Crepe Erase vs Coconut Oil

What Is Coconut oil?
Also referred to as Copra oil, it is the edible oil that can be extracted from the meat or kernels of mature coconuts that are harvested from coconut palms i.e Cocos Nucifera. It has traditionally been used in cosmetics and foods. It can last up to 6 months at 24 degrees C (75 degrees F) because it is resistant to rancidification thanks to its high fat content, which means it oxidizes very slowly.


Coconut Oil Benefits For Skin
For starters, it works well as a moisturizer to sooth your dry hands. You can also use coconut oil to highlight your cheekbones. It’s the most natural effect you can get and without the need for any store bought products. Coconut oil has been used in many cultures for centuries as a conditioner for hair. It penetrates much faster than mineral or sunflower oil and can be washed off with a shampoo whenever you want.

Tired of the regular shaving creams that are not only expensive but contain way too many chemicals? Now you can start using coconut oil for legs, underarms etc and its soothing properties will do the rest. It also has anti microbial properties, which is another advantage. Studies have shown that coconut oil can be used effectively as a body moisturizer. Its impact has been seen when it comes to healing wounds faster. It is also a good option because it reduces water loss in dry areas and makes sure that your skin stays hydrated.

There are many who have realized the ill effects of using chemicals on their skin. In many instances like when you want to remove makeup there is no reason to because Coconut oil works equally well, even when you have to remove waterproof mascara. Moreover thanks to its antimicrobial, antifungal and moisturizing properties it can be used to clean your face as well. A dab of coconut oil can also add shine to your skin or hair and leave it looking glossy and glamorous.

If you want to stop spending money on those body scrubs then you can use coconut oil, which gives you a luscious, luxurious experience. You can start by melting it over low heat and then pouring it over brown sugar. A drop of vanilla extract and essential oil will add to the fragrance and do the trick. Finally, since Coconut oil is moisturizing, slippery and great for your skin, it can be used during massages that will also leave your skin hydrated.


Coconut Oil Ingredients
The maximal concentration of Fatty acids in Coconut oil is about: Caprylic saturated C8 – 9%, Decanoic saturated C10 – 10%, Lauric saturated C12 – 52%, Myristic saturated C14 – 19%, Palmitic saturated C16 – 11%, Oleic monounsaturated C18:1 – 8%, other – 5.3%.

The general composition of Coconut Oil is: Saturated Fatty Acids – 91%, Mono usaturated fatty acids – 6%, Total polyunsaturated fatty acids – 3%, Linoleic Acid – 2%, Oleic Acid – 6%. (The numbers are percent by weight of total fat).

Its smoke point is 177 degree Celsius (350 degrees F)

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