Flash & Go vs Tria vs SensEpil

Compare What is it? Flash N Go vs Tria vs SensEpil

Flash N Go – It’s an innovative Home Pulsed Light (HPL) hair removal system (epilator) that claims to gets rid of unwanted body hair permanently. Though the company claims Silkn Flash & Go to be a permanent hair removal device, FDA website says Flash & Go is a “long-term” hair removal device for home use.

Tria 4X – It claims to be the first and only FDA-cleared laser hair removal device that permanently stops hair growth on face and body by using diode laser technology. FDA refers to TRIA 4X as over-the-counter long term hair reduction device.

SensEpil – It’s an at-home hair removal device that uses the same technology as professional grade hair removal systems and permanently removes unwanted hair.


Compare How does it work? Flash N Go vs Tria vs SensEpil

Flash N Go – It uses a patent pending Home Pulse Light (HPL) technology, which emits gentle light pulses that target hair follicles to curb further growth of hair. Silk’n Flash & Go uses HPL (Home Pulse Light) technology developed patented by Home Skinovations Ltd.

Tria – The device has diode lasers that disable hair follicles by targeting the melanin at the root just like professional grade lasers. The disabled hairs began to fall out and the laser further permanently disables the hair follicle to curb hair re-growth.

SensEpil – Its patented Home Pulsed Light Technology works with laser treatment. The light technology is based on selective photothermolysis , which disables hair growth by using optical energy.


Compare What to expect? Flash N Go vs Tria vs SensEpil

Flash N Go – After using it for two to four sessions one can expect fewer visible hairs. The results are similar to laser treatments and spa or salon treatments. With Flash N Go users get visible hair reduction within three months of regular use.

Tria – Get smoother and silky to touch skin permanently after just a few treatments. It provides four times better results than any other at-home device. The user can get effective and safe hair removal right in the comfort of home.

SensEpil – Users can expect silky smooth skin without ingrown hairs in four treatments and better and great results in six treatments. It requires maintenance after eight treatments to deal with stray hairs missed in the initial stages. It provides speed in treatment and prevents razor burns.


Compare Features: Flash N Go vs Tria vs SensEpil

Flash N Go – The at-home hair removal gets rid of unwanted facial and body hair and gives the same results as expensive laser and salon treatment right at home at a fraction of cost. Flash N Go uses patented Home Pulse Light (HPL) technology that targets hair follicles to curb further hair growth with gentle light pulses. It has a spot size of 4 cm2 perfect for treating sensitive and small areas such as bikini line and upper lips. Flash N Go plugs into the wall to let you finish the hair removal session without the worry of battery dying. The compact tool is ideal for traveling and storing. It is clinically tested and dermatologist recommended. It doesn’t cause razor burns and gives silky smooth skin without ingrown hairs.

Silkn Flash N Go Features and Safety

  • Uses proven Home Pulsed Light Technology to remove unwanted hair.
  • Cleared by FDA as a hair growth reduction device.
  • Claims to be cheaper than laser based hair removals.
  • FDA declares Silk’n Flash and Go to be safe and effective.
  • Flash and Go comes with skin COLOR sensor that makes it work ONLY on lighter skin complexions.
  • The OPTICAL LENS is placed deep inside the LAMP CARTRIDGE thus avoiding direct contact with the skin.
  • Features lower energy level settings for safe hair removal.
  • Features sensor that does not emit light when facing open air, this makes sure it will not emit light when facing the eye.


Tria 4X – The laser hair removal device uses diode laser technology to permanently remove unwanted hair from face and body. It delivers three times effective hair-eliminating energy density and has precise wavelength selection that targets pigments in hair follicles. Tria comes in two sizes – a standard size to get rid of hair on large body parts and a smaller one for more sensitive and smaller areas.

TRIA 4X Laser Features and Safety

  • FDA cleared as hair growth reducing laser hair removal.
  • Uses diode laser technology to progressively reduce hair growth.
  • Laser hair removal is newer technology and is considered more advanced than IPL and HPL.
  • Laser hair removal is precise.
  • Cheaper alternative to saloon laser hair removal treatments.
  • Features Skin Color Sensor that unlocks the device only when it senses that it is safe to use the TRIA 4X laser on your skin.


Silkn SensEpil – it combines Home Pulse Light and laser technology that gives more home removal pulses. It is more affordable than professional laser treatments and other home treatments. It has a compact yet high impact design that is ideal for travel and storage purposes and plugs into wall socket to give uninterrupted hair removal. SensEpil has an updated protocol for better and faster results and has a larger treatment size.


Compare Price: Flash N Go vs Tria vs SensEpil

Flash N Go – $175

Tria – $449

SensEpil – $199


Compare what body parts can be treated

According to the FDA website, Silkn Flash & Go and TRIA 4X Laser are intended ONLY for underarms, bikini line, arms and legs.


What hair does it work on?

Flash N Go and TRIA 4X work only on Naturally dark (brown or black) hair.


What skin tones does it work on?

Silkn Flash N Go and TRIA 4X Laser are intended for Ivory, White, Beige and Light Brown skin tones ONLY.


What does the unit consist of

Flash & Go comes with Base unit, Applicator with pulse button, disposable lamp cartridge, skin color sensor, control panel, power on/off switch, power indicator light, energy level setting buttons, energy level indicator lights, ready indicator light, audio on/off switch, cartridge 90% usage indicator light, CARTRIDGE 100% USAGE INDICATOR LIGHT, system warning indicator light.

Compare Side-effects

Flash & Go Side-effects – Minor skin discomfort like, Skin Redness, Increased Sensitivity of the Skin. Though rare other side-effects include – Skin wounds and burns, Scarring, pigment changes, excessive redness and swellings. Not using the Flash N Go HPL device as advised can cause serious skin conditions.

TRIA 4X Side-effects – Although there are no serious side-effects reported by the users. Tria 4X can cause moderate pain, discomfort, warmth, itching and burning sensation, “rubber band snapping” sensation, red skins, skin swellings, temporary or permanent skin discoloration, and blisters –


Compare treatment duration

Silkn Flash N Go – It takes about 30 minutes for both the legs and 10 minutes for underarms.


Compare Intensity Levels

Flash N Go has 5 intensity levels


Compare Pulse Speed

Flash N Go – One pulse every 3.5 second: 1.7 cm2/sec


Compare Spot size

Flash N Go has a spot size of 6 sq. cm.

TRIA 4X Laser has a spot size of 1 sq. cm.


Compare Light/Laser Source

Flash N Go – 2 Xenon flash lamps.



Compare How is it Powered?

Silk N Flash N Go – MAINS

TRIA 4X Laser – Battery Powered


Is it FDA Cleared?

Silkn Flash N Go and TRIA 4X Laser are cleared by FDA as at-home hair reduction devices.


Compare Disadvantages/Drawbacks

Flash N Go Disadvantages

  • Though it achieves upto 90% of reduction in hair-growth, Pulsed light is not a TRUE Permanent Hair Reduction method.
  • Silkn FLASH & GO is not intended for use on FACE and NECK.
  • If used on facial hair, Flash & Go may inadvertently promote hair growth and cause serious injury to eyes.
  • Flash N Go cannot be used on the same area twice in one session.
  • Flash & Go does not work on tattooed skin, skin with permanent makeup, skin with dark brown or black spots, freckles, birthmarks, moles/warts.
  • Relatively older technology when compared with laser.
  • Flash & Go is not effective on naturally white, grey, blond and red body hair.
  • Not recommended for use on tanned skin or recent sun exposure.
  • No Epidermal protection.
  • Silk’N Flash & Go is NOT WATERPROOF and hence cannot be used while bathing.
  • Not recommended for use on naturally dark skin complexion.
  • Treating dark skin with Silk Flash & Go can result in burns, blisters, and hypo-pigmentation.
  • According to the FDA website Flash N Go is intended for patient hair removal and to be used under the direction of a physician by professional with proper healthcare training. So when used by non-professionals results will vary substantially.


TRIA 4X Laser Disadvantages

  • Although it may reduce hair-growth up to 90%, Laser is not a TRUE Permanent Hair Reduction method.
    Tria 4X cannot be used on the face, neck, jaws, eyebrows, eyelashes etc. doing so can cause serious injury to that part.
  • Not very effective on peach fuzz.
  • Priced at $400 + , Tria4x is expensive.
  • Most people find Laser hair removal painful.
  • Men cannot use TRIA 4X as an alternative to shavers/razors.
  • TRIA 4X is not recommended for dark skin complexions (African, Indian, Native American).
  • TRIA 4X cannot be used to remove pubic hair.
  • If used by people with dark complexion, TRIA 4x can increase/promote hair growth.
  • TRIA 4X is ineffective on skin that has heavily makeup, tattoo, dark brown or black spots, large freckles, birthmarks etc.
  • TRIA 4X cannot be used on blond, white, red and grey hair color. Works only on naturally dark HAIR.
  • TRIA 4X is not water-proof.
  • You cannot wax your skin in between the TRIA4x treatment sessions.
  • TRIA Laser is battery operated. Battery charge lasts just 30 minutes.
  • TRIA 4X is designed for personal use only, so you cannot share it with other person (that means more sales to the company).


Compare REVIEWS: Flash N Go vs Tria vs SensEpil

Flash & Go REVIEW

A user who reviewed Flash N Go says that after the third treatment it slowed hair growth. It works on underarms, bikini line, arms and face. It needs care and lowering of settings or it burns small areas. Another reviewer says that they opted for the $300 worth device to expensive laser treatment but they were not very impressed after a few uses. The reviewer has a very fair skin and dark and coarse hair and the reviewer expected better results. They started the first treatment in June and by October they didn’t see any results. The instruction book mentions that after the 7th treatment a user needs to use the device till desired results are achieved. But the book doesn’t mention what a user should do if results are not achieved even after the 7th session. The reviewer expected to be hairless after over three months of use and completing more than seven treatments and following the instructions perfectly.

When the reviewer got in touch with the customer service of Flash N Go, they were asked to continue treating smaller areas on a weekly basis and treating larger areas on a monthly basis. The reviewer continually used the device on underarms, face and bikini line weekly but there was no change. Their legs seemed to get patches of hairless skin but it was much beyond the 8th session. The user suspects that it would take them as long as up to a year to get rid of unwanted hair completely if the device were used to its full functionality.


Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal REVIEW

One customer, Aurora Brown who used Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal says that there have been some minor visible results on using the device for several months. The customer has experience with professional laser hair removal, which worked wonders, and hoped Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal would work similarly. The customer states Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal does not really work as it claims. It’s not easy to use and does not have enough juice to uproot hair follicles. But since it made some slight difference the customer is optimistic about using it. But the cost incurred on the device and the refill along with time taken is as good as getting a professional treatment done. April, another customer who bought Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal reveals that the initial cartridge that was shipped with the device did not work more than 100 flashes as opposed to the 750-1500 flashes expectations. Upon complaining she received a replacement which also worked for only about 100 flashes. The customer is disappointed as it increases the cost of using the device. Another customer, Courtney, who purchased Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal complains that it is not really a hair removal solution. In fact, it is more of a hair reducing device over permanent solution. It does provide noticeable change and reduction in the amount of hair. In some cases after using it the hair grows back exactly with same thickness but with platinum color, which is weird. The customer has similar complain of cartridges running out soon and their cost being high. The customer advises to use Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal on level 3 as it can pain on higher settings similar to professional treatments. The device does work but requires a lot of patience to use it and using it on lesser level means more time and work.


Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X REVIEW

Cynthia, a customer, who tried Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X, complains that it is a waste of hundreds of dollars as it fails to deliver what it promises to. She didn’t notice any concrete results despite having standard fair skin and brown hair, which work well as per device reviews and claims. On active use as per the guidelines of the device the customer noticed only a small patch of hair gone. Treating all the parts on the highest level did not yield great results as hair still existed on other parts of the body. After stopping active treatment the hair also started to regrow. Even though it may cost less than treatments at a clinic, it’s still expensive as it simply fails to perform. One another customer, Karen, who bought Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X says that it till now there have been no substantial changes in the hair growth. Her facial and body hair reduction is a concern due to thick denser hair on a fair Latina body. The customer says that the device is painful when it works even after buying the numbing cream and taking two Advil. The manufacturers do claim that the pain subsides after few use but isn’t true in her case. With use for over 2 months on a weekly basis there has been no change but it is too early to agree or disagree whether it is worth the money and pain or not. Nancy, one other customer who reviewed Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X noticed subtle difference in hair growth but says it is not worth the money. When compared to spa treatment, the device has many drawbacks and lesser capacity, even with the highest level setting. It is painful too and is only goo for touch-ups in between sessions but not the solution for hair removal.

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