Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

what is it? Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

Isokinator: It is a compact fitness machine that claims to work on all muscle groups and add 15 inches of muscle after training just 36 times.

Bullworker Classic: It is a professional and gym quality workout equipment that promises to help you exercise different parts of your body and get the results you are looking for.


how does it work? Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

Isokinator: This compact and portable fitness machine has been specially designed to be completely free of forced movements. It follows full resistance during the whole movement directly between hand and feet, which leads to muscle growth in the entire body. All you have to do to use it is set the resistance and dock hands or feet to pull the loops. Keep the powerblock and move it in every direction – from side to side, in large circles, vertically up and down, based on your specific requirements.

Bullworker Classic: It epitomizes the design excellence of Bullworker fitness products that have been around for more than 5 decades. Some of the highlights of this compact fitness equipment include greater (more than 100 lbs), greater compression distance, 3 adjustable grips for cable pulls and powermeter. It uses two tube classic model, which has longer compression and end resistance levels. Hence the classic has a greater resistance.


what does it do? Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

Isokinator: Made in Germany, this fitness machine lets you work out whenever and wherever you want. In fact, it maintains that it’s the only machine that lets you work out under the shower. 7 exercises a day is all it takes to work out your entire body.

Bullworker Classic: It has been designed to give you traditional workouts for strengthening, toning, flexibility, endurance, isometric, isotonic, iso-motion, and power stretching. Overall it promises to be the best model for lower body and leg exercises.


resistance: Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

Isokinator: It has stepless adjustable resistance from 0 to 90 kilos (198 lbs).

Bullworker Classic: It offers you a 100+ lbs resistance.


features: Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

Isokinator: This fitness machine is portable, compact and can be used at home or when you are travelling. Its stepless adjustable resistance makes it perfect for beginners and professionals like. It offers you a way for perfect training guided by control instruments to ensure that there are no injuries. You can work with detailed instructions in English and German.

Bullworker Classic: This high resistance model from Bullworker has adjustable cable grips to offer you complete comfort while doing your exercises. It takes the craftsmanship and design of fitness equipments from the company to a whole new level. It keeps you on top of your workouts, which can be done easily. It comes with a 5 year full guarantee against manufacturing defects.


benefits: Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

Isokinator: 23 minutes of training every other day is enough to show results in as little as 72 days. By training with it 36 times you can see 15-16 inches of muscle added to arms, legs, shoulders, etc. There are five different exercises that can be done to get rid of the belly. It is easy and safe to use, can be taken with you wherever you go, and comes with a 20 year warranty.

Bullworker Classic: You can start working out conveniently and safely without any specific instructions needed. Pilates stretching, Tai-Chi movements with resistance, Dynamic Resistance and Suspended Training are some of the movements you can do with the equipment, which makes them safe and fast. It’s ideal for beginners and fitness enthusiasts. You can see visual improvement every day, double your strength in 30 days and get a new body in 90 days.


material: Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

Isokinator: It is made using Stainless Steel, Aerospace Aluminum, carbon steel, and is partially gilded.

Bullworker Classic: It has an all steel construction, with powdered and steel chrome that makes it long lasting.


price: Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

Isokinator: It can be bought for $200.

Bullworker Classic: It is priced at $87.90.


Verdict: Isokinator vs Bullworker Classic

Both the fitness machines work on similar principles, but Isokinator gives you higher resistance and has proven results. Overall, it takes the fitness routine to a higher level, which is why it’s the winner for us.

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