Roomba 980 vs Roomba 880

Compare Features: Roomba 980 vs Roomba 880

iRobot Roomba 980 Features – The iRobot HOME App starts and schedules the cleaner from anywhere and can be preset 7 times a week. Roomba 980 has iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization to give it seamless and efficient navigation and keep track of its location. iAdapt 2.0 Responsive Navigation and its set of sensors provide high-efficiency cleaning pattern and working around clutter and furniture. Roomba 980 has a low-profile design to go under furniture and kickboards to clean thoroughly. Cliff-detection sensors prevent it from Roomba falling off stairs or other drop-offs.

Roomba 980 automatically adapts to carpets, tile, laminate and hardwood floors to clean them well and works for up to two hours and automatically returns to its home base to recharge when needed. Its brushless extractors prevent dirt buildup by avoiding hair tangles. Roomba 980 has an AeroForce Cleaning System with Carpet Boost that increases performance by providing 10 times the air power to clean carpet and rugs. Spinning side brush sweeps wall edges and corners pushing debris into the path of the 3-stage cleaning system. HEPA-style Filter catches dust, dirt, and allergens.


iRobot Roomba 880 Features – The vacuum cleaner Roomba 880 has the revolutionary AeroForce with the right balance of vacuum suction and debris extraction. Its HEPA styled filtered bin catches and traps dirt, dust, and allergens. Roomba 880 features dual tangle-free AeroForce extractors to grip and break down dirt and debris without the hair tangles. The Airflow Accelerator concentrates airflow and draws in more debris by creating a sealed channel. Roomba 880 has a Virtual Wall Lighthouse that lets the cleaner clean one room and then directs it to clean another room. The vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its Home Base to dock and recharge as and when required. Roomba can be preset up to seven times a week. iRobot XLife Extended Life Battery delivers twice as many cleaning cycles before the need to replace battery.

The advanced system of software and sensors, iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology, Dirt Detect Series 2, optical and acoustic sensors find and trap dirt to provide intense cleaning. Roomba 880 uses Persistent Pass Cleaning Method, a back-and-forth cleaning pattern to clean areas with excessive dirt. Wall-Following Technology cleans the wall edges, Anti-Tangle Technology prevents Roomba from jamming on cords and carpet fringe, Cliff-detection sensors prevent it from falling off stairs and drop-offs. It has a soft-touch bumper that pads the contact between the cleaner and other objects. Light-Touch Bumper Technology differentiates soft barriers from solid barriers so that Roomba 880 can clean under curtains, bed skirts and couch skirts.


Compare How does it work? Roomba 980 vs Roomba 880

How does iRobot Roomba 980? – The smart vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 980 gives you cleaner floors covering your entire house with its iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization that navigates the cleaner effortlessly and proficiently. Its iAdapt 2.0 Responsive Navigation and sensors provide efficient cleaning pattern around clutter and furniture. Roomba 980 cleans carpets, tile, laminate, and hardwood floors by adapting to the surface. Roomba 980’s AeroForce Cleaning System with Carpet Boost provides 10 times the air power to clean difficult to clean carpet and rugs. Wall edges and corners are swept clean with the spinning side brush that pushes debris into the path of the 3-stage cleaning system and HEPA-style Filter traps dust, dirt, and allergens to keep the air clean.

How does iRobot Roomba 880 work? – The vacuum cleaner Roomba 880 combines the revolutionary AeroForce technology that balances vacuum suction and debris extraction and HEPA styled filtered bin that traps dirt, dust, and allergens. It gives concentrated cleaning by gripping and breaking down dirt and debris using its dual tangle-free AeroForce extractors that keep it clean of hair buildup too. Roomba 880’s Airflow Accelerator creates a sealed channel to concentrate airflow and draw in more debris so that the cleaning throughout your house is perfect. It also has an advanced system of software and optical and acoustic sensors – iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology and Dirt Detect Series 2 – that find and trap dirt to provide thorough cleaning. The Persistent Pass Cleaning Method of iRobot Roomba 880 gets rid of excessive dirt by using a back-and-forth cleaning pattern. Wall edges are cleaned by Wall-Following Technology and the Light-Touch Bumper Technology tells soft barriers apart from solid barriers to ensure that it cleans under curtains, bed skirts and couch skirts.


Compare Price: Roomba 980 vs Roomba 880

iRobot Roomba 980: $899.99

iRobot Roomba 880: $699.99


What Surfaces does Roomba 880/980 work on?

Roomba 880: Works on wood, carpet, tile, vinyl and laminate.

Roomba 980: The iRobot website just says it can clean all the surfaces.


Does Roomba 880/980 work on tiles?

Roomba 880: Yes it works on tiles, though Roomba 880 does not work well with dark tiles.

Roomba 980: Yes it does.


Does it work on hardwood?

Both Roomba 880 and 980 can clean hardwood surface.


Does it work on carpet?

Roomba 880: Yes it cleans carpets. Though cleaning carpets takes a heavy toll on Roomba 880’s battery and you need to recharge it overnight.

Roomba 980: Yes, it cleans carpets with the “Carpet Boost” feature.


Does it scratch furniture?

Roomba 880: Though Roomba 880 have rubber extractors instead of bristles to avoid scratching, there have been intermittent reports in user reviews that Roomba 880 can scratch wooden furniture as it does bump into the obstacles. These reports are VERY RARE though. Roomba 880 features molded, soft-touch bumper that reduces the impact with furniture, wall and other objects.

Roomba 980: So far no reports of Roomba 980 scratching furniture. It features the same iAdapt technology like the Roomba 880 that enables it to navigate past hard objects, walls and furniture.


Does these Roomba vacs clean multiple rooms?

Roomba 880 – Yes it does.

Roomba 980 – With the iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization feature cleans from room-to-room.


Does it pick pet hair?

Both Roomba 880 and 980 can pick up pet hair, even from carpets. So far the reviews have attested this claim.


Does these Roomba vacs memorize?

Yes both Roomba 880/980 can memorize. But they learn by trial and error.

Roomba 980/880 can memorize obstacle locations with the help of Localization technology. It does bump into any obstacle (like furniture, wall, door etc) for the first time and then memorizes its location and next time it will stop before hitting it. The Roomba 980 creates a realistic map of your house.

The Roomba 980 robot is able to recognize and memorize objects so that next time it performs a sweep, it doesn’t have to try and avoid them via trial and error. It also is able to detect whether it’s on carpet, tile or hardwood floors using a bottom-mounted sensor.


Compare Battery: Roomba 980 vs Roomba 880

Roomba 880: Comes with the iRobot XLife Extended Life Battery which claims to be twice more powerful than the earlier model Roomba vacs.

Roomba 980: This model of Roomba comes with a a lithium ion battery instead of the older nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery. It claims to last for 2 hours before needing a full recharge. However features like “Carpet Boost” consume more power and will make the battery drain faster. It does not have a battery life indicator.


Compare Battery Life: Roomba 980 vs Roomba 880

Roomba 880: About 2 hours with optimal use.

Roomba 980: As per the claims made by iRobot, the Li-ION battery on the 980 lasts for about 2 hours with moderate use. Though it will drain faster with features like Carpet Boost.


Compare Charging Time: Roomba 980 vs Roomba 880

Roomba 880: It takes overnight to charge the battery fully.

Roomba 980: Unfortunately, for reasons iRobot does not mention how long it will take to charge the batteries fully. This indicates that Roomba 980 too takes overnight to charge completely.


Does Roomba 880 and 980 charge automatically?

Yes, Both Roomba 880 and Roomba 980 come back to the charging station automatically.


Compare REVIEW: Roomba 980 vs Roomba 880

iRobot Roomba 980 REVIEW

Roomba 980 Pros: Easy to set up and great battery life – Roomba 980 is very easy to set up and use. All you need to do is place the vacuum home base, set the machine on it and press ‘Clean’. Setting up the app is also just as easy and can be done by going to the Settings option of the phone.

Roomba 980 Pros : Catches pet hair and debris well – Even if it is really tiny pet hair or debris, Roomba 980 traps it quite efficiently. If you want a well maintained and thorough cleaning of the house, the cleaner will serve you quite well.

Roomba 980 Pros: Smart and interactive
You won’t be left wondering what’s wrong with Roomba 980 when it malfunctions because it will keep informing you about what’s stopping the cleaner. It smartly remembers the layout of the house in just a couple of days to clean better each time.

Roomba 980 Cons: Slow and noisy – Roomba 980 can get annoying because it makes as loud a noise as a regular vacuum cleaner and it is quite slow to clean, which means dealing with the noise for a longer period of time. It is not as adept at catching everything as it claims. Some debris are just pushed around from one side to another.

Roomba 980 Cons: Wanders off and dies – The vacuum cleaner doesn’t keep at its magical functioning for a very long time. After a few weeks, it needs to be around its Home Base all the time to recharge. After some time it wanders off and stops working even if it hasn’t gone too far.


iRobot Roomba 880 Review

Roomba 880 Pros: Efficient scheduling and control – The easy to set infrared beacons of Roomba 880 let you create virtual walls around areas that you want left alone – such as pets’ bowls. You can also schedule the vacuum cleaner to do its job without supervision giving you the convenience and reducing unnecessary interaction with it.

Roomba 880 Pros: Occasional emptying of the bin – With Roomba 880 you wouldn’t have to empty the bin too many times. The cleaner doesn’t need emptying with every cleaning session and even if you have a full house of pets, kids and family members you can easily go with two sessions before you need to empty it. The cleaner also has a sleek design.

Roomba 880 Cons: Random cleaning pattern – The cleaning pattern of Roomba 880 is very random because of which it might clean the same spot several times while leave some completely untouched. The cleaner doesn’t crack this code even after weeks and hence takes much longer to clean the entire house and becomes difficult to schedule. It is also very noisy so it gets bothersome to have the cleaner running around noisily for hours without efficient cleaning.

Roomba 880 Cons: Doesn’t figure out barriers too well – Roomba 880 figures out and saves itself from bumping into walls by slowing down before impact. But it cannot save itself from thinner barriers such as chair and table legs and ends up crashing into them. It also randomly gets stuck and stops and needs to be moved around physically, which is counterproductive if you have scheduled it to work when you are away.

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