Roto Clipper vs Pursonic

Compare What is it? Roto Clipper vs Pursonic

Pursonic NC1: It is an electric nail clipper that claims to make your task of trimming and filing nails a lot easier.

Roto Clipper: This electric trimmer asserts that it can cut, trim and file your nails quickly, conveniently and safely.


Compare REVIEW: Roto Clipper vs Pursonic

Pursonic NC1 Review

Badly designed – Dennis who used Pursonic NC1 complained in his review that it is poorly designed and you realize that when you are trying to put the batteries in. It needs you to unscrew two tiny Philips micro-screws and while doing that the metal clip keeps falling out. That is a hassle because you have to keep changing batteries often as it is really a filer that has to be run for a long time. Since battery changing is quite messy, he is worried that he might lose the screws or clip inside, which would render the trimmer completely useless.

Waste of money – Samuel who bought Pursonic NC1 exposed in his review that it is way too flimsy and just cannot be used to cut toenails. You might be able to use it to file fingernails but it just cannot do anything more than that. The clipper has a rotary nail trimming head with the visible moving part being the spinning cutter bar. The trimming is very slow and you are better off using fingernail file. He feels like he has wasted his money on the product and wishes he had kept the package to be able to return it. But now he thinks it’s better to simply throw it away.

Not up to the mark – Joel who reviewed Pursonic NC1 revealed in his review that he was hoping it would be a nail trimmer as the infomercial suggests but it’s nothing more than a nail file. He added that its use is tricky because you have to keep both your hands at odd angles to get the job done. That can be a problem for elders, those with weaker hands or arthritis sufferers. Overall, he was sorely disappointed with the product that doesn’t live up to the expectations.


Roto Clipper Reviews

Time consuming, tedious – Alan who used Roto Clipper complained in his review that it takes very long to trim and file your nails. According to him, you can use this clipper if you have hours to do your nails; otherwise you are better off using your regular type manual clippers. He also thinks that to cut nails you need to exert substantial pressure to press it in the cutter. That might just not be possible for everyone. The cutter is also not ideal for toenails because the light shines over the nail rather than onto it. The battery compartment was difficult to open as well and that made its use very difficult and time consuming.

Roto Clipper doesn’t work – Sharon who reviewed Roto Clipper exposed in her review that she bought it after believing in the hype surrounding it but thinks it was a waste of her money. The clipper doesn’t cut fingernails at all and is not strong enough to be used on toenails. Both the sides; trim and file, did not work for her and the light was completely useless. However she suggests that it might have its advantages if you want to use it on kids. It doesn’t give smooth results and is rather slow but that might be okay as far as kids are concerned.

Not very convenient – Adam who bought Roto Clipper revealed in his review that you need a lot of time getting used to this clipper. According to him, the trim side was a lot more effective than the file side but at the end of to the day it’s a slow process and you have to be patient. The strong vibrations while cutting nails are a nuisance. For more Roto Clipper reviews, vist this page.


Compare How does it work? Roto Clipper vs Pursonic

Pursonic NC1: This electric nail clipper eliminates the hassle that’s involved in cutting and shaping finger and toenails with regular scissors. Quite simply, it is a battery operated nail clipper that makes the most out of innovative technology to help you cut, trim and file nails quickly and effectively. You can also use it to cut children’s fingernails and can work with it irrespective of whether you are left or right handed. The comfortable nail trimming clean brush makes it the perfect solution for you.

Roto Clipper: It is a battery powered nail cutter and trimmer rolled into one. All you have to do is press the button and place your fingernail to get the job done. The recessed, beveled blades it has spins at 700 rpm to trim nails precisely. What’s more, it can smooth even edges so that you can get the perfect look every single time. The ergonomic grip it has makes the nail clipper very easy to work with. It is completely painless and can be used by practically everyone, from elders to kids.


Compare Features: Roto Clipper vs Pursonic

Pursonic NC1: It has two cutting models to choose from. It boasts of innovative technology and uses sharp alloy bit to trim nails quickly. It’s easy to work with it thanks to its light frame and comfortable handle. It has a push style switch to get started conveniently.

Roto Clipper: It is a battery powered nail trimmer and filer rolled into one. It has durable beveled blades for a smooth finish and ergonomic handle for complete ease of use. You can use it on kids because it is safe and completely pain free.


Compare Benefits: Roto Clipper vs Pursonic

Pursonic NC1: It is effective, safe and completely pain free when it comes to cutting nails. It can be used easily by left and right handed users. You can also use it to cut children’s finger nails. Its low noise design is an added advantage.

Roto Clipper: Firstly, it is dual sided where one side trims while the other files. It is safe, quick and easy to use giving you a smooth finish every single time. The head can be removed for easy cleaning too.


Compare Price: Roto Clipper vs Pursonic

Pursonic NC1: You can buy it for $29.95.

Roto Clipper: You can buy it for $19.99.

Verdict – While both the electric clippers are similar in functioning and results, we are impressed by the beveled blades of the Roto Clipper, which ensure smooth finish. It is also cheaper, which is why Roto Clipper is the winner for us.

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