Keurig Kold vs Soda Boss vs Sodastream

Compare What is it? Keurig Kold vs Soda Boss vs Sodastream

What is Keurig Kold? – Keurig Kold is a cold drink machine that gives you sodas and seltzers perfectly carbonated without a CO2 canister and chilled without using ice cubes. More Info on Keurig Kold Here.

What is Soda Boss? – Soda Boss is a soda maker for home that can turn ordinary tap or filter water into sparkling water or let you make freshly carbonated beverages in just seconds. Read the Soda Boss review here.

What is Sodastream? – A soda making system that lets you transform ordinary tap water into refreshing sparkling beverage at the push of a button.


Compare How does it work? Keurig Kold vs Soda Boss vs Sodastream

How does Keurig Kold work? – It’s a single serve drink maker that is easy to use. You need to put a pod of the beverage into the machine and push a button to get a serve of chilled soda or seltzer without ice cubes.

How does Soda Boss work? – It has a 100% recyclable CO2 cartridges and the soda maker needs you to just twist its knob to release the right amount of carbonation into normal water so that you get refreshing bubbly drink.

How does Sodastream work? – It takes an effortless flick of a bottle and push of a button to create great tasting and refreshing soda and sparkling water in seconds. The CO2 Carbonator creates the fizz and adding a flavor makes it more exciting.

Compare Features: Keurig Kold vs Soda Boss vs Sodastream

Keurig Kold Features – Keurig Kold is a compact cold drink maker that is a single serve machine. It has easy operation – by instilling a beverage pod and with just one push of a button you can get a serve of cold drink. You can make perfectly chilled beverages without using ice cubes. It doesn’t use a carbon cartridge. You can get 8 oz of beverage that is less than 100 calories.

Soda Boss Features – The Soda Boss machine is portable, chord free, and doesn’t run on electricity or battery so you can make beverages anywhere you please, even by the pool side. It has recyclable CO2 cartridges that give you the fizz by just twisting a knob.

Sodastream Features – The kitchen appliance suits any countertop and is very easy to use. It can turn normal tap water into sparkling water instantaneously. SodaStream is powered with a CO2 carbonator that gives you the fizz. The soda maker has adjustable flavor and fizz controls to let you decide the amount of fizz as per your taste. The machine is sleek and a must have in every kitchen for refreshing drinks any time.

Compare What to expect? Keurig Kold vs Soda Boss vs Sodastream

What to expect with Keurig Kold? – A single serve of 8 ounces of your favorite soda or seltzer like Coke, iced teas, sports drinks, sparkling water, and standard chilled beverages. The drinks will be chilled minus the ice cubes and perfectly carbonated without the CO2 canister and all less than 100 calories.

What to Expect with Soda Boss? – It lets you make 100 servings of sparkling water or crisp sodas from normal tap water without the calories or carbs because you do not have to add sugar or preservatives. You can save a lot of money on buying sodas or even replacing CO2 canisters again and again. Stop buying sodas and beverages in plastic bottles and get eco-friendly. The beverages made by the machine never go flat and the special carbonating bottles keep it fresh for up to 5 weeks.
What to Expect with Sodastream? – Sparkling water or flavored beverage at the flick of a bottle and push of a button. One of the 70 drink mixes gives great flavor and lets you consume about 43% more water than you normally would, which means 3-4 glasses more in a day to keep you more hydrated. The carbonators are replaceable and can be exchanged very easily. The carbonation lasts longer than the sodas bought at a store.


Compare What do I get and Price?

Keurig Kold – $299. Free standard shipping

Soda Boss – 3 easy payments of $19.95 and free shipping. In the 30 day trial offer, a black, white or red soda maker can be bought for $14.95. Get a BPA-free reusable soda bottle, 10 CO2 cartridges, 2 bottles of 50 servings each of Cola and Lemon Lime flavors, easy pour measuring cup, and a recipe book by master mixologist Russel Davis.

Sodastream – Different models are available from $79 onward with free shipping, BPA-free and reusable carbonating bottle of plastic or glass, and CO2 carbonator.

Compare Reviews/ Pros and Cons: Keurig Kold vs Soda Boss vs Sodastream

Keurig KOLD Pros/Cons

Keurig Kold is ideal to be used any time of the day unlike hot beverages that are usually consumed in the morning. The soda maker can make 6 to 8 drinks in a row before you need to recharge it. And when you add chilled water, you can make 30 servings. Keurig Kold eliminates the need for bulky CO2 canisters. However, at a steep $300+ users complain that it is a big spends for a soda maker.

Soda Boss Pros/Cons

Even though Soda Boss claims that it makes over 100 servings of soda, customers complain that the price of the soda maker is on the steep side considering it may turn out to be a onetime use deal. This is because there is no mention of where one can get the replacement of the CO2 canisters or even the flavors. The replacements aren’t available in stores and the website doesn’t mention where one can buy them.

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  1. Cheryl Sibbald | July 31, 2021 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    amazon sell the CO2 cartiages for sodaboss

  2. did anyone find the canister co2 replacement for sodaboss

  3. Thanks for sharing your information. I get more ideas from it. I choose Sodastream.

  4. Sodaboss seems to have more air than Co2 in their canisters as that is the only way I can figure out the poor performance. Would not by any stretch of the imagination promote SodaBoss.

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