Nutri Ninja Slim vs Nutribullet 900 vs Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja PRO Review

Compare how does it work? Nutri Ninja Slim vs Nutri Bullet 900 vs Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja PRO

How does Nutri Ninja Slim work? – Empowered with sophisticated features and programs, the Nutri Ninja Slim creates the most nutritious juices and blends. Its special Pro Extractor Blades spin at 21,000 RPM and blends ice and frozen fruit effortlessly within seconds. It removes no pulp from bends unlike traditional blender, but extracts all nutrients and fiber present in them.

How does Nutri Bullet 900 work? – It has a powerful 900 watt motor, which, with its special extractor blades and cyclonic action open up and seeds, stems, tough skins, and extracts hidden nutrients in ingredients effortlessly when pushed and twisted at the top.

How does Magic Bullet work? – It features what its makers call high-speed mixing system that chops, whips and, blends ingredients and performs many more functions. You need to just press the lid down for about 10 seconds to make it function.

How does Nutri Ninja Pro work? – Its 900 watts and special Ninja Pro extractor blades pulverize ice,seeds, skins and stems of fruits and whole fruits, vegetables and ice swiftly and effortlessly when switched on.

Verdict: Nutribullet 900 seems to be equipped with more advanced features here.


Compare Special Features:

Nutri Ninja Slim
700 Watt flip power pod, blade assembly
Pulse technology
Sip and seal lids

Nutribullet 900
1 high-torque power base
2 Extractor Blades
Cups available in different sizes
2 stay-fresh resealable lids
Breaks through ingredients wholly
900 watt motor


Magic Bullet

17-piece set
High-torque power base
Chops, blends, mixes, whips, grinds and does a lot more
2 stainless-steel blades (cross & flat)
2 stay-fresh re-sealable lids
2 shaker-steamer tops
4 party mugs
4 colored lip rings
Works in 10 seconds or less
Wattage output- 250 Watts


Nutri Ninja Pro

15-piece set
Extractor blades effortlessly crush ice, seeds, skins and stems
Sip and seal lids
900 Watts, 21,000 RPMs

Speeds- pulse technology

Nutrient and vitamin extraction specialist


Verdict: Nutribullet 900 and Nutri Ninja Pro are equipped with more advanced features.


What does it do/Benefits

Nutri Ninja Slim

Blends and extracts maximum nutrients from ingredients effortlessly
Compact, space-saving and ergonomically designed
Quick and efficient
Made from Eastman Tritan- extremely durable BPA-free plastic.


Nutribullet 900

Highly sophisticated specifications
Features special Extractor Blades and cyclonic action
Special push and twist function
Mug can be taken outdoors with smoothies or juices safely inside to be consumed anytime while out
Easy to operate
Easy to clean
Dishwasher safe

Magic Bullet
Versatile 17-piece set with high-torque power base
Chops, blends, mixes, whips, grinds and does a lot more
2 uniquely designed cross and flat stainless-steel blades
More number of cups, mugs and colored lip rings provided for convenience
Quick and efficient- works in 10 seconds or less
Sturdy see-through construction
Microwave- and freezer-safe cups and mugs
Dishwasher-safe parts


Nutri Ninja Pro

Nutrient and vitamin extraction expert

Speeds – pulse technology

Dishwasher safe parts

Cups featureconvenient Sip and Seal lids

BPA-free cups

Exceptionally powerful blades


Verdict: Based on available information, Nutribullet 900 and Magic Bullet seem to offer more benefits.


3 Comments on "Nutri Ninja Slim vs Nutribullet 900 vs Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja PRO Review"

  1. Christopher Duguid | November 19, 2015 at 7:05 am | Reply

    Happy with performance but having difficulty removing drinking top as it screws on inside cup and it jams with smoothie!!

  2. Christopher Duguid | November 19, 2015 at 6:59 am | Reply

    Just had my Nutri-Ninja 1 week. It does a good job but having trouble removing drinking top from jar with smoothie inside. Better if it screwed outside than inside. Plastic to plastic is very tight.

  3. Already had a couple of blenders so was thinking no point in buying another but my oh insisted we try the nutri slim product and so glad we did , its truly amazing , just the convenience alone taking little bench space , its effecincy to blend so quickly and effortlessly , so quick and easy to use and clean .Im shocked that my fruit bowl would normally end up with rotten uneaten fruit is emptied so quickly now , all 5 family members including our adult and teenage son who are too lazy too grab and chew a piece of fruit are using and loving it , and myself having had a lap band 2 years ago I havnt had any fruit at all due to choking etc is finally receiving proper nutrients , im so thrilled couldn’t recommend enough , just buy one absaloutely promise you will not regret it , cheers Tammy , happy customer 🙂

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