Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

What is it? Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle is a pedal exerciser machine exclusively designed to be used in the work environment.

Cubii is the Only Digitally Connected Desk Elliptical machine that is designed to fit under your desk, providing unconscious exercise while you work.

Magnetrainer is a compact, lightweight commercial grade arm and leg exercise machine that gives you an exceptional leg workout while sitting in a comfortable chair.

Stamina is a portable folding exercise bike that sits on a tabletop or on the floor.


How does it work? Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle
Desk Cycle has a patented magnetic resistance mechanism that ensures smooth and quiet operation. The smooth pedal motion is good for your joints and ensures you don’t get distracted from your work. Desk Cycle operates quietly so there is no disturbance to your coworkers.

Designed with optimal angles that allow your legs to move smoothly and comfortably, Cubii gives you an unconscious under-the-desk workout with no bumped knees.

Magnetrainer is built with patented magnetic resistance, more than twice the resistance range of the other magnetic pedal exercisers. You can use it at work or home. Simply place the bike on a table top and pedal with your hands to work your arms and shoulders. The patented adjustable magnetic resistance system provides ultra-smooth pedal motion in both the forward and reverse directions. The MagneTrainer has more than three times the resistance range of the other magnetic pedal exercisers. It is also perfect for physical therapy.

The Stamina InStride Folding Cycle is lightweight and portable making it easy to take with you to the office, on vacation, or home to burn some additional calories while performing your regular daily tasks.


What does it do? Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle
Desk Cycle has a lower profile than the MagneTrainer. The pedals are 5 inches lower than the MagneTrainer so it fits under desks better. It could be used at a 27 inch desk by a person as tall as 5’7″. The pedal motion is bidirectional. This means you can pedal it forward as well as in reverse to work opposite muscle groups. Desk Cycle comes with large pedals with adjustable Velcro straps and has 8 calibrated resistance levels. There is also an online calorie calculator on the desk-cycle website.

Cubii is optimized to be comfortably used while sitting down, use it under a desk or otherwise. Cubii is the only seated elliptical that is connected to the mobile app and Fitbit so it keeps you honest, engaged, and motivated.

Motivation to work out is easier when your progress is monitored. Cubii ensures you are never alone on your fitness journey by connecting you to the digital space around you.

Magnetrainer features a wide resistance range and smooth pedal motion making it perfect for both physical therapy and healthy exercise. The MagneTrainer is ideal to exercise at work.

Stamina provides you with a lower body workout while pedaling with your feet while seated. You can also use it on a desk or tabletop and pedal with your hands for an upper body workout. Stamina offers you exercise that fits effortlessly into your life. Stamina is designed with a battery-operated electronic monitor that times your workout to keep you motivated. The sturdy rubber feet prevent the Stamina InStride Folding Cycle from slipping, and the straps hold your feet securely in place on the pedals. The Stamina InStride Folding Cycle has a convenient tension control that allows a broad range of pedal resistance to set the intensity of your workout.

Features: Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle
Ultra-Smooth pedal motion
The 39 lb effective flywheel weight keeps the pedals moving at a smooth pace.

Quiet Operation
The touch-free magnetic resistance mechanism of the DeskCycle is designed to be quiet so that it will not disturb your coworkers.

Wider Resistance Range
At the maximum setting, there is between 2 and 10 times the pedal resistance of the other bikes. The DeskCycle has 8 resistance levels.

Lowest Profile Under-Desk Bike
The highest pedal height is only 10 inches.

Bidirectional Pedal Motion
You can pedal the DeskCycle pedal exerciser in the forward and reverse directions to work opposite muscle groups.

1000 Minute display
The DeskCycle display records up to 1000 minutes (over 16 hours) of exercise activity. It displays time, speed, distance, calories and scan.

Wide Solid Base
The front leg is 20 inches wide.

Built to Last for Years
DeskCycle uses the same high-quality, heavy- duty components as the

Large Comfortable Velcro Pedals
The DeskCycle comes standard with large pedals with wide adjustable Velcro straps.

Online Calorie Calculator
Online Calorie Calculator gives you accurate calorie readings.

Optional Accessories
Accessories include Display Stand for your desk and a Larger Display.

Discreet Exercise
Cubii is specifically designed to be quiet so as to not disturb those around you. The compact design easily allows you to place Cubii under your desk. Cubii is ergonomically designed to prevent your knees from hitting the underside of your desk.

Feel More Energetic
Being continuously active throughout the workday is linked to improvements in brain health and motivation, an increase in productivity, higher energy and reduced stress and fidgeting.

Sturdy and Durable
Cubii is built to last. It is designed with better parts, better construction, and more quality control. Product size and weight were carefully considered.

Low Impact on Knees
Ergonomic elliptical motion, Cubii’s range of motion is lower which puts less pressure on your knees and makes the exercise smooth and unconscious.

Used by Desk Sitters Worldwide
If you are struggling to find the time to exercise and looking for a low impact exercise to help you then the Cubii is perfect for all fitness levels and ages.

Exercise your Arms and Legs
The MagneTrainer pedals are designed with molded hand grips for comfortable hand pedaling. Optional Ergo Handles are available for those who require vertical hand orientation.

Quiet Magnetic Resistance
The MagneTrainer is extremely quiet that when used at work, your coworkers won’t hear you using it.

Smooth Pedal Motion
Smooth pedal motion is healthy for your joints and is a must for physical therapy. The 39lb effective flywheel weight ensures the pedals move at a smooth pace.

Using the MagneTrainer is an unconscious activity at lower resistance levels.

Stepless Resistance Dial
Unlike other bikes, the MagneTrainer is not limited to 8 resistance levels. The resistance on the MagneTrainer can be set to any value within its very wide range. The 5-rotation dial lets you precisely select the resistance you want.

LCD Display
It displays your speed, time, distance, and calories.
The display accumulates your time, distance and calories until you reset it. The display turns on when you use the bike and automatically turns off when you finish exercising.

Pedal Forwards and Backwards
The MagneTrainer is bidirectional.

Comfortable Hand/Feet Pedals
The pedals have ball bearings and are molded with finger grooves to fit your hands comfortably. The wide adjustable Velcro straps adjust to your feet to provide a comfortable pedaling experience.

Widest Resistance Range
MagneTrainer provides you with the resistance you need so it is perfect for light physical therapy and for a high cardio workout.
The resistance adjusts from nearly nothing to more than you need.

Professional Quality / Affordable Price

Used in Hospitals and Therapy Centers
MagneTrainers is the choice of many doctors and physical therapists. It is used extensively in hospitals, physical therapy clinics, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Stamina comes equipped with a battery-operated electronic monitor to time your workout and keep you motivated. Stamina’s convenient tension control offers several resistance levels slowing you to vary your workout intensity depending on your fitness level. Also, the sturdy nonslip rubber feet ensure the Stamina InStride stays put in place while you exercise. Other features include handy foot straps, a durable steel tubular frame, and a pewter gray finish. The InStride, which weighs a mere 9 pounds, carries a 90-day warranty.

Stamina is compact and lightweight. You can simply fold it and take it with you to the office and it is easy to store too. The InStride Folding Cycle has a durable steel tubular frame for solid workouts for years to come.

AEROBIC CONDITIONING AND HEART HEALTH: decreasing your risk of heart disease. It also increases HDL and reduces the amount of triglycerides in the blood, and helps lower blood pressure. The smooth bicycle motion improves circulation. STRONGER MUSCLES AND BONES: Consistent exercise strengthens muscles at any age. Both upper and lower body InStride Folding Cycle movements help in the improvement of muscle strength in legs, arms, shoulders and back. And exercise helps prevent osteoporosis and the risk of broken bones. BETTER OVERALL HEALTH: Cycling helps you maintain flexibility without stress on the joints. Regular use can help reduce discomfort from arthritis or back pain and diabetics benefit from increased blood circulation. Other benefits include improved digestion, lung function and higher metabolism.


Resistance: Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle has 8 resistance settings.

Cubii has 8 levels of resistance.

Magnetrainer can provide the resistance you need. The resistance adjusts from nearly nothing to more than you need.

Stamina – several resistance levels


Is it Bi-directional? Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle – Yes

Cubii – Yes, you can pedal in reverse.

Magnetrainer – Yes

Stamina – Not found


Pedals: Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle
The DeskCycle comes standard with large pedals with wide adjustable Velcro straps.

Cubii allows you to balance your feet on the pedals so you don’t rotate them. You can put your feet on the casing in the middle.

Magnetrainer – The pedals are molded with finger grooves to fit your hands comfortably. These pedals have ball bearings and the wide adjustable Velcro straps adjust to your feet to provide a comfortable pedaling experience.

Stamina – Sturdy nonslip rubber feet and sturdy foot straps provide stability.


Height: Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle
Lowest pedal height available – only 10 Inches. It can work with desks as low as 27 Inches.

Cubii – Perfect for all heights

Magnetrainer – Raises the far side of bike by 4 inches and provides wider support than standard leg.

Stamina – Not found


Price: Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle – $159.00

Cubii – $299.00

Magnetrainer – $151.05

Stamina – $31.62


Warranty: Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle comes with a full One Year Warranty on All parts and labor.

Cubii – within 6 months of delivery date

Magnetrainer– 1year

Stamina– 90 days of purchase


Compare Reviews: Desk Cycle vs Cubii vs Magnetrainer vs Stamina

Desk Cycle

Desk Cycle user reviews assert that the Desk Cycle started thumping with every rotation of the pedal. Basically a ‘thump’ in the right pedal at a certain point in the rotation. It is too big to fit under a desk.

With a height of 5′ 6′ and with average limbs had to pull it out from under the desk to actually cycle which defeats the purpose.
You may have to slouch down in your seat to get in a comfortable position, and the bike constantly moves.

It was very uncomfortable trying to peddle in the office chair. It rocked back and forth and so could not be productive at the same time of peddling. Floor is not carpeted so it would slide back or the chair would.

Knees hit the desk. Due to the pressure from pedaling you can only have it set on the lowest resistance (if you have a chair with wheels) otherwise you are pushed away from the desk.

There were many scuffs on the plastic for the center part of the bike, and the socket for the right pedal was stripped as if someone had tried to install it and failed.

Could never assemble it and the calorie tracker is inaccurate. After 1 week, it began making a squeaking noise.

Magnetrainer will not work well under your desk, made the back uncomfortable.

It was too high to exercise with under a desk. It has a poor build quality and bad instructions.

It is very hard to find a chair that can be comfortably used with it. This is especially the case on high tension settings. The design is not very good for your knees.

Attempting to fix the posture is also very difficult.


Acccording to the Cubii reviews, the Cubii was charged as instructed and was paired with the phone, but now it acts as if it’s completely dead. Have set it on “1” through “8” and none of the settings feel any different.

There is zero resistance on this even at the highest setting, it just free spins.

The Bluetooth connection is weak and clunky, must disconnect and reconnect every session.

Cubii does not seem to remember any information about exercising done while the app is not connected to it via Bluetooth.

Normal pedaling causes Cubii to slide away from the user when used on smooth surfaces (hardwood or laminate floor, for example).
After using it for just a few weeks on and off, the battery and Bluetooth lights no longer come on and the Cubii can’t be located with the phone anymore.

The pedals are not spaced far enough from the body to keep from knocking it and getting stuck.

The body needs to be skinnier to accommodate the pedals.
Cubii is very quiet, very easy to use/set up.


Magnetrainer reviews say that the Magnetrainer is too heavy to move, much less put on a table to use.

Magnetrainer is a nice machine, but with a poor design. Your heel will hit the support bar on the bottom with every rotation.
The Velcro tensioner strap for leg adjustment broke 1st use.
It was difficult to stay stationery. There is no resistance.
They should have relied on a more secure fitting, barely feel any effects after 40 minute of pedaling.

Hard to get a good work out because it moves all over the place, it’s fine if you want a very light work out to increase circulation. The directions suggest you tie it to something but that option isn’t available for me.

Digital monitor already stopped working less than 3 months after getting it. The dial on the monitor is hard to read when exercising.

No right height seat to use to be in a comfortable riding position. Desks in my office were too small to petal underneath.

The magnetic resistance is working well. Really quiet but just won’t stay still, very poor design, Slid away easily.

The Velcro strap that comes with it is pretty useless, calorie count thinks it’s doing, but it’s hilariously inaccurate.

The pedals are high up making it difficult to use from sitting in the average chair and unit slides across the floor making it more difficult to use.

Do not plan on using a computer while you use this product, resistance doesn’t go nearly strong enough.


Stamina user reviews assert that the tension screw doesn’t work as intended. The resistance function does not work. The cycle has only one level of resistance, which is next to nothing, and the wheels stick frequently. Stamina is just a bunch of junk.

Stamina has a very short radius for pedaling so you don’t get much range of motion. The pedals stick and are choppy in motion which was not good post surgery, adjusting resistance made only a minimal difference. Stamina slides on the floor (both carpet and on wood) so I had to brace it on something else which made it harder to use.
The design is poor- it does not grip the floor, it slides all over. The pedaling motion is not fluent. It says it has the feature to make it harder to pedal but that is about worthless- over all Stamina is not recommended.

Stamina is a poor substitute for the DeskCycle, probably cause some sort of breakage if used extensively. The ‘computer’ that it comes with is also a piece of junk, and the case kept coming apart.
The price of the Stamina exercise machine is very cheap but the quality is also very low. The cycle is too light weight and tension is impossible to set properly.

The metal gets very hot when pedaling fast. If you want a good workout, this is not for you.

Even on carpet it slips all over the place. Stamina is hard to peddle and the straps don’t fit snug. Stamina cannot be used by anyone with big feet.

The pedals look and feel pretty cheap, unable to adjust the speed at all. Sadly it cannot be used with any chair/table/desk combination in our home.

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