Secret Extensions vs Effortless Extensions

Compare What is it? Secret Extensions vs Effortless Extensions

Secret Extensions – They are hair extensions that nobody will know of, according to their claims, while giving your hair the natural looking volume you desire in a matter of seconds. It asserts that every piece of Secret Extensions is guaranteed to blend into your hair precisely and what’s more, you have 12 multi blended salon inspired colours to choose from.

Effortless Extensions – These hair extensions assure you fuller, longer and luxurious hair instantly. They claim that now you can change your hair style quickly and what’s more, you can wash, condition and even blow dry with the help of a curling iron. The extensions are lightweight, comfortable, strong and durable so that you can make the most out of them for years.

VerdictBoth these hair extensions work on similar principle, but there is a lot more that Effortless Extensions have to offer. Moreover you can also style them with a curling iron, which is why they are the winners for us.


Compare How it works? Secret Extensions vs Effortless Extensions

Secret Extensions – Secret Extensions work well and remain discreet because of their special patent pending headband that goes into the hair and remains invisible. You just wear these extensions as a headband and pull your hair over. Since they are adjustable, the extensions fit your hair well without any bumps and ensure that you have thick hair in a matter of seconds. Keratin conditioned fibre is used in the making of these extensions and that’s the reason it feels like the real thing. You can go a shade lighter for the highlighted look or darker for ombre look.

Effortless Extensions – The secret of Effortless Extensions lies in the patent pending, gravity based design. The crown support circle is at the heart of these extensions and they make sure that they stay in place no matter what you do. These 16 inch long extensions from the nape of the neck can also be cut to a size, exactly according to your requirements. All you have to do is place them on your head, pull hair through and comb to blend the extensions in. They are made from a special FeelsoReal synthetic fibre, which is closest to human hair in feel, look and remains discreet so that you can make a lasting impression without anyone knowing.

VerdictThe specially created synthetic hair and gravity driven design give Effortless Extensions the edge and makes it the winner for us.


Compare Fabric Material: Secret Extensions vs Effortless Extensions

Secret Extensions claims to use proprietary synthetic blend of polyesters that feel and look like real hair.

Effortless Extensions uses the FEELsoREAL synthetic fiber that they claim to look and feel like real human hair.


Compare Recommended Temp: Secret Extensions vs Effortless Extensions

Secret Extensions: Not more than 320 degree Fahrenheit.

Effortless Extensions: The recommended temperature for Effortless Extension is 350 degree Fahrenheit.


Compare Drying: Secret Extensions vs Effortless Extensions

Secret Extensions: The official Secret Extensions website recommends to let the extensions dry out naturally.

Effortless Extensions: You can blow dry, air dry or tap it with towel.


Compare Cleaning/Washing: Secret Extensions vs Effortless Extensions

Secret Extensions can be washed in lukewarm water after 5 to 7 uses. Use cupful mild shampoo and rinse the Secret Extensions thoroughly to remove the soap. They need to be brushed daily, make sure the Secret Extensions are completely dried before brushing.

Effortless Extensions recommends air drying, you can also blow dry Effortless Extensions. While using a towel to dry the Effortless Extensions – just pat it dry, don’t rub the towel on the extensions.


Compare Colors/Shades/Styles: Secret Extensions vs Effortless Extensions

Secret Extensions comes 12 multi-blend, salon inspired colors. Jet-Black, Brown Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Light Red Brown, Medium Red Brown, Red Blonde, Dark Blonde, Dark Golden Blonde, Medium Golden Blonde and Light Golden Blonde.

Effortless Extensions comes in 2 fabrics FEELsoREAL, FEELsoREAL Yaki Synthetic.
FEELsoREAL comes in 9 styles/shades: Straight Blonde, Flare Blonde, Body Wave Blonde, Straight Brunette, Flare Brunette, Body Wave Brunette, Straight Ebony, Flare Ebony, Body Wave Ebony
FEELsoREAL Yaki Synthetic comes in 8 styles/shades: Straight Ebony, Straight Dark Brunette, Wave Curl Ebony, Wave Curl Brunette, Soft Rod Curl Ebony, Wet and Wavy Brunette, Wet and Wavy Ebony


Compare Length: Secret Extensions vs Effortless Extensions

Secret Extensions are 16 inches long

Effortless Extensions too are approx. 16 inches long.


Are they tangle-free?

Secret Extensions does not mention anything about these extensions being tangle-free

Effortless Extensions accepts that their extensions are not entirely tangle free and there is no extension out there that is 100% tangle free.


Can you curl or straighten?

Secret Extensions: You can curl/straighten the Secret Extensions using styling tools provided you don’t exceed the recommended temperature.

Effortless Extensions:


Can you brush it?

Secret Extensions: Yes you can brush them, but brushing them when wet will damage the Secret Extensions.

Effortless Extensions: Yes you can brush them too, Effortless Extensions recommends using their own loop brush.


Can you color them?

Neither Secret Extensions nor Effortless Extensions can be colored.


How long do they last?

Secret Extensions claims to be long lasting as long as you maintain them properly.

Effortless Extensions claim their extensions last unto 1 year or even more.


Is it heat friendly?

Secret Extensions

Effortless Extensions can be used with Flat iron, curling iron, blow dry provided you don’t exceed the recommended temperature.


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