Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner REVIEW

Compare what is it? Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner

Cold Shoulder Vest
It is a vest specially created to burn fat when worn while exercising. It works on the premise that the body will have to burn more calories to heat up and fight against the cooling that the ice packs within the vest provide to cool down the body while working out.

Cool Fat Burner
It is apparently the world’s first fat burning vest that apparently increases calorie burning three times while preserving and building muscle. It cools down the body with ice packs while working out. Cool Fat Burner also works at various levels that address vital health issues related to working out.


Compare how does it work? Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner

Cold Shoulder Vest
It boasts of a relatively simple mechanism that makes it easy to use and yet effective. The vest is to be placed into a freezer and supposed to be taken out when you wish to start the workout. Cold Shoulder Vest is designed to be worn over clothes to protect the skin and works well when the temperature is comfortable and not hot. Here, the body utilises calories for heat generation and to stand the cooling splash which the ice packs, made to be placed along the back and shoulders in the vest.

Cool Fat Burner
The concept of the Cool Fat Burner vest and the Cool Gut Buster is the combination of thermogenesis (the process of the body’s cells to generate heat) and stimulation of brown fat cells (a newly discovered fat cell that boosts metabolism).
The makers of Cool Fat Burner guarantee that users will see a threefold increase in metabolism and calorie burn, acquire muscles that build faster and also lean muscle growth. They also claim that the users can shed up to 500 calories a day by wearing this vest for only a few hours, though they also mention that results will vary on the basis on age, gender, hormones along with diet and exercise practices.

The Cool Fat Burner is designed to be worn at different settings that range from Beginner, Moderate, and Hardcore. It’s the only cooling vest that can operate at three different levels and actually makes calories burn unlike other brands. Accessories like socks, gloves and are provided to be used with it and it also makes it possible for the user to carry about work as well as leisure activities regularly. Also, as users becomes more comfortable with cold and can go about their work normally wearing it. There are three levels of cold thermogenesis, and the higher intensities bring about significant calorie burning. The intensity levels can be controlled or changed with clothing, temperature, drinking ice water during sessions, etc. when both-Cool Fat Burner and Cool Gut Buster are worn simultaneously.


Compare what to expect? Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner

Cold Shoulder Vest – The makers of Cold Shoulder Vest claim that one can expect desirable results by wearing Cold Shoulder Vest be worn at home and also at work as it is designed to fit with regular clothing. It does not protrude and make one look bloated with freezer packs into clothes as the freezer packs are thin. One can also look forward to burning 500 calories every day it is worn.

Cool Fat Burner – The makers of Cool Fat Burner guarantee that it will meet all expectations of burning large amount of calories in an hour even while one does nothing; just wearing the vest will suffice. It’s not any less than working out vigorously.


Compare Features: Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner

Cold Shoulder Vest

• Melts excess calories without exercise.

• Simple and quick in action- needs just a minute to wear and take off

• Burns the same amount of calories as a vigorous gym workout would

• Demands no time and effort- designed to be just worn while going about work normally

• Based on findings proven by decades of research by scientists across Harvard to Cambridge

• Scientific in nature- crafted on the premise of calorie burn via cold exposure

• Comfortable and non-interfering once accustomed to it

• Shows dramatic results with every passing day

• Adapts to occasional cold exposure at milder temperature by using body heat to burn calories

• Doesn’t allow body to develop resistance to its effects

• Tasteful and stylish enough to be worn outside also


Cool Fat Burner

• Increases metabolism by more than 300%

• Burns up to 500 calories in two hours

• Boosts fat burn while building muscle

• Stimulates and sustains highest brown adipose levels known to burn a large number of calories

• Accelerates insulin sensitivity, improves the immune system and cuts down systemic inflammation

• Escalates resting metabolism, supports exercise recovery and induces relaxation

• Boosts adiponectin and irisin that strike a balance between insulin levels and burning of calories

• Improves overall health and increases longevity


Compare Material: Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner

Cold Shoulder Vest – Details not available

Cool Fat Burner – Similar to thin reusable bags


Compare Sizes available: Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner

Cold Shoulder Vest
Sizes range from XS to XXX-L to suit users of all built

Cool Fat Burner
Medium to extra-large sixes made to cater to all users

Chest Size:
Small 30-35″
Medium 36-42″
Large 43-48″
X-Large 49-54″
XX-Large 55-60″


Compare Price: Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner

Cold Shoulder Vest
It costs $149.99

Cool Fat Burner
It is priced at $149.00.


Compare what do I get? Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner

Cold Shoulder Vest
Add-ons not mentioned

Cool Fat Burner
One extra set of packs


Compare Reviews: Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner

Cold Shoulder Vest REVIEW

Frances Bell, a fitness freak who bought the Cold Shoulder Vest recently, writes in his review that it’s working decently as of now. He says he feels comfortable within moments of wearing it and he’s hopeful it will be useful. However, its quality is not that good, and it’s quite expensive too. He says there should’ve been more ice around the shoulders.

Peter Wills, another user of the Cold Shoulder Vest that it’s not made from good quality. He wishes it was stronger and better in quality.

Shaun Weaver, a Cold Shoulder customer, writes in his review that its thick Velcro closure creates a problem in adjusting it well. He further states in his Cold Shoulder review that the ice packs used in it are not gel and melts faster since it is actual frozen water. It lasted for about 2 hours on using in a weather lower than 90 degrees.

Another Cold Shoulder reviewer Andrew Ford reveals that its 1-inch thick ice packs are placed in such a way that the best looks like it’s for traffic direction use. His review says that Cold Shoulder is adjustable but is very bulky for moving around. He applauds the ice packs positioning in the Cold Shoulder review saying that are placed perfectly to go down the back, shoulders, chest, and stomach.

A review by Camille Pratt states that Cold Shoulder is a decent vest that fits individuals of all sizes. But she says in her review that Cold Shoulder is hard to wear for more than an hour, though it stays cold for about 2 to 3 hours. This vest is not meant for sleeping in overnight since it needs freezing after use.

Michael Marsh tried wearing Cold Shoulder under his shirt and says in his review that its material is comfortable enough for the same. Plus, a good discovery was that it didn’t leave moisture on the clothes after wearing it.

A user, Jonathan Hopkins, asserts in his Cold Shoulder review that even though the vest is designed for weight reduction, it can be easily used by people with heat sensitiveness. He suggests that wearing a wind breaker over the top can help prolong its effects.

A Cold Shoulder review by Betty Ramos states that the vest is very bulking and pretty large for concealment. She highlights that it’s the frozen inserts that make it bulky; otherwise, the vest is made of very thin material.

One review by Oscar Davis reveals that Cold Shoulder is a little loose on the body and needs side straps to help fit the body properly. The review does say that Cold Shoulder’s fat loss by stimulating the core to generate heat for the entire body technique does work well.

A reviewer, Nathan Phelps, claims that the ice bags in Cold Shoulder started to leak after a few uses. There is no way that it will last an entire summer.

Lillie Joseph asserts in her Cold Shoulder review that it doesn’t work at all and fails to get cold enough. She calls Cold Shoulder a poorly-constructed waste of money. In her review, she says that the vest loosens in a matter of seconds and doesn’t fit less obese individuals well enough.

One other Cold Shoulder review by Krista Townsend says that she noticed stitches getting out after 2 months of use. Additionally, her review says that Cold Shoulder’s bulkiness and annoyance of its straps make it a headache to use. Her Cold Shoulder review suggests that mostly the vest will work only if the user is staying home.

A Cold Shoulder customer Archie Harvey complains in her review that she found it too heavy to even tested it long enough for weight loss. As per his review, Cold Shoulder’s design is a different and can be a little odd to wear in the public.

Lucille Washington, who looked forward to Cold Shoulder, complains in her review that there is no other option or design for women. She asserts in her review that using Cold Shoulder, essentially a man’s vest made it difficult for her to move around.

Shannon Horton also complains in her review that Cold Shoulder is heavy and needs constant readjustment. Her review also states that there is no way to fix this problem and makes wearing Cold Shoulder a tedious chore.

A reviewer, Benjamin Santiago, says that Cold Shoulder is not adjustable even though it has a thick Velcro closure. He further shows disappointment in his review saying Cold Shoulder didn’t work for more than 2 hours while promising 8 hours functionality.

Chad Munoz, a Cold Shoulder reviewer, reveals that it doesn’t come with any proper instructions or guidelines. According to his review, he had to wear a T-shirt underneath Cold Shoulder since there is some moisture retention on the front panels as the gels warm up.


Cold Shoulder Questions and Answers

Q. Does Cold Shoulder have pockets in the front?
A. No, there are no ice pockets on the inside or front. Cold Shoulder has the ice packs only in the back.

Q. Can women wear Cold Shoulder? How can one consider the size conversion?
A. Yes, women can wear this vest. The size conversion will vary as per their chest size. This vest has 55-inch chest size for a comfortable fit around the body. It is recommended to get a larger size always to so as to get a better and easier fit.

Q. Can Cold Shoulder worn under shirts or other clothing?
A. No. It will not fit better since it is pretty bulky in nature.

Q. Do the sides in Cold Shoulder lace up or is it a solid piece?
A. There is no information available.


Cool Fat Burner REVIEW

Edith Alexander, a customer who purchased Cool Fat Burner a few days back, says in her review that she’s very disappointed with the vest as its quality is not up to the mark. She’s wondering what made its makers choose the material being used in it. She feels it doesn’t seem strong enough to last even a year. The material used in the Cool Fat Burner isn’t any better than the ordinary grocery bags. She says she’d like to return the Cool Fat Burner and she’s already exploring options for it.

However, another use, James Wade, who purchased Cool Fat Burner to get rid of going to the gym, says in his review that he finds the ice packs of this are made very well. James has been using the hybrid option right now, which he bought as the soft one got ripped and began leaking within a few weeks. He says that the first time he used Cool Fat Burner, he felt a blast of cold affecting him but now even at the end of the sessions, he doesn’t feel chilly and uncomfortable.

Annie Flores, another user who’s been wearing the Cool Fat Burner for a few days, has written in a review saying that she didn’t find it too cold till she pulled a blanket over herself. She says she feels cool as well as hot in a single session and is hoping that’s the way it is. She wants to know whether the Cool Fat Burner is really scientific and effective.

Kevin Perez who chose the Cool Fat Burner says in his review for the same that he doesn’t find it practical. He finds the entire process of wearing the Cool Fat Burner very time-consuming and annoying. He feels that its quality is also not up to the mark He says that the Cool Fat Burner vest is very flimsy and prone to getting torn. Worse, the vest smells like freezer as it comes straight out of it. He says when he kept his room at 70 degrees and flowed all the instructions provided he felt quite comfortable and could put the vest on for close to an hour.

He found that the ice packs had melted a little and that state made him feel more comfortable. He’d prefer the ice packs to be in a sort of liquefied state because when they are hard, they hurt when worn. At the same time, he says he is open to trying out other brands too as this vest is also more of the expensive side and needs to be frozen more number of times.

Donald Reed has a similar feedback to share about his experience with the Cool Fat Burner, which he’s stated in his review about it. He has noticed that the ice cubes don’t stay still inside the vest and that they keep slithering out. Trying to fix the problem does not help much unless the vest can be held tight and not allowed to fall slack so that the ice cubes stay intact. Donald has also observed how the Cool Fat Burner vest keeps folding into two as if it’s designed to stay that way while being used. That prevents the surface of the vest from coming in contact with the skin properly, which actually beats the purpose of using it. If the vest doesn’t cool down the body, no calories will burn. It can work only if there’s some other person to flatten it out so it touches the body and then work. Also, the two ice packs at the front can just touch the bones so those who have excessive fat may not benefit much from it. The cubes at the back do touch the fat there, so it may work out there. Again, the quality of the material doesn’t seem sturdy and one tends to get the constant feeling that it may tear anytime.

2 Comments on "Cold Shoulder Vest vs Cool Fat Burner REVIEW"

  1. The Cool Fat Burner has been published in “The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.” The CFB is also being tested at Mount Sinai for its ability to reduce blood glucose levels. The CFB is being used by professional fitness competitors to help with fat-loss before competition.

    The Cold Shoulder has gone out of business, and it’s owner filed for bankruptcy.

  2. This is Eric G., owner of the Cool Fat Burner.

    A few facts:

    1) The Cool Fat Burner has been tested in numerous university exercise labs. All have shown a huge metabolic boost from wearing our vests. These results have been shared openly on our site, for all to see.

    2) We also self-funded a university group experiment, looking to get published soon. No other cooling vest has done that. Guess why?

    3) The Cool Fat Burner has been compared directly against the Cold Shoulder vest in two different university exercise labs. Both results were the same — the Cold Shoulder does almost nothing metabolically, burns no calories, and therefore does not lead to weight loss. The Cool Fat Burner had a 16 TIMES greater effect on metabolism.

    4) If you don’t have a caloric deficit, you won’t lose weight. All true experts in the field agree on this. Only frauds, con-men, and snake oil salesmen, all trying to sell you something, would dare to try and claim you don’t need a caloric deficit to lose weight. Only the CFB creates a caloric deficit. This is why the others vests either A) won’t test their vests, or B) if they do, they try and hide the results, just like the Cold Shoulder kept quiet about the results that revealed their vest does next to nothing for calorie burning, as revealed on “Good Morning America.” (google it)

    5) Not one single person under the supposed “reviews” for the Cool Fat Burner exist anywhere in our database. They don’t appear to be real customers. Were these ‘reviews’ just made up?

    Again, these are all facts.

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