Dyson Supersonic vs Panasonic vs Parlux Review

Compare What is it? Dyson Supersonic vs Panasonic vs Parlux

Dyson Supersonic is an incredible hair dryer made with hand finished leather and designed by James Dyson. This revolutionary hair dryer is different from other hair dryers. It lets you dry your hair close-up without damaging it and also dries your hair ultra fast. It lets you style and dry your hair simultaneously to give you straightening like results.

The all new Parlux Advance is an innovative, technologically advanced and “futuristic” hair dryer designed with the newest and latest K-Advance motor to deliver exceptional performance. It features the Ceramic and Ionic Technology which is essential for healthy, static-free hair. It is lightweight and silent too, increases the saving of energy and protects the environment too by using recyclable materials.

The Panasonic Nanoe is a Moisture Infusion Hair Dryer that lets you dry your hair without drying it out. Unique Panasonic nanoe technology takes the moisture from the air to create tiny, moisture-rich nanoe particles that are small enough to penetrate the shafts of your hair, helping to strengthen and protect it against damage from everyday heat styling and brushing. The Panasonic nanoe reduces damage, enhances shine and improves smoothness.


Compare How does it work? Dyson Supersonic vs Panasonic vs Parlux

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer uses a powerful digital motor V9 that will change the way you dry your hair. With the motor housed in the handle, this hair dryer is engineered for balance. It spins up to a 100,000 times a minute with one inaudible frequency so it’s faster and lighter than some other motors making this motor engineered for balance. Motor vibration is reduced while air temperature is monitored 20 times a second and regulated by a microprocessor which helps prevent extreme heat damage to your hair. The air multiplier connects to the motor, increasing the flow of air for faster, more efficient drying, while the in-built silencers mean you get all this power, with none of the noise.

Powered with the K-Advance motor, Parlux Advance has 2200 watts of drying power and a lifespan of 2500 hours of “guaranteed” operation. It has the “anti-heating” front body to maintain a low temperature in the front body of hair dryer. It uses recyclable materials, has a built-in silencer which greatly reduce the noise and delivers very fast drying to energy saving.

The Nanoe technology works by drawing naturally occurring ions present in the air and breaks them down into significantly smaller particles that are then combined and held together by water molecules. These new moisture-rich nanoe hair dryer particles—with nearly 1,000 times more moisture than regular ions—are infused into the hair while styling. In essence, the nanoe Hair Dryer helps protect and beautify your hair by taking moisture that’s outside and putting it on the inside leaving you with smoother, shinier and stronger hair.


Compare What to expect? Dyson Supersonic vs Panasonic vs Parlux

Dyson Supersonic’s Intelligent Hair Control lets you dry your hair without extreme hair damage, the controlled high- velocity airflow delivers ultra fast drying, the motor in the head and not handle is Engineered for Balance so the dryer’s weight and shape reduces arm ache, the Smoothing Nozzle airflow lets you style and dry at the same time to give you straightening like results. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer comes with a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, diffuser, non-slip heat proof mat and storage hanger. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is available in fuchsia/iron and white/silver.

Parlux Advance gives you healthy static-free hair, is noiseless and meets the requirements of hairdressers while also increasing the saving of energy and the safeguarding of the environment. The Parlux Advance Hair Dryer is available in gold, ice, blue, orange, red, fuchsia, white and black.

With the Panasonic Nanoe Moisture Infusion Hair Dryer you can enjoy fast, even drying with the unique quick-dry nozzle, precision styling with 3 pro-quality attachments so you can style while you dry, dry confidently with high and low air velocities for different styles and drying times, plus hot, warm and cool settings for different hair types.


Compare Features: Dyson Supersonic vs Panasonic vs Parlux

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer:
Intelligent Heat Control – Helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine – Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control. You can dry without the risk of extreme heat damage.

Ultra Fast Drying – Controlled, high velocity airflow ensures drying takes place fast.

Engineered for balance – The motor lies in the handle instead of the head completely re-balancing the dryer’s weight and shape for less arm ache.

The Smoothing Nozzle airflow lets you style and dry at the same time to give you straightening like results.


Parlux Advance Hair Dryer

  • Lightweight and silent
  • It has a power of 2200 Watts, Air Flow of 83 m3/h and Motor Life of 2500 Hours
  • Ceramic and Ionic Technology for healthy, static-free hair
  • Has an Instant Cold Shot Button
  • 9 Feet Strong Cable
  • Fast drying and energy saving
  • Has 4 Temperature Settings and 2 Speed Settings (Medium, Max)
  • 1 Year Warranty


Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

  • Nanoe hair dryer adds volume, minimizes frizz and reduces damage to hair from brushing
  • Infuses 1000x more moisture into hair than typical ion hair dryers
  • The unique quick dry nozzle provides dual airflow for faster drying
  • Style while you dry with three pro-quality nanoe attachments – a dual airflow Quick-Dry Nozzle is designed to dry hair faster; a Concentrator Nozzle provides focused airflow for precise styling; a full-sized Diffuser adds volume while combating frizz
  • 1875 Watts, two speeds, three heat settings and three attachments included.


Compare Price: Dyson Supersonic vs Panasonic vs Parlux

The Dyson Supersonic costs $399.99, the Parlux Advance costs $240 and the Panasonic nanoe Hair Dryer costs $129.99.


Compare REVIEW: Dyson Supersonic vs Panasonic vs Parlux


Amber Cummins who used the Panasonic Nanoe complains in her review that it does not cut down on hair drying time at all. Hair drying time is exactly the same as it is with other hair dryers. There is nothing special about this hair dryer but it works as a hair dryer, just don’t expect it to work faster than your old or cheaper hair dryer.

Tory Drake mention in her PANASONIC Nanoe review that it is a relatively quiet hair dryer. It’s nice and premium, but not worth $130. There is nothing that this hair dryer does that a $30 hair dryer doesn’t do. The hair dryer is top heavy and so does not have good balance. This is without adding the full size diffuser attachment. For home use, it’s okay. For professional use, it gets very tiring on the hand and wrist.

Jordan Clarke in her PANASONIC Nanoe review reveals that this hair dryer is very quiet and does not have a great shape. The drying speed is actually no faster than the $20 1350W hair dryer. The “quick dry” head dries even slower than the “precise dry” head. The dryer is heavy. Your hair may feel much smoother than before. It does its job to retain the moisture of your hair.

Courtney Harding complains in her PANASONIC Nanoe review that there is no difference with the “Nanoe Technology”. The ionizing and “moisture-rich nanoe particles” are a marketing ploy. The power is great and so are the separate speed and temperature controls. If you have the money and like the design it’s a well-built and very functional dryer. If you just want a good reliable dryer you can find good ones that are far cheaper.


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