Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

Compare What is it? Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

What is Miss Belt – Miss Belt is a slimming belt that provides a slimmer-looking waist and hourglass figure instantly. It firmly tightens around the waist, abdomen and back to give you the hourglass figure by tucking your belly, slimming your waist, and supporting your back. For more info and reviews on Miss Belt, please see this page.

What is Genie Hourglass? – A waist training belt for women that gives perfect hourglass figure, defines curves, and provides toned look instantly. It shapes your waistline, smoothes out rolls and bulges and defines your curves. The formula of waist training is used by models and celebrities and the belt uses the same compression technology. Read Genie Hourglass reviews here.


Compare How does it work? Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

How does Miss Belt work? – Miss Belt is a 2-step belt that provides a slimmer waist just by wearing it. The user has to simply wrap it around the midsection and secure the two layers of the belt. Wear the first layer to get compression and support to the midsection area. Then wear the second layer over it to achieve slimming effect on your waist and tummy instantly.

How does Genie Hourglass work? – It is very easy to use; you just need to fasten the compression shaper around your waist and then adjust the slimming waist training bands. It will give your waist the training and slimming effect and conceal your tummy, shape the waist and support your back to improve your posture.


Compare Features and What to Expect

Miss Belt Features and Benefits – You can get an hourglass figure in just two seconds with the dual compression technology. It reduces waistline, tucks the tummy in, supports the back and over an extended time of use you can expect a toned mid-section. Unlike other shape wear you won’t feel stuck in it because it is adjustable and can be loosened or tightened according to your need. It does not feel uncomfortable or stuffy and gives you the freedom of movement to even jog or work out wearing the belt. You can wear the belt anytime and anywhere, while working in the kitchen at home or even at your desk in the office. It can be worn over or under the clothing. People will see its slimming effect but never know that you are wearing something underneath. You can even hide your baby body by wearing the belt. Since it is adjustable you can use it even after you lose weight and become a size smaller.

Genie Hourglass Features and Benefits – Genie Hourglass is made of a patent-pending double compression waist training technology. It has variant compression panels, waist training bands and front and side fitting wraps. You can expect to get the same waist training that models and celebrities rely on. It hides bulges, rolls, muffin tops and baby fat and improves posture to give you more confidence. Genie Hourglass can be worn under clothing without being visible at home, in the office while working or even while working out. It has adjustable straps so you can loosen or tighten it as per your comfort. You will also feel fuller when you wear this belt so that you won’t binge eat thus curbing caloric intake and staying slimmer. You can even wear Genie Hourglass belt to bed to give your back support. It can conceal baby fat easily. Its adjustable feature lets you use the same belt even if you lose weight and drop a dress size.


Compare Fabric? Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

Miss Belt Fabric – Soft and flexible fabric that adjusts easily and doesn’t make you feel stuffy.

Genie Hourglass Fabric – Adjustable fabric that doesn’t let you feel uncomfortable.


Compare Sizes available: Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

Miss Belt Sizes – Small/Medium dress sizes 4 to 10 (25-32” waist) and Large/X Large dress sizes 12 to 18 (33-40” waist size)

Genie Hourglass Sizes – From Small to 4X sizes – that is, from waistline 23 to 55 inches.


Compare Colors available: Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

Miss Belt: Black and Nude

Genie Hourglass: Black and Nude

Compare What do I get? Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

Miss Belt – Buy Miss Belt in Black and get the Nude one for free.

Genie Hourglass – Buy Genie Hourglass in Black color and the Nude belt comes free with it.


Compare Price: Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

Miss Belt Costs $19.99 at MissBelt.com

Genie Hourglass Costs $19.99 at GenieHourglass.com


Compare Shipping: Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

Miss Belt $7.99 at MissBelt.com

Genie Hourglass – $7.99 for each belt at GenieHourglass.com


How much size does it CLAIM to reduce

Miss Belt – Promises to reduce 2 sizes instantly

Genie Hourglass – Claims to reduce 2 sizes instantly


Compare Reviews: Miss Belt vs Genie Hourglass

Genie Hourglass Reviews/Complaints

Genie Hourglass is more stretchy and comfortable than a waist training corset and it can be exercised in. But one customer complains that on wearing the belt it made the tummy bulge further up making the body look very unsightly. Most customers complain that the belt is forever out of stock and they had to wait even months but hadn’t received the belt. They do not mention at the time of ordering that it is out of stock.


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  2. Why is this product Not good for people That are diabete .

  3. Yes, I’m A little Confused the miss belt said not for people. That are Diabete,please explain.

  4. genie hourglass is a great product someone above said that it is too short but i don’t think it is for plus size women it is for those who want slimmer waist not make your tummy fat disappear and I think miss belt is dangerous

  5. I bought BOTH belts. I got the Miss Belt in S/M but it choked me. I couldn’t find the Miss Belt in L/XL but I did find the Genie Belt in L/XL. When I took the Genie Belt out of the box I noticed that they are the EXACT SAME PRODUCT. The only difference is the name that is stamped on the belt.
    I love it, btw. My only complaint is that it doesn’t look smooth under a fitted top.

  6. Genie is too small it don’t give you a instant hour glass

  7. I need miss belt could give me a call

  8. You can go to Walmart and buy a miss belt for 19.99.

  9. How do you order these? I have seen the two for one offer. Thanks

  10. Im alittle confused. I want something thst dont have that wire sewed into it because that is very uncomfortable

  11. I got the miss belt and it is not long enough and buldges at the top it’s hard to bend over in it and workout in it.

  12. This doesn’t help me, unfortunately i still don’t know which one to purchase?

    • It seems as though the two products are essentially identical. The only difference I can find is the sizes. Personally, I would probably buy the Miss Belt, because from reading this it seems like it’s more likely to be in stock, and hopefully I’d receive it sooner rather than potentially having to wait months for it.

    • I love what the miss Belt does to my body, But it has a carboard sound to it, when I move it sounds like paper scrunching can not wear it any where with out noise!! Iam going to order the Genie one next

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