InnoTV vs LeapTV

Compare what is it? InnoTV vs LeapTV

InnoTV: It is an educational TV connected system that makes it easier and fun for a preschooler to learn language arts, math, science and other subjects. Parents can also play with their kids to have an educational, engaging bonding exercise.

LeapTV: It is an educational, active video gaming system that has been specially designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 8. Here kids get to learn through motion as they jump and dance to learn engaging and innovative curriculum that is a lot of fun.


Compare what to expect? InnoTV vs LeapTV

InnoTV: This TV connected system can be used with a smartphone or tablet to personalize child’s profile, play multiplayer games and customize learning content as well. The games introduce kids to different subjects in a fun way and they also have access to additional games from Learning Lodge or InnoTab library.

LeapTV: It is an age appropriate or grade level gaming system that evolves as your child grows. If children get stuck while playing they can press on the hint button to get in-game tutorials. Kids who don’t read benefit from the audio system and the games have been reviewed by house-learning experts to ensure that they are appropriate for kids. Kids learn subjects like math, science, problem solving along with some of their favorite Disney and Marvel characters in over hundred games that lead to endless fun.


Compare Features: InnoTV vs LeapTV

InnoTV: Its controller has been designed to be ideal for your kids’ small hands. The wireless controller has a joystick, smart wheel, two buttons and motion control that makes tilting and shaking in certain games easier. The 8GB memory of InnoTV can be increased to 40 GB with a 32 GB Micro SD card. You can personalize your child’s profile, customize the learning experience and play multiplayer games with your tablet or Smartphone. It also has built in Wi-Fi and HDMI cable for your convenience.

LeapTV: It has a simple interface, controller engineered for small hands of kids. It is also camera optimized to capture your child’s movements. As kids run and hop, camera captures their movements with no controller needed. Pointer play takes things to a new level as they swivel the controller to get a pointer for various actions. There also the classic control with A and B buttons that some kids prefer.


Compare Number of games: InnoTV vs LeapTV

InnoTV: There are 4 educational games that teach your kids language arts, math, problem solving, science and more. Kids can also play games from Learning Lodge or InnoTab library.

LeapTV: It has more than 100 educator approved games and videos so that kids never run out of fun playing options.


Compare Compatibility: InnoTV vs LeapTV

InnoTV: This TV connected system can be customized with Smartphone and Tablets. It is compatible with certain InnoTab games.

LeapTV: This gaming system is compatible with 100+ LeapFrog educator approved videos and games.


Compare Memory: InnoTV vs LeapTV

InnoTV: Its 8 GB memory can be increased to 40 GB with a 32 GB SD card.

LeapTV: The console has 16 GB of storage space and 1 GB of DDR3 memory.


Compare Price: InnoTV vs LeapTV

InnoTV: It can be bought for $49.98.

LeapTV: It is available for $19.99


Verdict: InnoTV vs LeapTV

We like the multiplayer gaming option in InnoTV as parents can engage with their kids, but LeapTV has varying gaming levels and more gaming options. It is also cheaper than InnoTV and if kids’ educational learning is the objective then LeapTV is the winner.

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