Polaroid Onestep (+) Plus Compared with Polaroid Onestep and Instax

Whats more in the Polaroid OneStep Plus compared to Polaroid OneStep 2 and Instax

Bluetooth Technology

This Plus (+) version of the Polaroid OneStep family of “Print Cameras”. The Polaroid OneStep Plus has several enhancements over its predecessors – like Blutetooth to connect to the Polaroid Originals App on your smartphone.


Bluetooth Technology

Polaroid Onestep Plus is the first “Print Camera” that comes with the Bluetooth enabled APP feature making it compatible with your smartphone.


Portrait Lens

It lets you get sharper photos (portrait size) of the subject even at a closer range of 12″.


Remote Trigger

It lets you go “hands free” when taking group photos. Just use your phone (with the Polaroid app) to catch the perfect group photo.


Double Exposure

Express your creativity with this App-feature. It lets you take two photos in one frame to create impressive mix of photos.


Light Painting

This App-feature you can give them stage effects like floating in the air and freeze them in the frame of your liking.


Self Timer

The timer feature in the App lets you capture crisp photos with a 12 second countdown.


Noise Trigger

Trigger the shutter with the sound of a clap, splash of water or barking of a dog – to get perfectly time photos.


Compare Lenses

OneStep Plus has 2 Fixed focus lenses. The standard lens with a focal length of 103 mm and portrait lens with focal length of 89 mm. Polaroid OneStep Plus has no zoom. Instax Fujifilm SQ6 has “Retractable” lenses that are prone to jamming and are delicate. Retractable lenses may get damaged and jammed easily. But then Instax Fujifilm SQ6’s retractable lenses capture crisp photos in low light compared to fixed lenses of Polaroid OneStep Plus and OneStep 2.


Verdict: Fixed lens (focal length) means less use of glass and reduced complications. But retractable lenses compared to the fixed lenses, take sharper photos even in low light situation, isolate the subjects better and are preferred for bokeh photography. If you are more inclined towards shooting in low light than you should prefer retractable lenses over the fixed ones But if ruggedness is on your mind then you should choose OneStep Plus.


With OneStep Plus’s dedicated “Portrait” lens, it is much suited for close-up shots. OneStep Plus is a winner here compared to OneStep 2 and Instax SQ6 given the fact that it has a dedicated Portrait lens.


Compare Films Supported

OneStep Plus and OneStep 2 take 600 and i-Type film. 600 type films have batteries in them because the cameras they were built for, did not have built-in batteries. i-Type batteries do not have built-in batteries because they are made for next generation Polaroid cameras and hence are cheaper than the 600 ones. Instax Fujifilm 600 uses the standard “square” films. Picture Size and Price 600 and i-Type Size – 78.9432mm X 76.8096mm 600 Film Price – $19 for 8 photos. i-Type Film Price – $16 for 8 photos. Instax Square Film – 62mm x 62mm Instax Square Film Price $19 for 20 photos.


Verdict – Polaroid i-Type and 600 are bigger than the Instax Square format but are expensive. So if a kid is going to use the camera than you may prefer to use the Instax Square format which are cheaper compared to the 600 and i-type.


Compare Focusing

Polaroid OneStep Plus and OneStep 2 have manual focusing while the Instax SQ6 have auto focus. Polaroid instant cameras hard to focus and needs a lot of practice. With the motorized focus in the SQ6 the focusing with the Instax is pretty simple. Verdict – When it comes to focusing, Instax SQ6 is the winner.


Does it have LED display?

Polaroid OneStep Plus and 2 do not have a LED display. Instax SQ6 does have one like a regular camera. Instax SQ6 also features 5 shooting modes which can be selected from the LED display. These modes are Auto, Selfie, Macro, Landscape, Double exposure. The SQ6’s LED display also lets you control the brightness and flash suppressing. Verdict – With LED Display you can customize your photos and add creativity. Polaroid instant cameras lack the LED display hence Instax SQ6 is a winner here.


Film Development Time

OneStep Plus and OneStep 210 to 15 minutes with the i-type film.


Instax Fujifilm SQ6 – 90 minutes.


Verdict – Polaroid has reduced film development time as compared to Instax Fujifilm SQ6, hence it is the winner.


Compare Power Source

Polaroid OneStep Plus and OneStep 2 are powered by a 1100mAh rechargeable battery. While the Instax SQ6 is powered by the 3 Volts CR2/DL CR2 lithium batteries which are NOT rechargeable. The SQ6 batteries need to replaced after approximately 30 photos.


Compare Flash

The Polaroid instant cameras have retro style vacuum discharge tube strobe flash while the Instax Fujifilm features an electronic flash.


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