Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Compare what is it? Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Dyson Pure and Molekule, both are air purifiers that help in removing allergens and pollutants from the room including pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and mold spores. They both change the quality of air without making a lot of noise. Both these purifiers are designed to be monitored via their respective apps.

The key difference between Dyson Pure and Molekule is the technology they use to purify the air. Dyson Pure uses a HEPA filter and also has the ability to heat or cool the room for the user. Molekule works at a molecular level and has a patent pending light-activated nano-filter.

Compare Design: Dyson Pure vs Molekule

The two purifiers are designed in a sleek manner to ensure that they sit comfortably in any room. The stylish exterior ensures that they go with most modern homes. They both are designed for easy cleaning of the filter system, making maintenance a breeze.

Molekule is crafted from machined aluminum and has a natural leather handle that helps in moving and placing it anywhere required.

Compare Unique Features: Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Dyson Pure

Dyson Pure

Dyson Pure

This air purifier provides year-round purification and also acts as a fan for hot summers and a powerful heater during winters. It sports a HEPA filter that is powerful enough to capture the smallest of allergens and pollutants. It is certified as Asthma and Allergy Friendly and also awarded the Quietmark accreditation. The filter comes with an automatic monitoring system and reacts on its own. It has a sleep timer and a night-time mode for quieter operation. Since there are no fast-spinning blades involved, it is completely safe for houses with children and pets.




The system offers three operation modes out, the Silent mode at 30 dBa for night time, Turbo Boost at 55 dBa for a quick cleaning, and Automatic at 42 dBa where the system switches the power as per the air quality, size of the room, and the number of individuals present. It offers a touchscreen display for easy selection. There are built-in sensors that are placed to notify the need to change the filters.

Compare Smartphone Compatibility: Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Both purifiers, Dyson Pure and Molekule have the ability to connect and sync with their respective smartphone apps. The Dyson Link app and Molekule app both have similar features where they can be used to control the modes on purifier. These apps also provide a detail about the functioning along with reports about the purified air and local air quality metrics.

Dyson Pure is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa for control via voice command.

Molekule’s app assures to get accustomed to the room over time and even increase in intelligence to report the indoor and outdoor surroundings air quality metrics.

Compare what does it do? Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Both, Dyson Pure and Molekule are air purifiers that are designed to remove allergens, pollutants, pollen, dust, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, and other airborne particles that can cause breathing issues and dampen the air quality.

Dyson Pure is capable of providing cooling and heating for summer and winter season.

Compare Technology: Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Dyson Pure
It comes with HEPA filter technology for automatic purification of the air. It has Jet Focus Control for concentrated airflow meant for personal use or in a diffused manner. The Automatic Night-Time Mode is the quietest and has dimmed LED display to reduce disturbance.

It uses a proprietary technology known as PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) to break the pollutants at their molecular level and convert them into non-toxic elements. The technology is studied and tested over two decades and is known to destroy pollutants that are 1000 times smaller than HEPA filters and is powerful enough to eliminate VOCs and viruses as well.

Compare Filtration: Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Dyson Pure
The 360 degrees Glass HEPA filter captures ultrafine particles that are present in the air. It is strong enough to capture pollens, bacteria, and pet dander. The HEPA filter is said to remove 99.97% allergens and pollutants that are as small as 0.3 microns. A second layer filter with active carbon is placed to capture odors and fumes from organic compounds and paints.

The four-step process begins by drawing the air from 360-degree direction. The air is then circulated through a pre-filter that traps larger particles. Later the PECO technology breaks down harmful pollutants at a molecular level. This way the released air is pure, pollution-free.

Compare Space Covered: Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Dyson Pure
No information is available.

600 square feet

Compare Dimensions: Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Dyson Pure
8.7” X 6” X 24.9”; 8.62 lbs.

23” H X 8.25” Diameter; 18 lbs.

Compare Filter

Dyson Pure
HEPA filter

PECO filter

Compare Noise Level: Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Dyson Pure
No actual statistics is provided, but it has a night-time mode that makes the operation quieter but equally effective.

It works between 30 dBa to 55 dBa depending on the selected mode.

Compare Price

Dyson Pure
$ 449.99

$ 799

Compare Pros and Cons: Dyson Pure vs Molekule

Molekule Pros
This filter is highly rated for its capability to improve breathing within any room. It is known to reduce coughing, decrease odor, and assist in getting a better sleep.

Molekule Cons
One of the few complaints that Molekule has is its functionality that sometimes isn’t effective enough. Servicing can be an issue even though most can be resolved by contacting the manufacturer.

Dyson Pure Pros
Overall, the filter is highly rated for its functioning as an air purifier. The addition of warm and cool setting also works decently. The sturdy design also fits perfectly and doesn’t make a lot of noise while working.

Dyson Pure Cons
As per a few reviewers, the app associated with the system isn’t well designed and sometimes has connectivity issues. Another issue mentioned is that it shuts off after reaching a desired hot temperature instead of maintaining the same.

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