Beachbody Country Heat vs CIZE Workout Program

Compare Methodology? Country Heat vs CIZE

Country Heat and CIZE are at-home dance workouts that help the performer lose weight fast and easily without the boredom of going to the gym. Both are 30-day programs that need you to dedicate 30-45 minutes a day dancing and include a diet chart to help you lose weight effectively. Country Heat and Cize both assure you that you do not have to be a skilled dancer and they break down the routine step-by-step so that you manage. The programs do not include pushups, pull-ups, lunges, squats or gym equipment.

Country Heat is created by fitness expert Autumn Calabrese and has Country music that the user dances to. It has a nutrition plan with 7 color-coded containers and Shakeology Shaker Cup to put you on track with nutrition. It gives sustainable real life results. Beach Body Cize is a fitness program by expert Shaun T that has a person dancing and shedding weight groovy pop music.


Compare What to Expect? Country Heat vs CIZE

Country Heat – The program helps you lose up to 26 lbs in 90 days along with a sculpted body and sustainable diet.

CIZE – The workout program is so effective that if you follow it to the hilt, expect to lose as many as 100 lbs in 10 months.


Compare Workouts? Country Heat vs CIZE

Country Heat – This 3 DVDs of the program include 6 high-energy dance routines with low-impact moves. You can dance to step-by-step moves on different tracks and style in each routine. The routines are Country Swing to crank up the calorie burn, Down & Dirty to fire up the muscles and pump up metabolism. Trail Ride burns the fat, Giddy Up speeds up the heart rate and work on the legs and glutes, Bring the Heat has high-energy moves to blast the whole body and pump up the heart rate. Dance Conditioning uses toning and conditioning moves to use your own body weight to build muscles and sculpt the body. There’s also a bonus dance workout Night Crawl Line, an exclusive track and choreography by Autumn.

CIZE – The 6 dance routines on 3 workout DVDs provide calorie-burning workout. Crazy 8s is a 35-minute routine of dancing and sweating. You Got This has all-new moves and vibe that allows you to pick up the pace. Full Out is the next level all-out routine that will make the user a front and center dancer. In the Pocket challenges one’s dance skills. By the time one gets to Go for It, the user becomes a pro dancer while losing weight. Livin’ in the 8s is the final routine that’s a different dance experience.


Compare What do I get? Country Heat vs CIZE

Country Heat – Workout DVDs, My Eating Plan to make weight loss simple and easy without starving or abstaining from favorite foods, 7 color-coded containers to store food, Quickstart Guide to get you started, and 30-Day Calendar to note down your progress.

CIZE – 3 Workouts DVDs, step-by-step Get Started Guide, Eat Up! Meal Plan – a book of easy and delicious recipes, Beginner’s and Advanced Calendar to keep tabs on your progress. 8 Counts Abs Workout give you a sexy body, Weekend Survival Guide for the Dos and Don’ts of a workout on weekend, 7-Day Cize Down – a low calorie, flexible and delish menu to give you a easy-to-make recipes of meals and snacks for 7 days.


Compare Price? Country Heat vs CIZE

Country Heat
3 monthly installments of $19.95 + $12.95 S&H

3 monthly installments of $19.95 + $12.95 S&H


Compare Review? Country Heat vs CIZE

Country Heat
Developed by the BeachBody brand famed the world over, Country Heat Dance Workout program is a premiere workout program that has roped in popular fitness experts to grab attention and channelize their expertise, appeal and passion for country music. This will help users shed pounds by working out to the tune of country music. The program involves a diet plan and custom workout routines by experts. The plan is very simple to follow and yields big results. Apart from DVDs, they are also available on online streaming platforms like iPad, iPhone and others. The basic objective of Country Heat is to get people on their feet and enjoy the process of staying fit.

Created by Autumn Calabrese, Country Heat offers high-quality impact even while performing low-impact exercises. The user soon warms up to country-inspired music that is vigorous and yet fun. The workout system does not require strenuous exercises like weight lifting. The aim of the workout session is to make the most of music while exercising to burn fat and enjoy dancing, which will inspire others to take it up. The program focuses on specific areas which need immediate attention. The diet plan of the workout system is as simple to follow and each meal portion provides complete satisfaction. Not only are the portions healthful and delicious to reach weight goals but also provide weight management for years. The program is easy for beginners and challenging for any fitness level. It efficiently works on problem areas such as buttocks, thighs and waist.

A reviewer who had struggled to lose weight for an entire year with various exercises says that they were skeptical about Cize at first. But Shaun T’s presentation motivated them even before beginning with the program. Cize has a completely different approach to weight loss. Instead of over enthusiasm, Shaun T keeps things simple and realistic. The program brings out the rhythm inside a person and gets them sweating quickly. Right at the end of the first session, the user felt invigorated and like they were getting workout for their whole body. The music is upbeat and keeps you pumped up. By the end of four weeks, they lost ample amounts of weight without the feel of having worked out. The additional materials such as the Getting Started Guide, Calendar, and Meal Plans are very beneficial too.

The reviewer adds that the fact that the program does not require equipment is a big plus. The dance routines are well choreographed and the step-by-step breakdown helps a lot. Ordering the DVD from the website was quick and hassle-free and the 24/7 Customer Support is helpful. On the flip side, the user adds that the program is too strenuous and needs you to put in a lot of effort. With the diet you need to make a lot of sacrifices, too, but you still can have some portion of your favourite food. These habits help in the long run in weight loss goals. The reviewer lost 15 lbs in a month and looks forward to the dance routine.

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