Clarisonic Opal vs Jenu vs Nuface


Compare What is it? Clarisonic Opal vs Jenu vs Nuface

Clarisonic Opal – It is a new age anti-aging sonic infusion device that helps in absorption of eye serums better than fingers, and builds skin’s resilience over time. This way the solutions work better at reducing signs of aging.

Jenu – It is a new age ultrasonic infuser that helps in increasing the potency of skincare solutions but increasing the skins absorption capabilities 6 times more than regular methods. This way the solutions work much better and faster.

Nuface Trinity – It is an innovatively designed multi-solution skincare device that comes with interchangeable treatment attachments, which help improve the skin’s appearance and reduce the signs of aging. It uses non-invasive microcurrent technology that helps in achieving amazing results.


Compare How does it work? Clarisonic Opal vs Jenu vs Nuface

Clarisonic Opal – It is a sonic infusion handheld device with a silicone tip, which is to be gently tapped around the eye. Around 200+ sonic movements per second take place as it infuses the anti-aging serum via the applicator tip deep in the skin. The sonic infusion ensures that the skin is receptive to more absorption of skincare serums. The deep vibrating action also maximizes the efficacy of hydrating skin care solutions.

Jenu – It has 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy per second which when gently moved in circular motion increases the skin’s receptiveness to treatment. With their MicroSphere Conducting Gel that has vibrating microbes it pushes skincare solutions into the skin much better.

Nuface Trinity – – The microcurrent technology in Nuface Trinity – is perfect for achieving long-lasting results for use as little as 5-minutes a day. The device has intensity control, which once adjusted is to be used in a steady, gliding motion over different parts of the face. With the proprietary serum or other skincare solutions it rejuvenates the skin to get its elasticity back. There is also anti-aging attachments targeting fine lines and wrinkles on lips and face.


Compare Features: Clarisonic Opal vs Jenu vs Nuface

Clarisonic Opal – Its palm-size design and lightweight feature make it comfortable to hold while using. Another feature that makes it stand out is its rechargeable battery operated mechanism making it wire free. Although it comes with an anti-aging sea serum, it is universal in nature and can be used with any other serum. It has a 30 seconds cut off that helps in users know how much time is enough to apply under each eye.

Jenu – It is universal in nature and is perfect to use with any skincare range. Its ergonomic lightweight design makes it easy to hold for use and compact enough to carry. It comes with a one minute cut-off for optimum usage per area. It is safe to use at home and is pain free.

Nuface Trinity – – It is a handheld battery operated device and is FDA-cleared. It very easy and its completely safe to use. Size wise it is compact yet perfect to hold and can be stored away easily. It has professional quality result providing mechanism used in salons made available for home use.


Compare What to expect: Clarisonic Opal vs Jenu vs Nuface

Clarisonic Opal – The elasticity of the skin increases over use with tighter, firmer looking skin under the eye. The high sonic movements ensure that the anti-aging formula works more effectively resulting in reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When used twice a day it increases the hydration of skin.

Jenu – With regular use one can start expecting the skin to be more receptive to solutions that make the skin softer, firmer and smoother. It can be used all over to reduce appearance of furrow and frown lines, dark spots, and redness. It helps in reducing the creases, crepiness and drooping on neck. Fine lines, crow’s feet and puffiness under the eye can also be reduced with it. When used for lips it can reduce the dryness and thin lips issues.

Nuface Trinity – – Its facial skin stimulation technology helps in improving facial contour on the jawline, cheek and forehead. It also improves skin tone and reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness. They suggest completing a treatment of 5 days a week use for 60 days for achieving visible and optimum results.


Compare Price: Clarisonic Opal vs Jenu vs Nuface

Clarisonic Opal – $185

Jenu – $186.75

Nuface Trinity – $325


Compare Reviews: Clarisonic Opal vs Jenu vs Nuface

Clarisonic Opal Reviews

Melissa, a customer who bought Clarisonic Opal, says that the device is good at its job and the serum that accompanies it is also a decent solution. The problem is the applicator tip. The customer says that the tip had to be replaced very soon. This was because the first tip split from the root and fell off after only a few uses. Another user who purchased Clarisonic Opal also has a similar complaint. The added issue was that the company, Clarisonic, on reviewing the issue offered only a 10% discount on the next purchase of tips. The customer service is not really helpful and the customer cautions other buyers about this issue. Mel, one other customer who used Clarisonic Opal reveals that there were no visible results or changes that occurred by using the device for over 3 weeks regularly. The skin did feel more moisturized than usual but that could also be due to the special cream used. The dark circles under the eyes did not disappear or reduce at all. The biggest problem faced by the customer was the battery not holding up power after a short duration of use. Even the manufacturers did not acknowledge the issue or post the negative review on their website. They even blocked the comments added on other posts by the user since they weren’t completely positive. The customer cautions to stay away from it completely due to its low quality or suggests purchasing it from the manufacturer or a vendor with complete registration so that it can be returned.



One customer, Joanne, who used Jenu complains that upon receiving the device it took 2 complete days to charge up. And even after charging it for such a long time it was not able to hold it for more than 2 minutes for each eye and sometimes would even run out of power sooner. This continued even if the device was kept for charging for a full day or sometimes more. It is possible that Joanne received a defective piece but her problem was there is no replacement policy after a year of purchase. This is why the customer advises individuals who purchase Jenu to keep an eye on the charging issue and also the power issues. The problem was there was no documentation that mentioned how long it should take for a normal device to charge and how long the device can hold charge. One other customer, Gina, who used Jenu says that on using it for 2 weeks exclusively on the right side of the face there was no different at all. The customer did it for testing its effectiveness and realised there was no difference in skin tone, elasticity or brightness and ultimately returned it back. Jean, another customer who reviewed Jenu reveals that there are no impressive results after using it for a month. The instruction for use was poor and is quite expensive with no return label on it. Jean suggests other users to be vary of it and not fall in for the hype.


Nuface Trinity REVIEW

A customer on Vine who used Nuface Trinity – reveals that the build quality of the device is very good and design wise it’s pretty impressive. It also is ergonomically better to hold in hand. The design flaw as per the customer was its bright blue light that can literally illuminate the entire room. Also the treatment is not completely comfortable as there is a mild sting felt during the process. People with acne shouldn’t use it as slightest of facial blemish, scratch or sunburn gets irritated with the microcurrent. Another customer, Jeremy, who bought Nuface Trinity – says that after two weeks of usage there has been no difference to the texture of the skin. But as per the brochure it is to be used for over 60 days, which is far from 2 weeks’ time. The device, however, is easy to use, attractive and is good at charging. The customer noticed some side effects such as eye twitch, metallic taste in mouth and scalp twitch while using it. The gel that is sent along does not last long and additional purchase just adds up the cost. It requires a lot of commitment and money to use this device. One other customer, Caroline, who purchased Nuface Trinity – complains that the device doesn’t work at all. The customer’s device broke after a month. The company does not care about consumers and did not honor the warranty due to third party vendor involved and asked for a heavy sum to fix the problem. The battery also charges and drains quickly.

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  1. I suppose results vary. But I found Jenu to be a very deceptive and unethical company. I purchased their improved model with 6 tubes of gel on a Black Friday “deal”. Each tube was suppose to last 2 months. In reality, each tube barely lasted 2 weeks! When I called Jenu, I was told their estimate is based on a small spot treatment, even though they extoll the benefits for the entire face and neck (which is how I used it).

    There are no guideline for how to use it and the phone reps don’t seem to have a clue. So I used it once a day for 4 months, 7 minutes each session to do my entire face and neck. Zero noticeable difference after 4 months.

  2. l am wondering what the difference is between the nuface and the newa. and info on the conture as well. can you please advise on the differences or sameness of these products? thank you! sincerely Susan

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