Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Compare what is it? Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
It is a state-of-the-art Android tablet that is created specifically for use by kids and supervised by parents.
It is a tablet designed for kids for entertainment, learning and enhancing their creativity without the need of constant adult supervision.


Compare Design? Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
It is of 8-inches with high-quality finish body. It has a removable bumper that safeguards it against bumps and falls.
It has an 8-inch screen size and comes with a bumper to withstand bumps and bruises. It is sleek and easy to hold for small children.


Compare Features: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
It has an 8” Multi-Touch 1280X800 IPS display for visual experience. Its 4,500 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery provides up to 10 hours of video playback. It also has 2MP front facing and 5MP Rear HD Camera. It has 32GB storage with capacity to expand up to 32GB via MicroSD. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
It has a full HD 1920×1200 display and 4500mAh Lithium-Ion battery. It has 5MP and 2MP rear and front HD cameras. It also features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Accelerometer. The Konnect feature allows Nabi chat, mail and photo between parent-controlled users. Storage capacity is 16GB with expandable up to 32GB via MicroSD.


Compare Operating System: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
It runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop with Blue Morpho OS Overlay.
It runs on Android v4.4 KitKat with Blue Morpho overlay.


Compare Processor: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
It has a 1.7 GHz Octa-Core 64-bit Mobile Processor.
It either comes with Nvidia Tegra Quad-Core 1.6GHz processor or Intel T-Atom 1.33GHz processor.


Compare Memory: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
There is 1GB RAM for smooth functioning in Nabi Elev-8.
The tablet has 2GB RAM.


Compare Software: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
The software in the tab are accessible via Nabi Pass with All Access permission. It consists of movies, music, apps, TV, EBooks, learning, games and videos.
It has Dream Pro Studio that lets kids draw, animate, edit, and even publish a storybook. It comes with a stylus to enhance the kid’s creativity.


Compare Apps: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
Apart from the interactive games and entertainment apps there is also the personalized Wings Learning System. It provides an interactive way of learning for kids with grade-based system and video-based instructions featuring real teachers.
The Nabi Pass apps feature entertainment, games and learning. Education is delivered using the interactive Wings Learning System that teaches in fun way, provides grades and even has real teachers instructing lessons in videos.


Compare Safety Features and Parental Controls: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
The Nabi Elev-8 tab has different logins for parents and children. Parents can define comprehensive time for a particular or group of apps. Also a reward system can be used to allow more playtime on fulfilment of goals in educational apps. The tablets features animated characters to let children know it’s time to learn, exercise, or even go to bed.
It has a dual login for children and parents with Google play capabilities. Parents can easily control the time allowed on apps and can add reward time on completion of educational goals. Children are informed about activities via character animations. Parents can even make a chore list and add Nabi coins and curated apps in treasure box.


Compare the difference: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8
It has a faster processor and a better battery performance.
Its display and performance is better over other tabs. It is also better in terms of creativity apps.


Compare Price: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev-8


Compare REVIEWS: Nabi Elev-8 vs Dreamtab

Nabi Elev 8 REVIEW

High Performance Tablet:
The tablet performs faster with its Octa-core processor. Its display provides high details in games and videos that kids can enjoy. Its battery is high-capacity and lasts for over 9 hours. Both front and rear camera quality is also decent to use.

Easy-to-hold design:
The tablet has a very sturdy design along with its white plastic shell and grey silver sides. The removable bumper stays in the hands firmly with its easy grip surface. Also it is made from food-grade silicon to be safe even if the kids eat off it.

User-friendly interface:
The Nabi Elev-8 has a good interface that connects with the kids and is easy to use. Although at times it is difficult to understand since there are buttons that can be confusing per their use. Apart from that the icons are bigger and brighter to get noticed easily.

Impressive parental control:
The parental window and options available really help in managing the children’s time spent on the tablet. Nabi Elev-8 allows parents to keep a track of tablet usages with granular app-specific data. Parents can control what is been installed, put in allowed minutes per app and make the tablet for to sleep when the limit has been reached.

Host of Apps:
There are approximately 113 apps that come pre-installed in Nabi Elev-8. Nabi itself provides 22 apps that specifically target entertainment and learning for kids. Additional content by Nabi can be accessed using Nabi Pass to access pools of movies, games and proprietary Wings learning system.


Dreamtab REVIEW

Performance like no other:
It has full HD 1920X1200 display resolution, which shows even the tiniest details with highest amount of clarity. It has processors and 2GB RAM that does not let it slow down even while playing the most graphically-intense game. The cameras click decent images in both front and rear mode. The drawback is that it runs out of battery faster when used to its maximum potential.

Comfortable design:
Its body is designed to be as sleek as possible while housing the advanced features it comes with. Dreamtab assures that its food-grade silicon bumper safeguards the tablet from nicks, bumps and falls. Plus, it is easy to hold and provides good grip without putting too much stress on the hands.

Apps to learn and create:
The Dreamtab has educational apps that help in making the children learn about various subject they are supposed to learn. There also are apps that utilize the stylus accompanying the pack to explore the creativity of kids to draw, animate and edit. Plus Konnect, the parental-managed social networking app lets kids interact with other kids by sending a mail or chatting with them.

Power to parents:
Parents can rest assured that children access only the apps and surf only the things they allow. There are macro-level management features that let parents control the amount of time each app can be used and even track it. Children can even be rewarded with additional time setting upon completion of tasks or achieving desired grades in the educational apps.

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