Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

What is it? Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

Instyler Tulip
It’s a hairstyling tool with innovative automatic curling technology that provides perfect curls and waves quickly and easily with just a tap of a button each time without tangling or damaging hair.

Conair Curl Secret
It’s a styling device with tourmaline ceramic technology to reduce frizzy and flyaway hair while preventing damage. With just the push of a button Conair Curl Secret automatically draws hair into the tourmaline ceramic curl chamber to gently hold, time, and heat from all directions to create voluminous curls.

Babyliss Curl Secret
It’s a curling with pioneering Auto Curl technology to create beautiful, free-flowing and long lasting curls. Hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber, softly held, and gently heated from all directions. You just need to release the styler from the hair and two heat settings and 3 timer settings provide different curl effects and automatic curl direction gives a natural finish.

Kiss Instawave
This is a fully automatic curler that creates great, long-lasting curls in seconds with just the touch of a button. You can make your own wavy or curly hairstyles. Its patented spinner automatically spins and curls hair to give stress-free styling and tangle-free curls. This hair tool is ideal for beginners; anyone can finish their entire head in just 10 minutes.


How does it work? Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

Instyler Tulip
It can give you beach waves in just 3 seconds, soft curls in 8 and tight curls in 12 seconds. The unique open barrel design of the Tulip keeps your hair visible and exposed at all times, preventing it from tangling or jamming in the unit. Long and thick hair curls easily due to the open design and sufficient space around the barrel. The lightweight ergonomic design curls your hair comfortably and easily. The tool remains in a natural vertical position throughout the styling procedure giving you a relaxed grip and no strain on your hand or wrist.

Conair Curl Secret
You need to first comb through clean, dry hair and make it smooth and tangle-free. Before starting let the red blinking light become solid, then work with ½–1 inch sections. Keeping the curl chamber towards your head, position hair in the unit. The hair will be automatically drawn and perfectly positioned with the V-shaped guide in the center of the curl chamber when you close handles. Two professional heaters heat hair from all directions to create even and perfect curls. Release hair when you hear rapid beep sound. The professional brushless motor Infiniti Pro makes for a longer life and precise styling. It heats instantly and evenly, up to 400-degrees and lets you choose between loose, medium, or tight curls.
Babyliss Curl Secret
It has three different heat and time settings to let you choose between left, right or alternating curls.
The 60 second heat up time and smart design gives perfect curls when hair is released from it.

Kiss Instawave
It has an entire diamond ceramic barrel (top to bottom) that heats up in seconds, even on low setting. When the iron is ready to use, the red indicator turns blue and you need to hold the barrel vertically to curl your hair, which should be dry. The device heats up to 420 degrees and you can choose from Low/High temperature setting. With the Curl Dial choose left or right curl directions. It has a 90-minute Auto Shutoff technology for safety.


What to Expect? Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

Instyler Tulip
It has a rotating, heated polishing cylinder and four rows of precision-aligned bristles. The combination of the gentle heat and rotating motions gives great results while saving the hair from extreme heat and keeping it healthy for long.

Conair Curl Secret
You will get perfect and shiny loose, medium, or tight curls effortlessly with Conair Curl Secret gently drawing in hair, timing and heating it from all directions. Tourmaline ceramic technology makes hair more manageable by reducing frizz, creating shine and safeguarding hair from damage.

Babyliss Curl Secret
Its revolutionary technology draws hair automatically into the ceramic curl chamber where it is gently held and heated from all directions to effortlessly form free-flowing curls that last long.

Kiss Instawave
The patented spinner automatically spins and curls your hair at the press of a button. Get stress-free styling and tangle-free curls. Ideal for beginners, it lets anyone create curls and be done with the entire mop in 10 minutes.


Features? Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

Instyler Tulip
It has a lightweight and ergonomic design, ceramic barrel, anti-tangle open barrel, no-burn safety guard to prevent contact with the hot barrel, 2-way rotation that curls left and right), 3 heat, rotation, and timer settings each, automatic shut off, and 6-foot professional swivel cord. Its outer casing remains cool to the touch.
Conair Curl Secret
It has a tourmaline ceramic curl chamber where hair is softly held and heated from all directions to for effortless curling. It has 3 additional safety and energy saving features – Auto Shut-Off after over 60 minutes of continuous use. To continue using, the switch can be slid to OFF and turned back ON to relevant settings. Sleep Mode activates after 20 minutes of idle time, dropping the temperature to around 300 ̊F. The Motion Sensor ends sleep mode and reheats when the handle is closed. It has a brushless motor that provides precision styling and longer life. Other features include ready light, auto beep indicator, safety tangle feature, and 30-second instant heat. The tourmaline ceramic easy-glide coated surface makes it simple to clean styling products residue. V-shaped hair guide in center of chamber perfectly positions hair and two heat settings let you create loose, medium or tight curls effortlessly and customize curls for different styles.

Babyliss Curl Secret
The ceramic curl chamber gives a smooth finish and fast curls with professional heating system. Two heat settings make it suitable for all hair types, 3 timer settings with beep indicator and heat ready indicator provide different curl effects. It lets you alternate curl direction to get a natural finish. The curler has 20min sleep mode function and Auto Off function, 2.5m swivel cord, heat protection mat, luxury pouch, and ceramic barrel cleaning tool.

Kiss Instawave
The fully automatic, tangle-free curler has innovative design to let you use left or hand and curl from any position. Switch effortlessly between left and right curl directions with the Spinner. Ceramic Ionic Technology protects hair and keeps it healthy and shiny. It has two heat settings with temperature rising up to 420°F. It shuts off automatically after 90 minutes for safety. 1” Diamond Ceramic Ionic Barrel Ceramic technology makes it durable and maintains ionic effects for healthy and silky hair. It has a Power Indicator Light that heats it up in 60 seconds after switching it on and turns blue when it’s ready to use. The 360°rotating swivel cord allows you to move freely around when styling.


Anti-Tangle Features? Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

Instyler Tulip
The unique open barrel design keeps hair visible and exposed at all times to prevent tangling and jamming. The open design and sufficient space surrounding the barrel curls long and thick hair easily.

Conair Curl Secret
When used properly, Curl Secret is safe and easy to use. If used inaccurately the anti-tangle feature immediately stops drawing the hair in and reverses to a neutral position. You need to open the handles and ease hair out of the curl chamber.

Babyliss Curl Secret
There’s an anti-tangle sensor in the brushless motion technology.

Kiss Instawave
Along with stress-free styling it delivers tangle-free curls. The curl dial lets you press the button left or right.


Heat/Temp Settings? Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

Instyler Tulip
3 heat settings ranging from 350 to 430°F suit all hair types.

Conair Curl Secret
400ºF highest heat for long-lasting curls and waves. It has Instant Heat technology with two high heat temperature settings – safe for the finest to most effective on the curliest and most resistant type of hair. Its salon-grade engineering provides uniform and improved heat recovery system that maintains the iron at constant temperatures, the constant surge of power continuously and quickly delivering heat is for great styling results. This sets every strand of hair with the same level of heat for a perfect finish.

Babyliss Curl Secret
It goes up to a maximum temperature of 230°C and has 2 temperature settings- High and Low. Low heat setting works for fine, delicate, or colored hair and the High for normal to thick hair. The ceramic coating heats quickly and adds shine to hair without damaging.

Kiss Instawave
The maximum temperature it reaches is 420°F with 2 heat settings with a Low/High switch.


Timer Settings? Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

Instyler Tulip
Get beach waves in 3 seconds, soft curls in 8 seconds and tight curls in 12.

Conair Curl Secret
Loose Curls on Low – Setting 8 or 10
Medium Curls on Low or High – Setting 10
Tight Curls High – Setting 10 or 12

Babyliss Curl Secret
The 3 timer settings have audio beep indicator. For loose waves, select Setting 8 (8 seconds-3 beeps), for soft curls Setting 10 (10 seconds-4 beeps) and for more defined curls Setting 12 (12 seconds-5 beeps)

Kiss Instawave
Heating Time


Swivel Cord Length? Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

Instyler Tulip

Conair Curl Secret
6′ professional swivel cord

Babyliss Curl Secret
2.5m swivel cord for control

Kiss Instawave
Not Available


Compare REVIEWS? Instyler Tulip vs Conair Curl Secret vs Babyliss vs Kiss Instawave

Instyler Tulip REVIEW

Instyler Tulip Pros
A reviewer of Instyler Tulip says that the iron is very simple to use and provides great results. Curls come out smooth with the desired body and long lasting results without tangling or jamming in the machine. The automatic feature works well, though the strands of hair have to be small, which takes the same amount of time that a regular curling iron does. It is also not much lighter than other irons. The reviewer adds that you can adjust it for the side of head you are curling to get matched curls. You can’t use this if in a hurry but works great if you learn how to use it carefully. It has an anti-tangle device that stops it from rotating if you tug at it while the barrel is turning. This lets you easily take your hair out if you to curl in a different direction.


Instyler Tulip Cons
One customer complains that the “Tangle-proof” feature is a humbug and their hair was massively stuck after using for the first time and it totally burnt. They had to get hair out with great force. The curler is clumsy and difficult to use, not time saving, and takes small sections of hair. Another reviewer says that it is heavy, bulky and difficult to use. The sectioning tool goes overlooked and just a small paper. You need to use less hair for tight curls it will take a very long time to curl the entire head.

Another customer says that when her daughter used it for the second time, the strand of hair tangled in the curler. The curler stopped pulling but there was no “reverse” switch to free up the hair and the hot iron continued burning her hair. It was unplugged and the hair was loosed from the curler, but was burnt in places. The curler is difficult to use (even in the opposite hand) and the size of strands is too small and takes a lot of time to curl the entire head of hair. The curler causes a foul smell of burnt hair throughout the day after curling. One reviewer of Instyler Tulip writes that it didn’t work on their shoulder length fine hair that is straight, voluminous, and slippery smooth because it only places a small amount of hair in the curler at a time and takes over an hour to do the whole head. On placing the hair in the notch and tapping the button, the barrel spun around the hair but didn’t hold it tight enough to curl. The barrel is short and frustrating to curl thick and long hair because you can only put a small amount of hair.

One user says that the iron is heavy and bulky and needs a lot of patience to hold and operate. Even then it doesn’t curl very short hair. It curls only the tips but doesn’t give a good look. Another user says that the iron doesn’t curl the back of the head and if the hair does not enter the guide, it starts twisting. The hair tangles and jams inside. It doesn’t have a release button, so the hair comes out with great difficulty. The user’s hair was caught several times and clumps of hair were pulled while getting it out. You need to be very quick to take your hair out because the device is still heating the hair and will burn them more. The results are not long lasting on tight curls. The start button is too sensitive and gets pushed even when you are just trying to get the hair into the guide and tangles hair up.


Conair Curl Secret REVIEW

Conair Curl Secret Pros
One customer states that Conair Curl Secret gives brilliant bouncy and smooth hair from coarse and frizzy long hair if it’s used the right way around and hair is tangle-free. The reviewer has very thick, long and coarse hair that doesn’t curl till the ends and found the device to be the best curler iron that makes every curl perfect by curling only a reasonable amount of hair at a time. Using it on the lowest setting, letting it cool completely, and brushing the hair with a brush gives loose, bouncy and smooth big waves. The curls last 3-4 days. The Curl Secret doesn’t require any hairspray. The beep notifies when a curl is done and the hair doesn’t come out too hot.


Conair Curl Secret Cons
A reviewer of Conair Curl Secret says that it’s an expensive curler, though it curls hair well.
Their unit arrived on time but in a shoddy condition. There were no instructions in the box. The directions on the box were covered up by silver tape. The directions on the box were not detailed or helpful. They used the curler very cautiously but didn’t like the results and would have to keep experimenting with the temperature and timing before getting results.

According to another reviewer the parts of the curler are cheap and it gets too hot with the motor sounding like it is defective. Leaving the hair too long in the chamber will burn it. The automatic release feature is missing and the hair will burn in spite of the warning beep. One reviewer says that they bought it for their 10-year-old daughter and in spite of following the instructions perfectly the hair jammed into the motor and the safety feature to release the hair does not work and her hair kept rolling up and tangling more while continuing to heat it. They had to unplug the unit and rip the hair out.

As per a reviewer in theory it’s a good concept but a huge disappointment. Most of the times their hair was stuck, once for 10 minutes, and had to be pulled out. And when the curler did work it didn’t create good curls and hair turned out floppy and random sections bloated or it wouldn’t do anything at all. They add that the curler is expensive and a waste of money. One reviewer spent an hour and a half trying to pull their daughter’s hair out and couldn’t take it apart because of the rivet in the handle.

One user says that unlike hair iron where you can alternate direction and thickness, this creates only one kind of curls – loose or tight – depending on how long you hold it. It also takes much longer than an iron since you can only curl small sections of hair at a time. It’s too heavy for people with a lot of hair to be comfortable. The reviewer adds that it tangles hair every time and hair jams into the machine, which hurts a lot, and you need to be very quick to reverse and unplug to prevent permanent damage. Longer hair is likelier to tangle more and you can get the same look with a curler that costs much lesser. The machine is very difficult to get a hang of.


Babyliss Curl Secret REVIEW

Babyliss Curl Secret Pros
A reviewer of Babyliss Curl Secret says that they weren’t sure if the curler would be worth trying but they found it very easy to use on their hair that’s past the shoulder. The curls created on hotter setting stay longer and make their finer hair look much thicker and bouncier. Another reviewer says that the
Curl Secret is fantastic and easy enough for anyone to curl their hair but difficult to do the back of the hair and needs another person to help. One reviewer says that they created different tighter and looser curls very easily and got one tangle that resolved easily. It was easy to curl the top and sides but not the back. From all the gadgets they have tried, this worked the best.


Babyliss Curl Secret Cons
A user bought the curler for their wife whose hair jammed in the chamber all the time and it created very loose waves that stayed for just seconds. They were completely disappointed with the curler and the service. When they tried to return it, it was rejected due to hygiene reasons. Another reviewer says that the curls do not stay even if you use the highest heat setting long enough, let them set and use hairspray. The curls disappear as soon as you touch them and flatten them completely. The curler can create only medium ring curls that disappear if you touch them. It has poor heat distribution to the hair and doesn’t utilize the length of the barrel but winds the section around itself.

One reviewer says that curls looked great on his wife and the difference in the different settings is noticeable. But after approximately 20 minutes being on the chamber to feed the hair, the spinner wouldn’t stop even after letting it cool down and restarting. They returned the item and were waiting to re-purchase it. Another reviewer says that the first curl Babyliss created was perfect, but every single section of hair after that either tangled or thrust back out even though the sections were of the recommended size. Swapping the curler and trying out the new one gave the same result and trying it on 6 different sections of perfectly dry and tangle-free hair made every single jam and tangled. They are disappointed and it’s not suitable for thick hair.

Another user of Babyliss says that they thought it would be a safe way to curl hair without burning. Though it is effective when it works, hair jams into it too often and there is no automatic cut off if it doesn’t release the hair properly and the hair continues to heat until it burns.


Kiss Instawave REVIEW

Kiss Instawave Pros
A reviewer says that the curling wand creates great curls that stay beautiful all day. Though they worried that the hair would tangle when the barrel spun, by carefully sectioning the hair and holding the wand parallel to her head, hair didn’t tangle and gave them shiny and silky curls. The curler works great on textured hair that’s slightly wavy or curly. Another reviewer adds that it takes under a minute for the curler to heat due to its high heat setting. There are no chances of burning oneself with the guards around the barrel.

The Auto Shut-off feature switches the curling iron off after 90 minutes and is helpful if you forget to unplug the appliance after using. One reviewer says that InstaWave heats up under a minute and takes just 10-15 seconds to give beautiful curls. It rotates to the left and right and lets you choose tight or loose curls. The reviewer says that they didn’t burn their hair even once and it’s reasonably priced.

The Diamond-Ceramic Ionic Technology gives healthy and shiny styling results while minimizing frizz and damage. It took a reviewer about 20 minutes to get the hang of the curler because they kept forgetting whether they pressed the button Left or Right. It takes getting used to when looking in the mirror to figure out where to drop the hair to let the InstaWave catches and curls. The curler worked fine once they got a hang of it, but she is not sure if it works on shorter hair. Another reviewer says that the curler was fast and easy to use on their long, straight Asian hair and they could curl the whole head in 10-15 mins. It doesn’t curl the ends well if you don’t put enough hair in it. Their wrist doesn’t tire from twisting the curling iron and the curls look more natural.


Kiss Instawave Cons
A reviewer of Kiss Instawave says that it didn’t grab onto their hair and when it did, the hair tangled. It created just two decent looking curls on the entire head. This disappointed the user and made them return it. Another customer says that the curling iron is just a 1-inch barrel and does not create larger curls but small ones that are not attractive. It is difficult to use initially, hair tangles and the iron makes a humming noise throughout.

Another reviewer says that the iron takes several attempts to get results. Hair tangles if you haven’t brushed it out and don’t separate the sections to be curled; you might pull a finished curl into the curler and tangle it. Another user says that the iron doesn’t give desired results on very fine as it slips while the barrel rotates and the curl doesn’t last long. For another reviewer the low heat setting did nothing and they didn’t think that the barrel got hot enough. When plugged in, the curler makes a high-pitched noise when the circuit drives the motor. It is not a safety issue but can make a user nervous.

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