Samsung Flexwash vs Samsung Addwash vs LG Twin Wash vs LG Turbo Wash

Compare what is it? Samsung Flexwash vs Samsung Addwash vs LG Twin Wash vs LG Turbo Wash

Samsung Flexwash, Samsung Addwash, LG Twin Wash, and LG Turbo Wash, are all high-end washing machines that provide a quick cleaning with next-generation technology and powerful motor. These washing machines provide a cutting-edge washing experience at a lesser cost as compared to other washing machines in their class.

The two washing machines, Samsung Flexwash and LG Turbo Wash have two chambers for washing different loads at the same given time. The Flexwash machine comes with a give cubic-foot chamber on the bottom for bigger loads while LG Turbo Wash offers the flexibility to add a second washer if needed.


Compare Features: Samsung Flexwash vs Samsung Addwash vs LG Twin Wash vs LG Turbo Wash

Samsung Flexwash
This washing machine comes with a 5-cubic-foot washer with a built-in drum light to help see the inside properly. There are 12 settings available to choose from out of which 5 of them provide a steam option. Users can control the temperature, the number of rinses, spin speed, soil level, and even wash clothes quickly in the 30-minutes per Speed setting. It is large enough to fit at least 10 full-size towels, or several pairs of jeans and a few shirts.
The second washer of this dual-system is of 1-cubic-foot and is placed on top for smaller and delicate loads. It provides 4 cycle settings with an Extra Rinse option and has a digital readout like the bottom washer that displays the time remaining. Both washers come with a see-through lid and door for checking on the load.

Samsung Addwash
It is a highly efficient washing machine that is embedded with the latest technology. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to select and activate the wash cycle remotely. The AddWash door is accessible for use at any point during the wash program by pausing and then unlocking it. The machine is powerful and spins at a very efficient speed without making any noise. It is designed to remove stains from both Cotton and Poly-cotton material with ease. The Eco-wash program can be used to reduce the consumption of water and electricity without affecting the quality of the wash.

LG Twin Wash
This high-end washing machine comes with a digital display and electronic touch button to switch between various programs. Its body is crafted using a durable material and has an anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish. It has a door lock mechanism while washing and has a child lock setting for additional safety purposes. The energy rating for LG Twin Wash is 4 star (wash) and 2.5 stars (dry) and has a 4-star WELS water rating. It consumes about 621 kWh per 365 uses for a wash, 373 kWh per 365 uses of the dryer and consumes water on an average of 164 L and 16 L for wash and dry cycles respectively.

LG Turbo Wash
This washing machine features a rust-resistant stainless steel drum that is 4.5 cubic feet in size and holds plenty of wash. Apart from the standard programs, it offers a Sanitize cycle by internally heating the water to kill the germs on clothes. There is also a steam cycle, Allergiene, that is approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation that reduces dust mites and animal dander from the clothes. Wrinkle-Reducing Fresh Care is another feature in this machine allows users to tumble wash a load for up to 19 hours until they can come home to unload it. LG diagnostic care provides a smart option of recording the sound of an ailing washer by holding the phone to help detect the underlying issue.


Compare what program does it have?
Samsung Flexwash
This machine features separate power buttons for the two washers. There are total 12 different washing cycle that users can choose from — Normal, Heavy Duty, Whites, Sanitize, Delicates, Perm Press, Towels, Bedding, Quick Wash, Eco Cold, Active Wear, And Rinse+Spin. Users can also control the temperature of the cycle and set rinse or spin option manually. They can also adjust the level of soil ranging from extra-heavy to extra-light.

Samsung Addwash
This washing machine offers a number of programs that are commonly required for wash cycles at home. It includes washing for crops such as Cotton, Synthetics, Wool, Delicates, Babycare, and additionally, has dedicated programmes for Bedding, Outdoor Wear, Dark Garments, And Denim. The cotton program also has an Eco setting that uses a lower temperature and reduced energy consumption. The quick washes cycles are available in the form of Super Speed and Super Eco options. The SuperSpeed cycle is created for daily wear items and takes less than an hour to wash and spin the clothes. A highlight of this program is that it can be used with a full load too. Super Eco Wash uses cooler water temperatures and the Samsung’s Ecobubble soak and wash feature is available to clean a full load while using minimal resources.

LG Twin Wash
It offers an array of options with 6 wash programs – Light Soil, Active Wear, Speed Wash, Rinse & Spin, Hand Wash, And Tub Clean along with two additional controls – Extra Rinse And Child Lock. The washer comes with a load sensing and auto-balance technology and sports drum lights and water re-circulation option. Users can choose from a variable spin speed along with a choice of no spin or one from the 400, 600, 800, 1000 RPM options. The variable temperature setting can be used to switch between cold, 30⁰C, 40⁰C, 60⁰C and 95⁰C options. This helps in getting the best care for different types of clothing. The mini washer though uses only cold water for loads.
LG Turbo Wash

It comes with 14 Wash Programs comprising of – Bulky/Large, Perm, Press, Delicates, Hand Wash/Wool, Speed Wash, Tub Clean, Sanitary, Allergien, Heavy Duty, Bright Whites, Towels, Drain+Spin, and Small Load. There are 11 options available for washing the load – Prewash, Rinse+Spin, Delay Wash, Custom Program, Extra Rinse, Child Lock, ColdWash, Signal On/Off, Steam, FreshCare, TurboWash, and Drum Light.


Compare if it Is app controlled?

Both Samsung Flexwash and Add Wash offers connectivity via the Smart Home app for Android and iPhone users. Once connected to the machine via a Wi-Fi network, users can start and stop cycles straight from the app. Additionally, users can pause or monitor each stage of the wash as there are many alerting options available to notify the end of each cycle. The Flexwash comes with separate Smart Control buttons for both of its top and front loads.

LG Twin Wash comes with a SmartThinQ function that allows remotely monitory, starting, pausing, and stopping wash cycles. It also helps in monitoring the wash or dry progress, track the energy consumption, diagnose and troubleshoot issues, and download additional wash cycles. The machine also sends a message to alert end of the cycles to remind the users. The self-diagnosing feature is designed to save time and money of users to rectify minor issues.

LG Turbo Wash doesn’t come with an app-controlled feature.


Compare how well does it clean?

Samsung Flexwash
This machine’s quick wash cycle for the bottom load washer is designed to clean clothes thoroughly in just 30 minutes duration. It can easily remove ketchup stains off the front pocket of a collared shirt the way it is removed in a normal cycle. The steam feature works heavily to remove deep-seated stains, and is successful at even removing caked on, dried peanut butter. Overall, the machine cleans the clothes very well.

Samsung Addwash
The tough turmeric and engine oil stains do not completely go away using this machine. Users will require a biological detergent to remove them along with the cleaning performance of this machine. Overall the machine’s low energy washes were efficient enough to clean regular load without consuming much water and energy.

LG Twin Wash
The 6 motion technology in LG washers is set on washing motions based on hand washing techniques. Each cycle option optimizes various combinations to provide users with the best wash results. The Twin Wash main unit comes with numerous wash programs and additional controls making it perfect for cleaning all types of stains from the clothes.

LG Turbo Wash
The TurboWash technology by LG helps in saving over 20 minutes of time on larger loads without compromising on the cleaning performance of the machine.


Compare Price

Samsung Flexwash (WV60M9900)

Samsung (WW80K6414QW1) Addwash

LG Twin Wash

LG Turbo Wash (WM4270HWA)


Compare Pros and Cons: Samsung Flexwash vs Samsung Addwash vs LG Twin Wash vs LG Turbo Wash

Samsung Flexwash Pros
It comprises of two washing machines in one with an attractive design. It offers quick wash feature that takes just 25 minutes to complete and has 5 steam cycles and a sanitize cycle for thoroughly washing the clothes.

Samsung Addwash Pros
It comes with numerous high-end features such as AddWash, EcoBubble, and Super Eco Wash. It is proficient at cleaning stains with its long list of programs. The machine functions quietly even for a full 8 kg load and at 1400 RPM spin cycle. It comes with a high energy rating of A+++ that saves money for the users. The Smart Control App helps in remotely controlling the washing for extra convenience.

LG Twin Wash Pros
This machine has an intuitive display that offers an array of options suitable for different type of loads. It comes with an Android and iOS app for remotely controlling the machine. Users can also install a Sidekick washer to it for additional load cleaning.

LG Turbo Wash Pros
It cleans clothes thoroughly and keeps them soft. The machine makes very little noise and efficiently cleans the clothes in terms of water and energy.


Samsung Flexwash Cons
It is highly expensive as compared to the other products.

Samsung Addwash Cons
It consumes a lot of water when used on the standard Cotton wash setting.

LG Twin Wash Cons
This machine did not remove stains very well. Its app has a lot of bugs and the additional drawer-style Sidekick washer doesn’t lock into place when loading and unloading are taking place.

LG Turbo Wash Cons
It has been noticed that it creates a loud banging and knocking sound while washing and the hot and cold water pipes also shake violently during the wash cycle.

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