Evapolar vs Evapolar 2 vs EvaSmart vs Zero Breeze

Compare what is it? Evapolar vs Evapolar 2 vs EvaSmart vs Zero Breeze

A personal evaporative air cooler and humidifier that uses evaporative technology to humidify, purify and chill the air around. It is perfect for hot dry climates. Portable and lightweight, Evapolar sits conveniently on any desk, near your bed, in the garage or caravan and is easy to transport around.

Evapolar 2
A smart personal air conditioner that cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating your personal micro-climate. It is based on natural water evaporation technology, which takes in hot, dry air and makes it cool and moist. Featuring application control, tools for automation and Smart Home capabilities, Evapolar 2 is the perfect fit for your office and home.

It is a smart personal air conditioner that uses natural evaporative technology to create your own cool personal climate. Not only does it cool and humidify but it also cleans dust particles from the air for healthier breathing eliminating the need for devices like air conditioners and humidifiers.

Zero Breeze
It is a portable, smart, multi-functional air conditioner integrated with a Bluetooth speaker, a night light, and a smartphone charging station.
Zero Breeze


Compare how does it work? Evapolar vs Evapolar 2 vs EvaSmart vs Zero Breeze

Simply add water and plug into the power supply, computer or power bank to start getting cool air! Evapolar utilizes its own EvaBreeze patented evaporation technology which brings several engendering benefits that makes the air coolers compact, powerful, silent, and energy-efficient. It carries no organic materials, so it won’t play host to disease-causing bacteria, there is no toxic Freon-like liquids and it uses fully biodegradable evaporative pads.

Evapolar 2
It works on a USB Type-C power supply so you can use it on a socket, a PC, a notepad, power banks and even a solar battery. Simply fill the removable water tank and connect the device to a power supply. In a span of 5-10 minutes, the EvaBreeze cartridge absorbs a large quantity of water. The water then spreads evenly on the surface of the cooling pads. The water starts to evaporate when the air blows through the pads making the air cool down while saturating it with water. The built-in fan ensures the cool air spreads over an area of 3-4 square meters around you, and the moveable grill directs the flow of air. You can also adjust the air flow with the help of the power control creating a most comfortable atmosphere for you.

It uses the principle of water evaporation to suck in hot and dry air and transform it to cool, moist and fresh air.

The Zero Breeze is effective, lightweight and easy to use. The rotary compressor makes Zero Breeze efficient and portable allowing you to stay cool anywhere, anytime. Simply plug it in at home or use the battery pack to power it while you’re on the move.


Compare how much area does it cool? Evapolar vs Evapolar 2 vs EvaSmart vs Zero Breeze

Evapolar – 45 sq. ft.
Evapolar 2 – 3-4 square meters
EvaSmart – 32 ft2 (3 m2)
Zero Breeze – 50 square feet


Compare Features: Evapolar vs Evapolar 2 vs EvaSmart vs Zero Breeze

3-in-1 COOLING – Evapolar evaLIGHT cooler humidifies, purifies and chills the air using evaporative technology.
EASY TO SET UP AND USE – Simply add water then plug into power supply, computer or power bank to get cool, fresh air!
PORTABLE – Place on any desk and carry around anywhere
LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION – Consumes only 10W of electricity
PATENTED EvaBreeze evaporative technology – New evaporative material carries no organic materials, preventing the spread of bacteria

Evapolar 2
EvaBreeze evaporative material
Leakage proofing – The unit can be tilted and moved around with no danger of water spilling.
Aerodynamics – Optimization of grills shape, air channels in cartridge and fans blade allow the reduction of noise and maximize the airflow with the ability to direct it.
Big water tank – Optimal 6-8 hours of usage even in the dry climate.
Colors – Opaque White, Coal Black and Stormy Grey

Portable – Works on USB power supply. Simply plug into your laptop, a power bank or a wall outlet
Efficient – Works with any power supply, consuming only 12 W energy
Colour playlists – Control built-in LED-lighting matching your mood or interiors
Cartridge lifetime – Microchip monitors the lifespan of the EvaBreeze cartridge. When it expires, EvaSmart EV-3000 turns red reminding you about maintenance cycle
Amazon Alexa compatible – Works with various Smart Home assistants like Amazon Alexa with voice commands
Manage it with mobile app – Mobile app to manage all the features and all your EvaSmart devices remotely from one place via Wi-Fi

Zero Breeze
3 Fan speeds and cool settings – Cool airflow, Instant Breeze and Regular Fan Airflow
2 USB charging ports – Easy access charging ports on each side of the control panel
Indoor use – Easily attaches to the hose and the other end can be extending outside.
Bluetooth Speaker – Lift the front panel and connect to your phone to the Bluetooth speaker. You can adjust volume levels and skip songs straight from the Zero Breeze.
Power Bank – Contains 64 cells of 18650s. The 5-Hour Battery gives you total portability so you never have to worry about outlets.
Warm LED light – Provides the perfect amount of illumination for camping and other outdoor activities.


Compare Electricity Consumption

Evapolar – 10W
Evapolar 2 – 12W
EvaSmart – 10W
Zero Breeze – 120-15W


Compare Cartridge

Evapolar and Evapolar 2 – It uses the Evapolar’s Evaporative Cartridge .
EvaSmart – EV-1000 and EV-3000 Compatible cartridges available at the official website Evapolar.com
Zero Breeze – No information.


Compare Noise Level

Evapolar – No information
Evapolar 2 – 25 to 40dB
EvaSmart – 28-40 dB
Zero Breeze – 48dB


Compare Water Tank Capacity

Evapolar – No information.
Evapolar 2 – 1300ml
EvaSmart – 25.36 fl oz (750 ml)
Zero Breeze – No information, maybe too often.


Compare Water Refill Cycle

Evapolar – Every 6-8 hours
Evapolar 2 – Every 6-8 hours
EvaSmart – Every 4-6 hours
Zero Breeze – Every 5-7 hours


Compare Price

Evapolar – $159
Evapolar 2 – $230 plus shipping
EvaSmart – $279
Zero Breeze – $279


Compare Filter

Evapolar, Evapolar 2, EvaSmart and Zero Breeze all use Evaporative Cooler Cartridges.


Compare Warranty

Evapolar – 1 year
Evapolar 2 – 1 year
EvaSmart – 1 year
Zero Breeze – None


Compare REVIEW/Pros and Cons: Evapolar vs Evapolar 2 vs EvaSmart vs Zero Breeze

Evapolar Pros

Phillip Mullins says that it humidifies air in small spaces very well (the effect is not as good in large areas like living rooms though). He mostly uses it in his bedroom at night and noticed that he stopped waking up every morning with a stuffy nose! He adds that it is a total game changer for people with nasal congestion problems!

Ron Douglas says that the Evapolar is awesome for the things it was designed for – cooling down a single person.


Evapolar Cons

Roland Meyer writes- “4 months after I bought it I had to replace the filter twice and the LED light is malfunctioning so I can’t use the red light anymore”.

Casey Erickson mentions that it is a bit expensive and water needs to be filled quite often (once every 3-4 hours).


Evapolar 2 Cons

Nina Reynolds says- “I used my Evapolar 2 for the first time yesterday and it worked fine. This morning I turn it on and I’m getting Cartridge error. I thought maybe there was not enough water in the cartridge so I refilled it—same error. I touched one of the up a down arrows, I get the ‘Hi’ but I’m not getting any air, then it shuts down. I tried removing the cartridge and putting it back on, nothing. There is no mention of this error in the manual.”

Laurie Cain writes that in the beginning his Evapolar worked alright but then started leaking badly. He tried following the YouTube video on how to fix it, and instead of fixing it, it become worse.

Oscar Ramirez states that he cannot connect to WiFi, the app doesn’t work, constant cartridge error, and the temperature defaults to Celsius. He further adds that he also has cartridge error problems.


EvaSmart Pros

Robin Pena says- “This machine is awesome! We love that it can be charged with a backup battery/USB! We love that it can be controlled with a smart phone. Even the larger version is a very convenient size. We definitely felt a difference in temperature”.

Kyle Terry mentions- “Cools a small area in a room, stabilizes the temperature for me. I have had this for a few months now. So for now it works exactly as advertised with fixed issues from the first one. I do plan on coming back to update this during summer with summer results, but in hotter dry rooms so far so good. A big note is that as described it will not work well if there is too much humidity in the room.


EvaSmart Cons

Katherine Briggs says- “Incredibly disappointed with this unit. Wi-Fi does not work, exchanged a ton of emails with Evapolar customer service to no avail… They actually asked me to change my router settings for the unit to work… or better yet, use my neighbors Wi-Fi… they even asked that I turn off all my Bluetooth devices as well… way too much effort if you ask me”.

Joel Stone writes- “The instructions for the Wi-Fi connection were vague and took too much time to install. The Evapolar depends on your phone to control the settings. The temperature F and C cannot be changed nor to turn off the lights manually. I have had to restore settings and now unable to connect to Evapolar. I do not recommend this product to anyone especially for the price I paid”.


Zero Breeze Pros

Rosie Duncan mentions that she got her unit three weeks ago and is fortunate that her unit is working fine, though the unit didn’t cool the air as much she expected.


Zero Breeze Cons

Isaac Washington writes- “My Zero Breeze does not cool the air and makes a loud noise.

Andrea Reeves says that the air coming out of the unit is only slightly cooler than the outside air. She doesn’t think it will cool down to 6.7 degrees and further adds that the exhaust pipe is attached and there is no drainage.

Jimmie Franklin says- “I got my unit, it doesn’t work. Air coming out of the unit is only 5 degrees cooler than the air outside”.

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