Easy Body Shredder vs Flex Belt vs Slendertone

Compare what is it? Easy Body Shredder vs Flex Belt vs Slendertone

Easy Body Shredder, Flex Belt, and Slendertone Abs5 are abdominal workout systems that work with electrical pulsations to let you tone and strengthen your Upper and Lower Abdominal muscles and Obliques while working, reading, watching television or even walking.


Compare how do they work? Easy Body Shredder vs Flex Belt vs Slendertone

All the three abdominal belts – Easy Body Shredder, Flex Belt & Slendertone use electrical pulsations or EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to contract the muscles of your abdominal area and work on all the muscles of the abs at the same time. You just need to slip the Easy Body Shredder, Flex Belt, and Slendertone Abs5 on your abdomen and let them do all the work for you no matter what you are doing – watching TV, working, sitting, exercising or even walking. Intense yet gentle contractions of Flex Belt give you the perfect workout in 30 minutes. Slendertone Abs5 has a patented 3 pad placement technology stimulates the nerves that control abdominal muscles making them contract and relax just like regular exercise. This repetitive action tones the abs.


Compare what to expect? Easy Body Shredder vs Flex Belt vs Slendertone

Easy Body Shredder, Flex Belt, and Slendertone Abs5 give carved and ripped abs without investing in a gym membership, expensive machines or cumbersome rollers. It prevents pressure on the back and doesn’t need you to do painful sit-ups and crunches. All the three belts give you slimmer tummy, stronger core, and toned and firm abs while going under your clothing so you can use it even when out without anyone knowing about it.


Which areas do they target? Easy Body Shredder vs Flex Belt vs Slendertone

All the three abdominal workout systems – Easy Body Shredder, Flex Belt & Slendertone work on the entire abdominal area – Upper and Lower Abs and Obliques. Easy Body Shredder is an exception as it along with the entire abdominal area including it is also fully compatible to fit arms and legs and gives you firm and toned quads, thighs, calves, biceps and more.


Is it FDA approved?

Yes, all the belts are FDA approved to be safe for use.


Compare Settings: Easy Body Shredder vs Flex Belt vs Slendertone

Easy Body Shredder – It has 6 different modes that let you adjust frequency and intensity of the electrical pulsation. The sixth setting can take it really high.

Flex Belt – The belt has 10 toning programs and 150 intensity levels.

Slendertone Abs5 – It has 10 auto-progressive toning programs and up to 130 customizable intensity levels


Compare daily use

All the belts are recommended to be used for 30 minutes, 5 times a week to get best results.


How long before you see results?

Easy Body Shredder – About 4 weeks

Flex Belt – About 6 weeks

Slendertone Abs5 – In 6-8 weeks


Compare how is it powered?

Easy Body Shredder – AAA batteries

Flex Belt – 1 nonstandard battery

Slendertone Abs5 – 3 AAA batteries


Compare Price: Easy Body Shredder vs Flex Belt vs Slendertone

Easy Body Shredder – $79.99

Flex Belt – $175.36

Slendertone Abs5 – $94.95


Compare what do I get? Easy Body Shredder vs Flex Belt vs Slendertone

Easy Body Shredder – 1 X Control Unit, 1 X Abdominal Belt, 2 X Arm/Thigh Belt, 7 X Massager pads.

Flex Belt – Belt, gel pads, controller, batteries.

Slendertone Abs5 – Slendertone Abs5 Unisex Abdominal Muscle Toner, 1 set of replacement pads, 3 x AAA batteries, Instruction manual, Quick start guide, Travel pouch.


Compare Review: Easy Body Shredder vs Flex Belt vs Slendertone

Easy Body Shredder
One customer of Easy Body Shredder writes that they had been using the belt along with healthy diet and exercise. They can feel the machine working and already lost an inch of their waist. Another customer was down by 4 waist sizes in three though it consumes a lot of batteries. One reviewer says that there is no electrocution like other similar belts. The gel pads are said to snap on easily and use. According to one user of Easy Body Shredder, it feels strong the first time you use it and may need a few trials till you get the right muscles. They add this is a therapeutic device that tones the muscles along with relaxing them and you can use it on problem areas like the lower ab. One reviewer says that it is just about okay and gets result only if you use it on very high intensity. It’s ineffective on lower intensity and works if you also go to the gym. For another user it wouldn’t work more than 15 minutes and needed shutting down. One customer’s unit stopped working after a few days.


Flex Belt
A user who reviews Flex Belt says that it is a good quality product and not made of cheap quality. According to a reviewer who suffered from hernia and had to stop working out because of the pain. But using the belt reduced the appearance of the hernia and toned their abs without causing any pain. A senior reviewer writes that she has been using it without any discomfort or pain and could feel the difference in just 5 weeks on using it while reading emails. One reviewer says that its connector is of inferior quality and it malfunctioned after just two weeks. Another user also says that the belt pads are good enough for just two weeks and it doesn’t give the results it advertises. They didn’t see any difference after using it for four weeks, 5 days a week at high intensity level. For another reviewer it showed any results for the first week but thereafter even three weeks later it didn’t help. One user couldn’t get it to work at all and gave up soon.


Slendertone Abs5
One customer who reviewed Slendertone Abs5 says that it is very effective and they could feel their core strengthening. They add that it is not quite meant for weight loss but tightens the muscles and their pants became more comfortable and they could lose the baby fat and get the tummy back to normal. A user who is over 50 years old and not very active wears it in the morning to activate their abs and says it does a great job. Another customer says that it cannot be expected to be a miracle fat burner but it does tone and firm the abs quite well and it took just a week for them to see the results. According to one user it makes a difference when used in combination with exercise. One reviewer says that it only lasted them two months for such an expensive belt. When they contacted the customer care they didn’t even respond. According to another user, the belt says it fits 46 inches waist but it’s just 40 inches end to end and might not fit anyone with more than 36inch waist. One reviewer’s belt broke even before they could use it and wouldn’t fix at all. On contacting the store the user got free gel pads, which was useless because the unit broke. Reviewers have also complained of the belt being defective and beeping incessantly in the first time itself even after going through troubleshooting process.

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