Crepe Erase vs Nerium AD

Compare What is it? Crepe Erase vs Nerium AD

Crepe Erase is a revolutionary body treatment product that claims to transform aging skin to look and feel healthier and younger again. Working on the areas of face, arms, legs and neck it promises to deliver desired results without any invasive or expensive procedure.

Nerium AD Age Defying Night Cream as the name suggests fights ageing and also boosts skin renewal to reveal younger looking skin. It is the flagship product of Nerium and has been clinically tested to fight aging through its patented NAE-8 extract.


Compare How does it work? Crepe Erase vs Nerium AD

Crepe Erase claims to contain an exclusive TruFirm Complex which has been designed to treat and improve the signs of aging and slackening skin. The two-step introductory system first erases the crepey skin and then the Exfoliating Body Polish and the Intensive Body Repair Treatment unfolds a radiant, smooth and youthful look. The skin-restoring plant extracts in TruFirm also aids in promoting healthy collagen and elastin. It further helps in supporting and reinforcing the skin’s netting system that is responsible for keeping the skin visibly smooth and firm. Moreover, the transformation begins from the first use itself thus providing desired results much sooner than other creams.

Nerium AD powered by its patent-pending extract of the Nerium Oleander plant, NeriumAD acts as a powerful antioxidant and works to inhibit free radical damage. It addresses the signs and causes of aging. Not only that, it also targets the causes of skin damaging inflammation. The mask-like form of NeriumAD gently seeps in through the skin to effectively deliver maximum results. It also boosts the cell-renewal process to reveal a much younger-looking skin. Plus the advanced formula works on existing as well as future signs of aging so as to maintain a healthy looking skin for a long time.


Compare What to expect? Crepe Erase vs Nerium AD

Crepe Erase
• Rejuvenation of dry, aging and crepey skin
• Healthy skin turnover
• Overall improvement in skin texture
• Removal of dead skin cells
• Firming and smoothening of aging skin
• Retains skin moisture throughout the day
• Can be used on legs, arms, chest, neck and other areas


• Fights the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
• Works on Hyperpigmentation and Uneven Skin Texture
• Seals Enlarged Pores
• Repairs Aging or Sun-Damaged Skin
• Enhances General appearance of skin
• Ideal for all skin types
• Can be used on Face, Neck, hands and


Compare Ingredients: Crepe Erase vs Nerium AD

Crepe Erase – Does not mention the list of ingredients. Probably because it will expose the product.

• NAE-8 Proprietary Blend
– Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Liquid
– Nerium Oleander Leaf
• Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Liquid
• Proprietary Protein
– Collagen
– Elastin
– Glycosaminoglycans
• Glycerin
• Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil


Compare Price: Crepe Erase vs Nerium AD

Crepe Erase – $59.95 per MONTH + S/h

Nerium AD – $59.95


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