Silhouette Curio vs Silhouette Cameo vs Cricut Explore

Compare What is it? Silhouette Curio vs Cameo vs Cricut Explore

What is Silhouette Curio? – Silhouette Curio is a DIY machine to perform various art projects. It is loaded with the ability to perform cutting, drawing, embossing, stippling, sketching, scoring and etching. It uses a dual carriage system which enables the user to mix and match different functions. More Silhouette Curio info here.

What is Silhouette Cameo? – Silhouette Cameo is a DIY machine that can be used for personalized DIY projects for the purpose of cutting and sketching. The impressive part of it is that it has a wider base and has unlimited cutting length to create custom projects.


Compare How does it work? Silhouette Curio vs Cameo vs Cricut Explore

How does Silhouette Curio work? – Silhouette Curio has powerful dual carriage system which can perform different functions. These designs are basically loaded over an 8.5 in. x 6 in. platform. The Silhouette Studio software connects the Silhouette Design Store from a computer with the DIY machine. There are some exclusive designs available along with choice of adding custom designs for embossing, stippling, cutting, sketching and etching. It has a cutting force of 210 grams to achieve intricate level of work.

How does Silhouette Cameo work? – Users can load designs using the Silhouette Studio Software or via the SD card slot. The software helps in getting custom designs from the computer onto the material of choice. It has a brilliant full coloured touch screen display which is easy to use and navigates for users to perform quick jobs on the machine. It can cut materials like paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, etc. Switching between the cutting function to sketching is as simple as swapping the cutting blade with a pen.

Compare Features: Silhouette Curio vs Cameo vs Cricut Explore

Silhouette Curio Features – It is equipped with 5mm clearance which gives the option to use different types of materials to work upon. Also thanks to its deep cut blade, it even works on wood, foil, leather, foam and metal. The base platform is made adjustable to allow thickness variations as per materials used. The dual carriage heads are designed in such a way that they can be mixed and matched to perform multiple functions in one single pass.

Features Silhouette Cameo – It comes with a cutting width of 12 inches and can cut up to 10 feet long material without a mat. Even though it has large width it can help accomplish smaller projects of even ¼” width successfully. The on-board touch screen is user friendly for loading and cutting designs instantly. It has a cutting force of 210 grams which is perfect for detailed art projects.


Compare What can it do? Silhouette Curio vs Cameo vs Cricut Explore

What can Silhouette Curio do? – Silhouette Curio helps to cut, sketch, emboss, stipple and etch with perfection.

What can Silhouette Cameo do? – Silhouette Cameo has the ability to cut and sketch over different materials. It can be used to elevate the home décor, cut fabric, decorate home with vinyl decals, cards, custom invites, intricate paper work, glass etched projects and much more.


Compare Price: Silhouette Curio vs Cameo vs Cricut Explore

Silhouette Curio costs $249.99

Silhouette Cameo is priced at $269.99


Compare What do I get? Silhouette Curio vs Cameo vs Cricut Explore

Silhouette Curio Kit Includes – The package comes with the machine, 8.5 in. x 6 inches. base with 4 platforms with same sized cutting and embossing mat, fine and wide embossing tools, 50 exclusive designs, Silhouette Studio Software CD, AC adapter and USB cord.

Silhouette Cameo Kit Includes – Silhouette Cameo machine, Silhouette Studio Software, cutting blade, 12” cutting mat, Instruction manual, 50 exclusive designs, power and USB cable.

Compare Review: Silhouette Curio vs Cameo vs Cricut Explore

Silhouette Curio Review/Pros and Cons

Multitasking wonder – Personal Die Cutting in their review of Silhouette Curio reveals that it is an amazingly efficient DIY machine and compares it to a Swiss Army Knife. The whole ideas of using lot of materials to etch, emboss, cut, sketch and stipple are functions that boost small projects.

Limited cutting width – Melissa and Mary Ann who reviewed Silhouette Curio complains that the machine lacks in width. They fancy a bigger cutting surface for the functions it provides.


Silhouette Cameo Review/Pros and Cons

Easy to use – STR who uses Silhouette Cameo for a small crafting business reveals in his review that the machine is very easy to setup. The hardware is not complex, cutting mats are great and the LCD is very helpful to perform operations. The blade is also easy to insert. The cutting functions are easy but take a little time to understand the speed required to cut a particular material.

Effective for its price – Debbie Knight who also used Silhouette Cameo complains in the review that the cutter is not meant for business because of its low productivity. STR though in Silhouette Cameo review says that if used well and understood its limitations the machine can be a great investment. There are issues like bits of paper getting stuck in the blade and need to scrape it after use. But for the price paid for Silhouette Cameo it is worth it.


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