pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

Compare What is it? pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

What is pureWash? – pureWash is an oxidation laundry system that gives your home laundry hospital grade cleaning without the use of harsh and expensive chemicals.

What is LaundryPure? – LaundryPure is an effective cold water residential laundry cleaning system that uses the same technology and gives the same results as hospitals, hotels, and Laundromats.

Wash It Laundry System? – Wash It is a detergent-less laundry solution for your household washing machines that eliminates the use of detergents and fabric softeners to wash clothes.


Compare How does it work? pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

How does pureWash work? – pureWash uses Hydroxyl Molecule – one of the most powerful and natural cleansers. The advanced oxidation laundry system is the same used for commercial purposes and installs in 3 steps – mount the unit on the wall, hook it up with your washing machine and wash your clothes.

How does LaundryPure work? – LaundryPure installs easily on front and top load residential washers and combines the power of exclusive ActivePure Technology and Space Technology with the cleaning action of activated oxygen, peroxides and other gases to bubble up and lift dirt, grime, and odor-causing bacteria away from the fibers of cloth.

How does Wash It Laundry System work? – Wash It electronically infuses cold water with powerful oxidizers such as hydroxyl, atomic and molecular oxygen, ozone and hydrogen peroxide to deep clean, sanitize, and de-odorize your laundry.


Compare What to expect/Benefits? pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

pureWash Benefits – The laundry system gives you the benefit of direct cash savings by eliminating the use of hot water and detergents. Because you won’t be using harsh detergents, it increases the chances of preventing rashes and allergies caused by chemicals. It is eco-friendly because it doesn’t release harsh chemicals into wastewater. The life of your clothes, linen and towel increases because they’re cleaned completely naturally.

LaundryPure Benefits – LaundryPure gives you bacteria-free and odor-free laundry and saves money by eliminating the use of energy-consuming hot water and detergents. Get irritant and allergen-free laundry each time because you won’t be using detergents with harsh chemicals. It gives cleaner and brighter clothes and softer and fluffier towels. Because there are no abrasives, fabric doesn’t wear off.

Wash It Laundry System Benefits – You do not spend money on detergents or sort out your laundry since it does not use hot water. It prevents skin reactions, doesn’t let toxins discharge into waterways or detergent bottles clog landfills. The good bacteria in septic systems won’t be killed by harsh chemicals in detergents.


Compare Features: pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

pureWash Features – It uses advanced oxidation technology or Hydroxyl Molecule to sanitize clothes. It can be used with top load or front load residential washing machines. pureWash doesn’t use harsh chemicals, bleaches, fabric softeners, or hot water for washing clothes. The system can be used for over 10 years and doesn’t cause phosphate or chlorine to permeate into wastewater. pureWash works with all types of water and doesn’t require a filter to work.

LaundryPure Features – LaundryPure eliminates the use of hot water and detergents in your home laundry. It upgrades the effectiveness of any standard or high-efficiency residential washing machine. Exclusive ActivePure technology and Space Technology clean with activated oxygen. Fail-safe leak protection circuit shuts off water incoming to the unit and a buzzer alerts you of any problem. It has a small profile for ease of installation and requires no maintenance while performing at its peak. Its blue status light indicates its normal functioning. There is no need for water cycles, it is RoHs compliant, and uses less energy and causes less pollution.

Wash It Laundry System Features – Wash It installs easily in minutes and enhances the working of any standard washing machines. It doesn’t use detergents, bleaches or fabric softeners but works as effectively. It creates ozone to eliminate many common bacteria and viruses and kills them 3,000 times faster than bleach. It consumes just 25 watts of electricity. The rinse cycle of your washing machine works as a second wash cycle. It elongates the life of clothes by preventing fabric shredding and enhances.


Compare Price and What do I get? pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

pureWash – $297 with free shipping.

LaundryPure – No information

Wash It Laundry System – $397 with free shipping and 30-day money back guarantee.


Compare Warranty: pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

pureWash – 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

LaundryPure – 3-year limited warranty

Wash It Laundry System – 3-year warranty


Compare Water Pressure: pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

pureWash – Minimum 40psi and maximum 75psi

LaundryPure – Minimum 20psi and maximum 75psi

Wash It Laundry System – No information


Compare Water Type: pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

pureWash – Cold water only

LaundryPure – Only cold water

Wash It Laundry System – Only cold water


Compare Weight: pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

pureWash – 5.5lbs

LaundryPure – 4.49lbs

Wash It Laundry System – No information

Compare Review/Pros and Cons: pureWash vs LaundryPure vs WashIt

pureWash Review

A customer Linda reviews that the unit work alright till the trial period, after which whites started looking discolored and the odor in the dog bed didn’t eliminate. The money spent on the usage of pureWash in a year was equivalent that spent at a Laundromat. Another reviewer Carmen says that her unit worked for just 10 loads of laundry after installation. The replacement did not work for even one load. She didn’t manage to get a refund after the machine stopped working the second time. A user Grammon calls the unit worthless as it doesn’t kill germs and clothes look dirty after a while and emanate a foul odor.


Laundry Pure Review

A customer Natalie says that the unit started bleaching clothes in 3 months even though not detergent or bleach was used. After repairs, in 6 months the unit started leaking and didn’t stop even after all the instructions were followed. After replacing several, the unit started bleaching clothes after 6 months again. Another user Benjamin says that the alarm started indicating a water leak when there was no leakage and it would stop blaring only after the unit was unplugged. A reviewer Sally faced leakage in her machine and it came back from repairs after a month. On re-installing the machine made loud noises and clothes weren’t clean. She couldn’t get a refund because it was more than 30 days since the purchase date.


Wash It Laundry System Review

A customer Paul reviews that Wash It just rinses clothes with cold water without cleaning them. His first load of laundry smelled fresh due to his body wash scent infused into them. But the unit didn’t do a good job of washing this gym clothes that smelt the same after the wash.

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  1. You should try the new EcoWasher.

    It has independent testing done by Ozone Solutions and has been proved to kill E. coli in just 5 minutes.



  2. It sounds like this review is of the original pureWash model. There is a new pureWash Pro model available now at http://www.purewash.com. It has been tested by 2 independent laboratories and proven to kill bacteria. It has been redesigned to perform where the previous model did not. We highly recommend you try it out! We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee for a no-risk trial!

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