Laundreez vs Scrubba

Compare what is it? Laundreez vs Scrubba

Laundreez is a bag for washing clothes. They claim that the bag is waterproof, compact and portable.

Scrubba washing bag that is comfortable to carry around and provides a machine quality wash.


Compare what does it do? Laundreez vs Scrubba

Laundreez allows you to wash all kinds of clothes from delicate material cloth to the one covered in dirt from day out on the move i. e. you can wash clothes anywhere anytime without having to wait to get home to wash them after the holidays.

Scrubba helps you wash clothes anywhere, anytime. The most convenient product that save you a lot of time from washing clothes after the holiday giving you rest. Also, it reduces the amount of water required.


Compare Material: Laundreez vs Scrubba

The outer material is made up of strong, resilient PVC and features a soft yet durable inner mesh bag.

It is made up of Durable Microbial and Hydrolysis-Resistant Polyether.


Compare Features: Laundreez vs Scrubba


  • Laundreez is a multi-purpose bag that can be used as a dry bag, packing bag, water carrier and cooler bag.
  • The bag can be used to store wet items, as it is waterproof.
  • Therefore, you can carry up to 6 litres of water or fill the bag with ice & drinks of your choice while travelling.
  • The bag is robust, lightweight, which makes it durable.


  • The washing bag is quiet effective, twice as that of hand washing.
  • This bag is lightweight and compact washing machine comfortable to carry around while travelling.
  • Scrubba provides machine quality washing in short time.
  • It is made up of high quality components that ensures a long life.


Compare Size: Laundreez vs Scrubba

Laundreez – It is compact enough in size such that it folds into small to fit into suitcase or backpack and weighs around 300 gm (11 ounces).

Scrubba – 54 cm x 32 cm (21.3 x 12.6 inches).


Compare Price: Laundreez vs Scrubba

Laundreez – $29.99

Scrubba – $49.95


Compare Warranty: Laundreez vs Scrubba

Laundreez – Not Mentioned

Scrubba – Not Mentioned


Compare REVIEW: Laundreez vs Scrubba

Laundreez REVIEW

Laundreez washing bag starts leaking while washing thus creating a mess. Also, it not very durable, the bag tends to worn out by unravelling the threads. The overall construction is not quite satisfying, it does not roll as compact as said. However, the mesh bag helps with the agitation and most of all, the large valve allows you to wash and rinse without opening the bag back up. It takes a while to dry out the inside of the bag.

This bag is a thick vinyl – somewhat stiff, though with warm water it becomes flexible. You can really see how clean the clothes are with the Laundreez while the Scrubba window is not very effective, particularly when washing darker clothes.


Scrubba REVIEW

Scrubba is certainly easy to use. For the customers who have complained about the valve being too small, try to push a lot of air out of efficiently. It does a fair amount of laundry in a load. In addition, it serves very well as a laundry bag to store your dirty clothes until they are ready to wash.

The only down side is that it is time consuming and does not wash clothes real quick as said, the reality is that you fill, squeeze out air, agitate, dump out used water, refill, re-agitate, then spend a lot of time wringing out clothes for a while to make them dry enough to air dry. Although it may be quite expensive for the work that needs to be done. Overall, it is a compact way to have clean clothes without having to hunt down a laundry mat or spend time getting a less efficient result in a sink.

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  1. Thank you for your honest review. My take away on this is that I will not buy EITHER of them, but do the most economical way of doing my laundry on a cruise, and that is to take a gallon–or larger–size Ziploc bag, add a laundry soap sheet, and basically do the same acrobatics as I would if I had either of these.
    Ziploc may not make my clothing super clean, but it’s a lot cheaper than these two items.

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