Core de Force vs 21 Day Fix vs Turbo Fire

Compare what it is? Core de Force vs 21 Day Fix vs Turbo Fire

Core de Force
It is a workout program of 30 days in which no equipment are required. It’s a group of core-defining workouts inspired by Mixed Martial Arts and strives to help you achieve desired results in 30 days.

21 Day Fix
It is a 21-day workout program created by Autumn Calabrese that helps shed up to 15 lbs in 21 days. It consists of a simple fitness regimen combined with simple diet, which comprises Portion Control eating system and seven 30-minute workouts to be performed each week.

Turbo Fire
A total-body cardio-conditioning workout program designed to be performed in sync with music along with the best trainer in a classroom set-up. It is a 90-day weight-loss and body slimming program that targets nine times more fat and calories than regular cardio exercises.

Compare how does it work? Core de Force vs 21 Day Fix vs Turbo Fire

Core de Force
It is projected as a unique form of mixed martial arts workouts provided in the Beachbody catalogue. Its designers, Joel and Jericho have taken effort to make the exercises seem energetic and upbeat. Boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai combination of workouts claim to reduce fats and chisel the body by melting stubborn belly fat and curves.

21 Day Fix
The program includes 30 minutes a day workout and a diet plan that allows you to eat but in correct portions. It has seven color coded containers that are coded for different types of food and in different quantity. “If the food fits in the container you can eat it” is the basic principle it’s based on.

Turbo Fire
Its workouts (called HIIT) elevate your oxygen consumption that makes your body break down fats and burn calories at an advanced rate in entirety. Chalene, the promoter of this system calls it the AfterBurn Effect.

Compare Methodology: Core de Force vs 21 Day Fix vs Turbo Fire

core de Force
The vigorous workouts in Core de Force DVDs include a 3-minute round comprising a combination of fighting postures, exercises, punches and kicks that burn calories and increase heart beats. The moves get you to persist with workouts for really long at your own pace. No fitness equipment is required in this program.

21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix Start Here
The 21 Day Fix DVD planners explain how you can lose weight with some challenging workouts and diet plan with the containers provided.

21 Day Fix Eating Plan
The 21 Day Fix diet plan consists of seven color-coded containers and Shakeology (a shaker cup) in which you need to fill the prescribed foods with the right portions and from time to time. You need to fill each container with the foodstuff mentioned as per the diet plan and combine it with drinking a lot of water and tea and coffee in right quantity at appropriate time. Additionally, veggies can be kept in the green container to snack on of needed.

Turbo Fire
Chalene Johnson, the creator of Turbo Fire, presents some moves to burn calories swiftly (at the Fire Starter Class level). The Turbo Fire DVDs include two workouts of low impact but demanding enough along with 20 non-stop music remixes.

TurboFire classes include Fire Drills [also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)]
The Fire Drill program first make you exercise vigorously and then perform a quick recovery break, after which you need to start exercising again. HIIT workouts increase metabolism and burn calories for the next 24 hours after workout.

Compare what to expect? Core de Force vs 21 Day Fix vs Turbo Fire

Core de Force
The Core de Force program endeavors to make your body perform 360 degrees impact exercise to cut down on fats and chisel the midsection part. Different moves like boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai burn calories and fat wherever they are not required. It makes the weight of your body to regain the lost shape. The interval training add to the intense cardio burn and are safe and good for the heart.

21 Day Fix
The 21 Day Fix program emphasises on healthier eating habits through the special diet plan it includes. Most of the exercises are repeated at intervals and to keep you active throughout. You can lose up to 15 pounds, develop carved solid muscles and a six-pack in 21 days with continuous effort and the will to lose weight. The workout plan also aims to make you feel better prepared physically for the next day.

Turbo Fire
The pace of the Turbo Fire workouts is continuous and really fast. Even though the exercises aligned seem fast-paced and makes you changing position drastically, the actual workouts are not complicated. This program is suited to people who are new to workouts as well as to those who’re experienced.

Compare Exercises Routines? Core de Force vs 21 Day Fix vs Turbo Fire

Core de Force
Round 3 minutes workouts are a part of Core de Force, in which rounds ranging from six rounds to nine and to 12 and are done one at a time. The harder you work out, the more fats you burn. This workout comprises seven workouts per week. A calendar to see which workout is to be done each day is also provided.

MMA Speed
This workout concentrates on the upper body and is core-focused. It’s basically a boxing-influenced workout system. It consists of six rounds that last for 27 minutes.

MMA Shred
Muay Thai-inspired elbows and kicks comprise the MMA Shred workout. It is a head-to-toe exercise that can help you lose weight very fast. It consists of nine rounds of 37 minutes duration.

MMA Power
It is about performing vigorous movements that imitate dynamic moves for self-defence. It’s a fast-paced cardio-conditioning workout that comprises 12 rounds to be performed for 47 minutes.

MMA Plyo
Being a combination of Boxing, Muay Thai, and plyometrics, it imparts a total-body shred that can burn a lot of calories and melt fat. It consists of 12 rounds that last 47 minutes.
Power Sculpt

It is designed to burn fats through power and interval training. It also aims to help you shape up and build lean muscle along with endurance. (9 rounds — 37 minutes)

Dynamic Strength
This element of Core de Force is low on impact but high on intensity. It imparts a remarkable definition on the body. It comprises 12 rounds that last 47 minutes.

Active Recovery
This phase is designed to help you rejuvenate for one week as a rest day workout. It stresses on form and technique to relieve you of muscle stiffness and soreness. It lasts for 21 minutes.

It’s a quick stretch session for five minutes to be performed before going to bed. It is designed to soothe tight and tired muscles and keep you fit enough to get ahead smoothly.

Core Kinetics (Duration: 15 minutes): It’s a novel core workout that has been prepared as a blend of mixed martial arts movements.
Core on the Floor (Duration: 5 minutes): It is the perfect core finisher which consists of five stimulating plank movements for melting fat on belly. It also chisels, flattens and tones the stomach.

21 Day Fix
1. Total Body Cardio Fix
It keeps your heart rate up and increases your metabolism even after the workout is over.

2. Upper Fix
It consists of concentrated resistance training that focuses on shaping up the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs.

3. Lower Fix
It tones up the entire lower body while making it firm. It also burns fat and calories effortlessly.

4. Pilates Fix
It toughens the core, extend muscles and makes hips and thighs firm.

5. Cardio Fix
It boosts your heart rate and gives a complete body workout. It’s a very effective way to shed weight.

6. Yoga Fix
It enhances your balance, flexibility and strength while soothing your muscles.

The Portion Control System: It is a collection of some specially designed containers that are color coded for a highly effective diet plan to maximise the results of the workout. The BPA-free and dishwasher-safe containers are designed to store specific food items in.
Below are details of the color-coded containers
•Green container (one)– for vegetables

•Purple Container (one)– for fruit

• Red Container (one)– for protein

• Yellow Container (one)– for carbohydrates

•Blue Container (one)– for healthy fats and cheese

• Orange Containers (two)- for seeds and oils

•Shakeology Shaker Cup- for shakes or drinks

You need to store food items as per the colors mentioned above and consume them dedicatedly. There’s no need for you to count the calories.

Turbo Fire
This program comprises 5 DVDS for power-packed workouts. The duration of the classes ranges from 10 to 55 minutes.

Fire Starter Class
It helps you perfect your form and become proficient in the TurboFire techniques. Its designer has broken them down to help you make the transit smoothly.

These workouts may be called low but in reality they’re high-intensity workouts that lift the AfterBurn Effect to help with burning calories.

fire hiIts: FIRE 30, FIRE 40, FIRE 45, FIRE 55 CLASSES
These longer cardio classes comprise additional versions of the HIITs created by Chalene in extended formats to develop your endurance and get rid of calories.

This stage that comprises nearly one-minute intervals during these classes helps you burn calories for up to 24 hours past workout.

It helps you build up flexibility, diminish soreness and stretch hardworking muscles through the warming down after-sessions of this program.

Abs 10 Class
Helps attain six-pack abs

Compare Price? Core de Force vs 21 Day Fix vs Turbo Fire

Core de Force
Three monthly payments of $19.95 (free S&H)

21 Day Fix
Three monthly payments of $19.95 (+$12.95 S&H) or single payment option during checkout

Turbo Fire
Two monthly payments of $39.95 (+$14.95 S&H)

Reviews: Core de Force vs 21 Day Fix vs Turbo Fire

Core de Force

Core de Force has received feedback on different aspects for a number of people who’ve used it. One customer who bought it a month ago advises that with proper nutrition and disciplined workouts one can attain desired results from this program. He says that the nutrition guide provided with Core de Force is to be closely referred and followed to get positive results.

One more customer who’s written in seems overall happy with the 30-day program except for just two movements. He’s mentioned them from the viewpoint of an experienced user but has also said that both the issues are minor. He talked about the Jab, regarding which he says that the rotation of front foot needs improvement. He also spoke about the clinch and the move getting exaggerated when one is performing it. He’s like to see something done about that too.

21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix, according to a customer, seems more of an advertising gimmick. He has complained that there’s nothing exceptional about its exercises and the diet program. He received a basic version of 21 Day Fix, which contains too many unwanted advertisements. Another customer claims that the lower body workout in the 21 Day Fix is not safe for people with knee problems. According to him, ots workout moves are also not suitable for women. The exercises are only for quads and not for hamstrings, while there should be a balance in exercises for both to prevent injuries. He feels some alternative moves should be included in the workout and that the warm up exercises should be extended.

Another customer who tried the 21 Day Fix program feels that it is rather female-oriented. He didn’t find the diet plan effective enough either. Yet another customer says that planning out meals and exercise timings that are a part of this workout is time-consuming. The increased monthly grocery expense and consuming protein shakes further add to the trouble. He lost only three pounds in 21 days, in spite of following all the instructions and the diet plan.

A woman who purchased the 21 Day Fix package says that the diet plan and is too demanding. Being a working woman, she finds it very difficult to follow the regimen. She can’t find time to measure her portions over and over again and she’s been spending at least an hour more washing the containers and filling them again.

21 Day Fix, according to another customer, doesn’t burn 400 calories as advertised. The workout needs additional cardio exercises, so he’s added some to it on his own. The program also doesn’t specify measurements for the food to be stored in the containers. TAlso, there are some foods which don’t fit in the container but can be eaten; the mantra, “If it fits in the container, you can eat it” is proven hollow. He thinks that the promoters of this program seem more occupied with selling additional products like proteins and shakes.

21 Day Fix DVD also includes some wonderful Yoga steps, but they are demonstrated too fast in the DVD. As a result, he finds it difficult to follow the ‘asanas’. The container program, according to him, is well-organized but the quantity of the super foods prescribed in it is too less. He also doubts whether one can manage with minimal carbs that this diet plan prescribes, especially if one is following an Indian diet.

One user who purchased the 21 Day Fix DVDs got the first DVD damaged. As an experienced user, he didn’t find the workouts very challenging. The only good point about the program, he says, is that it keeps him active throughout the day.

21 Day Fix exercises are too difficult for a customer, who says he ends up feeling drained after performing them. He also finds its price too high. Further, its containers and are of low quality, according to him.

Turbo Fire Review

A customer who bought the Turbo Fire DVDs says that three workouts shown in it are short and too fast-paced. Having used it for some days, he now feels that it’s not meant for him. Some of his friends actually liked the training but he’s finding it difficult and so plans to quit.

Turbo Fire, another user says, is overpriced and is just not an effective routine workout. This customer claims that its packing is also not good, and that the 80 minutes HIIT workout, a 10-minute abs workout and a stretching exercise aren’t sufficient.
There’s one more customer who says she doesn’t like the Turbo Fire workouts and exercises as much as the original Turbo DVD workout. The new DVD contains some of the old exercises, in which some new moves seem to be thrown in just for effect.

One reviewer says that Turbo Fire program isn’t really better than kick-boxing exercises, so he sent it back. He found the movements too frenzied and chaotic. However, another customer who’s been using Turbo Fire says that the exercises are good for toning. He also finds the manual very effective and helpful and even appreciated Chalene as an excellent instructor.

There’s another customer who’s heaped praises on the music of the Turbo Fire DVDs. Although he’s stopped using it due to knee problems, he’s still impressed with the workout and the impact that Chalene generates through it. However, another customer’s review indicates that his experience with Turbo Fire hasn’t been good. He says that when he got the DVD, the resistant band wasn’t there in it. He contacted the sellers to complain but he never got any response from them. The audio part of the program also did not work properly, and there was nothing he could do. To make matters worse, he even found typing errors in the instruction manual. He now doubts its authenticity and feels it’s better to go for some other workout program instead.

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