battery and is portable. This allows using the device easily over different parts of the skin and also easily carried in a purse or bag while traveling. Since it is non-invasive it is natural, drug-free and fast acting. It is also FDA-approved and Health Canada-cleared.

Tanda Clear Plus – To safely use it at home, it has been rated highly and is also FDA cleared. Tanda Clear Plus helps in blemish clearance on all types of skin without any side-effects such as dryness, irritation or redness. The skin does not damage either since it is a light therapy and not an invasive solution such as creams and lotions containing harsh chemicals. It is designed to cover the whole face and easy to handle while use as it works right at the root of pores for an all-clear skin. It works on AC power supply and has an automatic sensor to cut-off the temperature if it poses a risk.


Compare what to expect? Silk’n Blue vs Tanda Clear

Silk’n Blue – It clears inflammation and blemishes with minimized future breakouts almost immediately. If used for 3 to 4 minutes daily for 6-8 weeks it gives best results with beautiful skin. It can also be used between dermatologist administered acne treatments.

Tanda Clear Plus – On using it twice regularly a day for 3 minutes it can provide visible results in 2 weeks duration. It also starts to reduce appearances of blemishes and prevents future breakouts of acne on the skin.


Compare Price: Silk’n Blue vs Tanda Clear

Silk’n Blue – $116.98

Tanda Clear – $99.99


Compare REVIEWS: Silk’n Blue vs Tanda Clear

Silk’n Blue REVIEW

One customer, Sofia, who reviewed Silk’n Blue complains that the device is not worth the money it is priced at currently. This is not just due to its lack of effectiveness but also couple of design flaws that it comes with. The one major problem that the customer directs to is the blue light that is supposed to cure the acne. It does not always switch on which is why it takes an annoying time to constantly check whether it’s working or not. There is no indicator that tells whether the light is on or not which is stressful with all the extra blinding and flashing lights on the device. Anderson further reveals that there is no timer feature on the device, which means it needs manual setup over and over again. It takes a lot of time and on forgetting a timer one may unknowingly over or under use the device. The lights are also not marked well as it is confusing to what they are indicating. The cleaning of head is to be done with cleaners formulated for electronic equipment but is to be used for human skin. Julian, one other user who used Silk’n Blue says that she picked the device for her daughter dealing with minor acne issues and was not impressed with its performance. Its capability to move over skin area is not great and takes a lot of time to move from one section to another. It also got pretty hot and left red patches on her face. It seemed like it worked the opposite of what it claims. One other customer, Lexi who also bought Silk’n Blue reviewed that it is not at all effective. It takes a long time to function and causes redness. Instead topical acne treatments are more effective and painless.


Tanda Clear Plus Review

Mya, a customer who bought Tanda Clear Plus says that it is very slow and takes a lot of time unless used over one single area. One other customer, Sara, who used Tanda Clear Plus says it works well but is too costly for the price it comes for. She suggests that users who haven’t used or tried any type of heat and light therapy for cleaning acnes before should steer clear from it. Mandy, a user who also bought Tanda Clear Plus, reviews that it does work but takes a lot of time and effort from the user. Mandy says the user claims stating that it took over half an hour use twice per day onto one specific facial area are true. In fact, it takes less time only if you have only a small area to treat. Even if it works well the frustrating part is the time consumed and even if used diligently it provides very marginal results. She believes if Tanda Clear Plus on its own helps in blemish clearance faster than usual it can work very well along with red light as it will be even good at inflammation control. Another user, Veronica, who used Tanda Clear Plus gave it 3 stars for performance and says that it works nicely but is not enough on its own for a blemish free clear skin. There is need of supporting cleanser, facial care, nutrition and supplements. She used Tanda Clear Plus for 20 minutes each breakout twice a day to see the size of acnes come down and eventually vanish in mere days. The light is warm yet pleasant but suggests testing it on the arm first to check for light sensitivity and redness issues. Veronica, however, says that for the price Tanda Clear Plus comes for it should provide faster and definitive results.

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