Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig REVIEW

Compare What is it? Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

What is Ninja Coffee Bar

Endless flavors of coffee – A single coffee making machine can transform black coffee into a rich brew of any flavor coffee – from Classic Brew, Rich Brew, Over Ice drinks, and frothy specialty beverages at just the push of a button right at home.

Lets you choose strength and size of coffee – Choose the strength and size of your coffee from light to strong and just one mug to a full carafe. The coffeemaker automatically increases the concentration of coffee in iced coffee so that it’s not diluted with melting ice.


What is Keurig 2.0 K550

A simple yet smart coffeemaker – Brew coffee with a not-so-typical coffee maker, the first system that brews a full 4-cup carafe of coffee as quickly and easily as a single serve. Get all this at simple touch of a button.

400 varieties of coffee, tea or latte – No matter what kind of coffee you fancy, you get over 400 flavors of 60 brands such as Starbucks, Green Mountain, Lipton, etc. to choose from. Also enjoy tea, hot cocoa, or latte brewed with the machine.


What is Keurig 2.0 K350

A versatile coffeemaker – The coffee machine lets you brew the perfect cup of coffee, tea, latte, hot cocoa, or iced beverages right at home whether a single serve or a full carafe. Simplicity meets functionality in the machine as you get different blends of coffees.

Unlimited varieties and brands – It takes less than a minute to get any brand of beverage from Starbucks, Lipton to Green Mountain with 500 varieties and 75 brands to choose from. Make light or bold coffee with interactive display.

Compare REVIEWS: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

Ninja Coffee Bar REVIEW

Hot or iced java drinks – Ninja Coffee Bar lets you make java drinks or iced beverages easily and to your satisfaction. The various container sizes give you the flexibility to choose the quantity of how much you want to brew and it is all at a very competitive price. The machine has a long list of features and possibilities of brewing beverages. Ninja Coffee Bar is adept at giving you coffee with many brewing modes and sizes at just the flip of a button. However, in spite of all the settings, the coffeemaker tends to over extract the coffee particles and ends up making the brew too bitter to consume. In spite of its many brewing options, it does not match up to premium drip coffee machines.

Multiple brewing modes – The coffee machine lives up to its promise of letting you make a number of different brews. The panel of the brewer has multiple brewing options to let you choose coffee as per your personal taste. The machine automatically chooses from basic drip with a ‘classic brew’ button or rich java with the ‘rich brew’ button that gives rich yet smooth coffee. You can even make concentrated and creamy coffee just as easily and perfectly. The hard to miss button in the middle functions well to let you choose the volume of your coffee – from standard full carafe (38 oz), half carafe to travel mugs and single cup coffee (9.5 oz).

Not so slick design – The brewing machine has a flimsy look with cheap plastic and stainless steel thrown in. It definitely looks less luxurious with the lightweight plastic compared to other premium at-home brewing machines. The machine is also large and occupies a lot of kitchen counter space. When compared to other coffee drip makers, Ninja Coffee Bar looks shoddy. However, the biggest plus point is that it gives the flexibility to control how much water you add so that the coffee that’s brewed will still be as potent or light as you want. Its cheap look and flimsy design are the only negative in the machine but that’s offset by the all the positive qualities. For more Ninja Coffee Bar reviews, visit this dedicated Ninja Coffee Bar REVIEW page.


Keurig 2.0 550 REVIEW

Brews a great cup or carafe of coffee – Keurig 2.0 K 550 is a coffeemaker that brews an excellent cup of coffee that you will enjoy at any time. The coffee system stays true to the promise of delivering excellent quality beverages that are produced with a lot of ease and give a consistent brew each time. The machine is great and worth the money if you want one of the 400 flavors of coffee, tea, latte or hot cocoa. The one-touch operation of the machine makes it a must-have if you are coffee lover because you can get a cup or a carafe of many brews of coffee right at home within minutes and with a lot of ease.

Huge restrictions in terms of K-cup pods – In spite of its great tasting coffee, the at-home brewer has a huge restriction in terms of the type of K-cups are used in the machine. With the inability of using one’s own coffee grounds in the home brew k-cup, the brand is running a business but putting too many restrictions. Other than removing the home brew k-cup ability, Keurig has also altered the appearance of the K-cups so the 2.0 Brewing Technology can scan and read the lids of the K-cups before brewing. So the old K-cups do not work with the brewer. But to make up for the inconvenience, Keurig has an efficient customer care service that sends new K-cups or provide a discount code so the user can get a free pack.


Keurig 2.0 350 REVIEW

Great for making large quantity of coffee – If you have a smaller coffee maker good enough for yourself, Keurig 2.0 350 will serve you well because it works great whether you want a single serve of coffee for yourself or want to brew coffee for a bigger group like your family or friends. The coffeemaker is a good idea if you want a stronger brew and more than 4 cups simultaneously. The pod of your choice comes out perfectly with the machine. It’s a convenient, permanent and easy to use option that you fix once and won’t have to think about again. Even if you want to use a gourmet coffee that is not so strong Keurig 2.0 K350 works great.

Won’t let you use your preferred brand – The machine works great if you are okay using just the K-Cups that come with the coffee brewer. But it’s a disappointment if you want to use your favorite coffee pod. So, for instance, if you want to use Tim Horton, Gavalia, or SanFrancisco Bay brand of coffee with Keurig 2.0 K they won’t work with this brewer even if they work great in all the other brewers. Every feature of the brewer – the filter, brewing size options, touch screen display – works great but only if you use the specified K-Cup or K-Carafe flavors on the lid of the coffee pod that is readable by the machine. Because the coffee machine controls what pod you use, you might end up returning the coffeemaker because of its limitation.

Compare Features? Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

Ninja Coffee Bar Features – The Auto-IQ, Precision Water Delivery, and automated controls give you perfect Coffee Saturation, Flavor Richness, Calibrated Temperature, and Pre-infusion. Thermal Flavor Extraction technology releases the full flavor of coffee. Multi-Serve Dial brews travel mug or full carafe of coffee within minutes. The Programmable Delay Brew presets the brew 24 hours in advance. The brew basket slides out for easy filling of coffee and thorough cleaning. Double-walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel carafe keeps coffee hot for hours and the glass carafe automatically adjusts the temperature of the warming plate to keep coffee at an ideal drinking temperature. The removable water reservoir with auto-metering feature eliminates the need to constantly measure a cup or refill.

Keurig 2.0 K550 – The revolutionary and smart Keurig Brewing 2.0 technology is designed to read the lid of each portion pack to give the perfect brew each time. It has a large 80oz water reservoir, extra-large color touch display for ease of selection, strength control for light or bolder coffee, programmable clock, auto-off, and customizable features such as Night Light and Wallpaper to give you the comfort and ownership of brewing coffee. Includes 400 flavors and 60 popular brands and separate setting for specialty iced beverages, hot cocoa, latte, and teas.

Keurig 2.0 K350 – Its 60 oz water reservoir makes a 4-cup carafe, 2.4 inches interactive black and white touch display makes coffee light or bold. 9 different brew sizes brew coffee of your choice. A separate setting makes specialty beverages, hot cocoa, tea, and more. Energy Save mode enables or disables water filter reminder.


Compare Benefits: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

Ninja Coffee Bar Benefits – Brew yourself an entire coffeehouse right at home at the fraction of a cost at just the push of a button. Ninja Coffee Bar easily and quickly makes any hot, cold, iced, frozen blended flavors and sizes of coffee – from a travel mug to a carafe. Keep the coffee hot at all times and control the strength of coffee from light to strong.

Keurig 2.0 K550 Benefits – At just the push of a button enjoy one of 400 varieties and 60 brands of perfectly-brewed size and strength of coffee right at home. Make a single serve for yourself or treat your family with 4-cup carafe just as quickly and easily. Treat yourself to iced beverages, hot cocoas, and teas just as easily.

Keurig 2.0 K350 Benefits – The simple yet smart coffeemaker lets you choose from 400 flavors of coffee, tea, cocoa, or specialty iced beverages to make a single serve cup for a full 4-cup carafe perfectly, easily and quickly blended right at home.

How much coffee does it brew at once?

Ninja Coffee Bar – Brew from a travel mug to a full carafe.

Keurig 2.0 K550 – A single serve to 4-cup carafe.

Keurig 2.0 K350 – A single serve or 4-cup carafe.


Compare Filter: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

Ninja Coffee Bar Filter – The removable water filter has auto-metering to prevent constant measuring and refilling of a cup. It is reusable, permanent, and preserves the natural coffee oils and small coffee particles.

Keurig 2.0 K550 Filter – The 80 oz filter is compatible with Keurig coffee, tea or latte pods as its intelligent technology read the lid automatically to brew a cup of coffee.

Keurig 2.0 K350 Filter – 60 oz filter that reads the K-cup of K-Carafe pod lid to brew the coffee perfectly.


Compare Material: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

Ninja Coffee Bar – Plastic and stainless steel

Keurig 2.0 K550 – Plastic

Keurig 2.0 K350 – Black and silver plastic and metal

Compare Price at Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

Ninja Coffee Bar – $199.99

Keurig 2.0 K550 – $150

Keurig 2.0 K350 – $129


Compare What do I get? Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

Ninja Coffee Bar – Coffee machine with 5 year VIP warranty and 100 recipe book at free shipping cost.

Keurig 2.0 K550 – Keurig coffeemaker, Keurig Carafe, 2.0 Water Filter Starter Kit with one Filter and K-Cup and K-Carafe pods.

Keurig 2.0 K350 – 4 cup starter carafe, 4 K-carafe packs, 6 K-Cup packs and 2.0 Water filter starter kit and one filter.


24 Comments on "Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig REVIEW"

  1. I have Ninja Coffee Bar Station & would be lost without it. I had purchased many types of coffee machines and gave them away. I never had a perfect coffee from home until I got Ninja Coffee Bar Station either hot ot cold coffee. My coffee takes likes starbucks and Dunkin Donuts without going to the store

  2. I have Ninja Coffee Bar Station & would be lost without it. I had purchased many types of coffee machines and gave them away. I never had a perfect coffee from home until I got Ninja Coffee Bar Station either hot ot cold coffee. My coffee takes likes starbucks and Dunkin Donuts without going to the store

  3. I have Ninja Coffee Bar Station & would be lost without it. I had purchased many types of coffee machines and gave them away. I never had a perfect coffee from home until I got Ninja Coffee Bar Station either hot ot cold coffee. My coffee takes likes starbucks and Dunkin Donuts without going to the store

  4. Our son purchased a Keurig for my wife and I for Christmas. Within two months it’s stopped working. We contacted Keurig and they sent us some replacement parts which fixed the problem. A few months after that, it died again. We once again contacted the company and they sent us a replacement unit. This morning, after it’s delivered half of a cup of coffee it seems that the pump system inside the coffee machine has stopped working. Enough is enough! We went to the store today after reading all of the reviews and purchased the ninja coffee bar.

  5. Henry Turner | June 22, 2016 at 5:14 pm | Reply

    I think I’ll get it. I used to buy from Starbucks, but then I realized not only that I can make the same type of coffee but also better. If anyone wants to see some testimonials, here they are:–66104532–66104531–

  6. I have both. Keurig 2.0 and the ninja coffee bar. The ninja coffee bar is the best by far. Great coffee

  7. I just received the Ninja coffee bar for Mother’s Day and I am trying so hard to get used to the strong coffee! I have tried the paper filters and did not taste any difference. Please help me, I really love my Keurig but want to use my new machine!

  8. Melissa lancaster | April 18, 2016 at 12:39 am | Reply

    What size kcups does the ninja take

    • Ninja doesn’t do kcups. You can use standard coffee filters or the reusable filter it comes with and you fill with whatever ground coffee you like. Much more economical than Keurig and better tasting.

  9. I love the Ninja. I’m an avid espresso drinker and didn’t think I would be happy with the Ninja, but I was wrong. Now I can make a pot of coffee for him and make a cappuccino for me. We all win. It is so nice and strong tasting and the frother was a bonus, it works great too. I’m sold. Now we have one coffee maker that does whatever we want, in whatever size we want it.

  10. I flipping love my ninja coffee bar……. n thoes of you saying oh the coffee grounds…. how about you buy the number 4 filters n tada no coffee grounds in your coffee……. i dt kno what yall are saying bad things about the ncb but this thing is awesome n i would recoment this thing to anybody n everybody…… love it thanks ninja!!!!!!!

  11. BITTER COFFEE. Just got this ninja coffee bar, it’s going back to Macys. No matter what brand of coffee we have used it is bitter and sludge-y! Did a side by side comparison with the same coffee in our 10yr old cuisinart & an old drip coffee maker from the 90s. Both made superior coffee! And ninja was set on classic brew, wouldn’t dare try rich brew! Yes, we followed directions exactly. My taste testers (5) suggested using a paper filter but jeez what a hassle. This is not a better mousetrap.

    • I almost buy the ninja but I’ve read so many reviews complaining about bitter coffee. I’ll just stick with my Keurig.
      Thank you for your honest opinion.

  12. I have had a Keuig for 7 year’s.
    It has been the best. Recently, I started
    having some issues. So I thought I would
    purchase a Ninja coffee bar.
    The thing I find is that it splatters coffee when it is brewing
    and after its in the cup, the coffee settled in the bottom.
    Not sure yet, if I should keep it.

  13. I went from a Hamilton beach brew Station to a Ninja Coffee bar and the biggest change is the brew strengths for different moods and recipes. Also I was Throwing out coffee or not making enough. The Ninja Solves both problems for me and I can use just about ant coffee out there.

  14. I have an older keurig vue coffee maker but i am always looking for that better cup of joe so I started looking at the keruig 2.0 k550 and than saw the advertisment for the ninja coffee bar and was looking for some honest thoughts from someone that has used both of them

  15. We just upgraded to the Ninja when we found it on sale from Walmart. And, I would like to point out to previous post, the no-drip feature has to be turned on or it will continue to drip.

    Anyway, we previously had a Cuisinart “12 cup Coffee on Demand” machine. We were constantly struggling with the height of the machine, because it would not fit a travel mug. You had to remove the drip tray, and pull it to the edge of the counter to use a travel mug. It also did not allow you to keep the water reservoir full for different cup or pot sizes.

    This Ninja solves all of our problems. It fits, and fills, a travel mug perfectly. We can keep the reservoir filled for multiple uses. It uses a normal carafe, cup or travel mug. The coffee comes out hot and full of flavor – with many brewing options!

    We had considered a Keurig before we knew the Ninja existed. In the end our purchase was strongly influenced by the brand, because our Ninja blender is great quality and never given us a problem. I can’t wait to continue adding to my Ninja collection.

  16. Keuig 2.0 has fixed the problem of using certain k-cups. It uses all of them. It has also taken the time to fix the issue of using your own coffee to brew..they have made available to customers a pod to use with your own coffee. Mine is purple it fits on the machine just like a k-cup. It’s reusable. I bought mine at Martins food store. I also bought the reusable k-cup for making the larger amount for using the carafe. My husband likes his brand of coffee, where as I like the different flavors that are available. So in retospect, there are no difference between the two. The only thing that NINJA has that Keuig does not is the frother. If you really want all those foo-foo coffee drinks just buy a frothing machine. It doesn’t get any better than that. I started using Keuig awhile back. When the 2.0 came out I immediately went and bought it. It’s sturdy and makes excellent coffee. After reading the comments and the difference between the two, I most definitely keep my Keuig and enjoy my coffee day in and day out. It is also made more sturdy than the Ninja coffee bar. Thanks for letting me me voice my opinion.

    • I have been reading the reviews for the 2.0 on amazon, walmart, target, etc. Every single site has tons of reviews about the 2.0 stopping and the motor going out, short cupping, then not stopping and overflowing. Like, almost every single review. I think your machine is a unicorn. Seriously, I did not see any review that made me give up my current Keurig, and I received a Ninja Coffee Bar for Christmas and LOVE it. I think there are now two types of people. Keurig people and strong coffee people. I didn’t like Keurig coffee at first, but I thrown a fit for the coffeemaker when we didn’t need it at the time, so I couldn’t look like I was wrong to my husband. 😉 After a couple of years, though, I really just tired of the pods. I like strong coffee, and I could really hardly get a strong cup with Keurig. That was enough time for me to try almost every option k cup, and the my k cup, and it just didn’t work for me. With the Ninja, I can make coffee concentrate and brew over ice, which is my favorite. I do not consider those to be “foo foo” and I haven’t used the frother yet. I just like good, real coffee, for lack of a better term, and since iced coffee is my favorite, this machine smokes the Keurig over ice cups. They still watered down and didn’t taste good for me. And the flavored ones were made with sucralose, which I can’t use. All in all, I use my Ninja when I want coffee and my keurig when I want oatmeal or cocoa lol Once the Keurig dies, though, so does my relationship with the company. I just got burnt out on them. :/

      • My husband and I feel the same way. We love our coffee as much as (almost more than) our wine! I am looking now to replace our Keurig. We, too, are tired of the K-cups – they are wasteful & expensive. I am considering the Ninja. Thank you for your review. Very helpful.

    • I have the Keurig 2.0 and rejects some of their own brand Kcups. This one has a different infrared light that reads the seal. Very disappointed.

      • I too found the keurig 2.0 to be a complete pain in the rear. Also, even with the carafe, my wife and I never got quite enough coffee to fill both our travel mugs, and the coffee was weak on the max 4-5 cup setting. And those carafe pods are waaaay to damn expensive, and every reusable filter pod we wasted money on was garbage. They either brewed coffee full of grounds, overflowed the machine, or coffee that was barely stronger than brown water. Returned that nightmare, and got a Ninja with the store credit and holy cow, best coffee I have ever made at home. Makes enough coffee for both of us, or even brewing one travel cup at a time is easier than the keurig, because the Ninja basket is so easy to dump and refill, rather than trying to rinse all the grounds out of the tiny keurig pod. I couldn’t be happier with the coffe this thing brews, it’s really outstanding in my opinion, and this baby has a MUCH smaller footprint than the keurig k550. And the other huge bonus is that refilling the water reservoir is so much easier on the ninja, it fits perfectly into our filtered water fridge dispenser, rather that the awkward shape of the k550 reservoir. I am truly happy with this thing. My only negative would be its construction, I don’t know if this thing will last forever like our 10 year old bunn, but if it lasts five years I will be the happiest man alive.

  17. I am a huge ninja fan so it was natural for me to jump on this coffee maker. I am underwhelmed, it is but a regular coffee maker. Everything that this one promises you can do with a Hamilton, EVERYTHING. The coffee tastes no better or worse than being brewed with a hamilton. As a matter of fact I am impatient and with my hamilton when I brewed a pot but wanted a cup before it was completed I could pull out the pot and the machine stopped dripping until I put the pot back, not so with the ninja, it keeps dripping thus it becomes messy. I do not recommend to spend the amount of money it costs for the ninja product when you can get the same or better results from a hamilton for much less money.

    • I realize this is old, and may not be seen, but there is a drip stop lever for the purpose of stopping the flow to pour a cup. It works flawlessly on mine, it’s right on the bottom of the brew basket.

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