Flippity Fish vs Deluxe vs Floppy Fish [Fishy]

Compare What they are? Flippity Fish vs Deluxe vs Floppy Fish

Looking for the perfect toy for your pet feline? Here’s the Flippity Fish, Deluxe and Floppy Fish toy. All three toys claim to be the perfect cat toy for your pet. With its flipping, flopping and wiggling motion, it acts like a real fish in water.

These cat toys claim to be touch activated, so as soon as your cat touches it, the entertainment automatically begins.

With hours of play, Flippity Fish, Deluxe and Floppy Fish promise to keep your cat entertained all day long. Designed with a flipping and flopping movement, these cat toys insist they provide your cat with a good workout and interactive play. You can also add catnip to the refillable pouch for added fun. The best part is that when it’s time for a cat nap, these toys automatically turn off. Made of strong durable materials, Flippity Fish, Deluxe and Floppy Fish are safe to play and non-toxic too. They are also USB rechargeable and promise to keep your cat active and playful no matter your cat’s age.


Flippity Fish

Flippity Fish



Floppy Fish [Fishy]

Floppy FishFloppy Fish


Why do you need a cat toy like Flippity Fish or Deluxe or Floppy

Being natural hunters, it is important for cats to be engaged on this intuitive level through play. The benefits of playtime includes counteract destructive boredom and delivers a quality connection time for you and your cat. Consider all the ways to play when choosing the right cat toys. Although your favorite pet may not seem like it, they are a well-adapted, carnivorous predator with a great drive to hunt. They don’t need to search for food anymore, since you provide it for them every day. So then, how will your cat satisfy this impulse to hunt? This is where cat toys come into play. Cat toys help to stimulate the hunting experience in a safe and convenient environment to ensure your cat stays happy, healthy and fulfilled. If you don’t offer your cat with appropriate cat toys, your cat will ruin your belongings such as shoes and furniture by making them into toys, scratching and chewing them for a release, leaving you in a livid state of mind.



The Benefits of having your cat play with toys:

  • Honing of hunting skills
  • Release of aggression
  • Builds confidence
  • Exercise
  • Improves circulation
  • Builds muscle tone
  • Prevent or reduce behavioural problems
  • Relieves stress and boredom
  • Mental stimulation
  • Bonding with your cat


Are the toys USB Rechargeable?

Yes, all the three cat toys – Flippity Fish, Deluxe, Floppy Fish are USB rechargeable. USB recharging makes sure your cat has longer playtime with the toys. You need not have to keep buying batteries after batteries. So the USB charging is a great feature but the runtime of all the three toys [Flippity and Floppy Fish] is merely 15 to 20 minutes. So the playtime is major drawback.



Are the toys Touch/Motion Activated?

Flippity Fish and Deluxe are MOTION activated. The Floppy Fish is TOUCH activated. The motion activated Flippity fish are great attention seekers as compared to the Floppy fish, at the slightest motion they begin to flip and flop drawing the cat’s attention. But they do have to be very close to be activated by the cat’s motion.


Does it have Auto On and Auto Shut Off?

None of the toys have Auto-shut off. This would have been a great feature as you wouldn’t have to bother about switching off the toy to save the precious battery juice.


What are the OTHER Common Features

  • Catnip Pouch – Both the Flippity Fish Deluxe and the Floppy Fishy come with Catnip Pouch. The odor of the catnip attracts the cat towards the cat toy [Flippity and Floppy].
  • Cover – Both the toys feature washable non-toxic cover that they claim withstands all the abuse inflicted by the cat.



Compare Price

Flippity Fish Deluxe

You get 2 Flippity Fish Cat Toys for $19.99 + $9.99 S/h. The more units you buy the cheaper is the cost per unit. For example a set of 4 Flippity Fish toy costs $60 + Free S/h. A set of 3 Flippity Fish costs $48 + Free S/h. You also get 2 Fishing Poles with purchase. The Flippity Fish is available only at the official website FlippityFish.com.

The Flippity Fish is also available at Amazon.com for $20. It comes with one Fish and One Fishing Pole.


Floppy Fish [a.k.a Floppy Fishy]

The Floppy Fishy is available at the official website OfficialFloppyFishy.com at costs $30 [$29.99 to be precise]. The Floppy Fishy comes in three versions – “Atlantic Salmon”, “Silver Tuna” and “Grass Carp”.

There is a product called “Floppy Fish” available at Amazon.com for the price of $10.99 but we are not sure if it is the same fish toy as the Floppy “Fishy”.



Compare Reviews: Flippity Fish Deluxe vs Floppy Fish

Flippity Fish Reviews

One reviewer says she was excited to watch her cats play with the Flippity Fish but they weren’t excited at all. At first, they completely ignored it. After a minute or so, they decided to walk over and check it out. They stared at it, but were not excited with it and didn’t want to “play” with it at all. It makes a loud, annoying clicking noise every times it flops. Although it claims to sense motion when your cat walks by and get activated but nothing happened. The only way to make it start flopping was to tap the body fairly hard. She says her cats couldn’t set it off on their own.

Another reviewer complains that the charging cable and catnip were missing from the package and the Flippity Fish toy is very loud. Disappointment with the Flippity Fish one reviewer writes that her cat won’t play with it.

Another review states that the commercial on TV in regard to Flippity Fish is great. But her cat played with it for 20 seconds and never played with it again.



Floppy Fish Cat Toy Reviews

Happy with the Floppy Fish Cat Toy, one reviewer writes that the fish was a little bigger than he thought it would be, but it is so great! It charges quickly and the cats love it!

One reviewer mentions that she had to return it. It wouldn’t stay charged.

Disappointed with the Floppy Fish Cat Toy another reviewer states that it sometimes flopped when touched and sometimes not. Her cat is a 7 year old and really had no use for it. She looked at it for about a minute and on rare occasions will carry it in her mouth but didn’t seem to play with it at all.

A review also mentions that it may be fun for a kitten up to a year but her adult cat seemed annoyed by it and is totally disinterested. Another reviewer writes that both of his cats are terrified of this toy. It’s very loud when you turn it on, he says!

One review states that once the catnip was gone, her cats didn’t want anything to do with the fish.

One review reads that it’s difficult to turn on and off. His cat loved it but it quit working after a week.



Our Verdict On Which cat toy should you buy, Flippity or Floppy?

Spending money on a cat toy means it has to be worth it. Each cat has his own unique preference for toys, some toys maybe more appealing to cats than others. Both the Flippity Fish Cat Toy and the Floppy Fish Cat Toy are very similar to each other. Both cat toys have similar functions and features but going by the positive reviews on Amazon, the Flippity Fish Cat Toy seems to fair better than the Floppy Fish cat toy.

So if you insist on buying a cat toy between these two, then the Flippity Fish Cat Toy would be the better option.

Are there better toys out there, better than Flippity and Floppy?

Yes indeed: Your cat is going to get bored with one type of cat toy either Flippity or Floppy. What you need a mix of toys, here is a list of toys that you may want to consider:
  • YOUTHINK Cat Scratcher
  • Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center
  • SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box
  • Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy
  • SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys
  • BlackHole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy
  • SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy
  • Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish
  • Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy

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  1. George Weidner | December 31, 2020 at 4:48 pm | Reply

    We bought two Deluxe Flippity Fish for family member cats, to be given at Christmas 2020. Our four month old puppy Portuguese Water Dog opened one and after charging, the puppy was extremely entertained and slept well.
    I found myself ordering two more of the deluxe model. Cannot wait to see how long they last!

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