Eustachi vs EarPopper

Compare what is it? Eustachi vs EarPopper

Eustachi: It is a Eustachian Tube conditioner that unblocks plugged ears be exercising these tubes. All you have to do is swallow, and the conditioner will do the rest for you quickly, safely and easily. For more information please visit the Eustachi review page.

EarPopper: It has been clinically proven to clear negative air pressure in your ears that you experience while flying and can lead to pain, headaches, dizziness, hearing loss etc. This device unblocks the Euastachian tube safely and naturally to offer a smart solution to clogged ears.


Compare how does it work? Eustachi vs EarPopper

Eustachi: Quite simply it works with your body’s mechanism to clean your ears as naturally as possible. Your ears are cleared by yawning and swallowing. However when swallowing is not enough, this conditioner does just that little bit extra by using a little air to unclog your ears. Tensor veli palatini, levator veli palatini, salpingopharyngeus, and tensor tympani are the four muscles of Eustachian tube system, which have air delivered through the nose when you use the conditioner. It ensures that your ears are unclogged effectively.

EarPopper: The Eustachian Tube equalizes pressure and ventilates the space behind the eardrum when it functions normally. However when it doesn’t, the middle air is unbalanced, which is not only uncomfortable but affects your hearing. Several studies including the one published in Ear, Nose & Throat Journal and funded by the National Institutes of Health shows that EarPopper opens the ET with air. Its functioning is based on 120 year old procedure of Politzerization; it delivers a safe and constant stream of air into nasal cavity, which clears clogged ears immediately.


Compare who is it for? Eustachi vs EarPopper

Eustachi and EarPopper can both be used effectively by children and adults alike. It can be used by parents, airline pilots, chiropractors and scuba dive instructors. Those who suffer from cold and allergies can use it to their advantage as well.


Compare what to expect? Eustachi vs EarPopper

Eustachi: It claims to unclog your congested and stuffy ears quickly and naturally. Now you have the option to unblock Eustachian tubes anytime and anywhere with the help of just a little bit of air. It is just perfect for cold and allergy season or when you want to go swimming, flying and diving.

EarPopper: Not only does it avoid and eliminate clogged ear problems, it can be used to treat conditions like fluid in the middle air, Eustachian Tube dysfunction and other ear related problems. The best part is that it does the job naturally and quickly to offer you relief.


Is it FDA cleared?

Eustachi: No information.

EarPopper: Yes it is FDA cleared.


How often should you use it?

Eustachi: It can be used as often as you might need it. It is believed that it’s best to use it when your ears are plugged or getting clogged because the results are immediate. However in case your ears have been clogged for a while then it’s recommended that you use it few times a day. You can also try alternating the nostril you use it in. Overall it’s advised that you use is for a few weeks for ears that have been blocked for some time.

EarPopper: You can use the EarPopper as often as you want to unblock clogged ears. All you have to do is hold it near the nostril opening to create a tight seal. Pushing the button starts airflow and you can simply swallow while it’s in use. Use it on the other nostril. You can note that the procedure has worked when you hear a pitch change in the sound of the motor while swallowing. You can repeat the procedure if you don’t notice any change, making sure that it’s firmly placed against the nostril.


Compare Features: Eustachi vs EarPopper

Eustachi: It has a small battery operated motor, which runs a small air source. It ensures that regulated air of about 5psi is passed for clearing your blocked ears. It delivers the air directly into your nostrils because Eustachian tubes are located in the back of your throat and get exercised in the most natural manner. It’s portable to be taken with you wherever you go, you can use it on others easily and swallowing can be accomplished with something as simple as holding a sip of water in mouth.

EarPopper: It’s compact and can be taken with you wherever you go including on flights and when you go scuba diving. It is very convenient and you can also use it on your kids without any hassle. It is also completely safe for use and has shown clinically proven results.


Compare Settings: Eustachi vs EarPopper

Eustachi: No information.

EarPopper: It has two power settings, low and high.


Compare Price: Eustachi vs EarPopper

Eustachi: It can be bought for $59.95.
EarPopper: It is available for $169.


Compare REVIEWS: Eustachi vs EarPopper

Eustachi REVIEW

Rachel in her Eustachi review mentions that if you are sensitive to chemical odors then Eustachi should be used with caution. Even after running this outside for a minute in attempt to eradicate odor it still pushes noxious smell akin to glues used in nail salons. You may want to request a return of this item. It pushes air as described, but does not relieve ear pressure when used as directed (closing opposite nostril and swallowing small amount of water). It looks like the smell actually increases the problem.

Molly complains in her review that Eustachi just does not work. You could still have the “water in the ears” effect which continues to muffle your hearing. It pops the ear that’s not blocked.

Felix reveals in her review that when using Eustachi you feel your mouth fills up with air to the point where you have to quit pressing the button. Not a recommended item to purchase.

Bob find no effect after 5 days of using it several times a day.


Earpopper Review

Bill Pierce in his Earpopper review complains that after using the Earpopper the first time you may feel ill and become dizzy. The company does not take back the product. It’s a complete waste of money.

The fan that blows is a light wind and does not help to open your ears.

The button goes from intermittently working to not working at all. You may even find it running on its own. The batteries were checked so that wasn’t the problem.

This product is simply a plastic container filled with air. It is very disappointing.

It feels like your ears are inflated with pressure. The pressure built up in your ears can be unbearable, like your ears are going to explode from the pressure. You will feel dizzy and could be permanently disabled from vertigo and balance problems. It is better lived with constant ear pressure and pain than constant vertigo and balance problems. The batteries supplied with this unit initially worked, but within 48 hours stopped completed. Opening the battery compartment, it was clear that the supplied batteries had badly leaked, corroding all the contacts in the device.

The biggest reason for the negative review is that the price is ‘’outlandish’’ and there are no refunds allowed.

The videos show people calmly using the device but on setting it up it and using it caused so much pain. You may need days to build up the courage to try it again.

Using it twice a day as recommended may work well for the first 3 days but after that it does nothing but make your ears hurt.

It does not open ears as expected, too much money. It does not work and did not clear the liquid.


Verdict: Eustachi vs EarPopper

While both the devices work on the same principle; EarPopper has clinically proven results and is FDA cleared as well. Of course it is more expensive of the two, but for relief from clogged ears it is worth the price.

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  1. How does Otovent compare?

  2. I had an ear popper. Had to get a prescription to purchase in the USA . No reimbursement from insurance company. It lasted a while until a battery leaked inside rendering it another piece of garbage for the trash heap that has become our planet. This time I spent 56.00 instead of 153. On the Eucstachi. Got it at target. No prescription necessary. One speed. Works better than the ear popper.

  3. How can you say the ear popper is worth the price after printing such a bad review

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