Clarisonic Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Compare What is it? Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Clarisonic Alpha Fit: It is facial cleansing device specially designed for men that claims to be 6 times better than hands while prepping face and neck for a smoother, closer shave.

Mia 3: It is a specially designed device that promises to enhance cleaning by 30% and ensures that you can get softer, smoother skin without hassle.

Mia Fit, Mia 1, Mia 2, Mia 3, Alpha Fit and Luna are sonic cleansing devices that are all handheld. All the devices have a few variations. The devices state that they can loosen and extract dirt, sweat, and oil from the skin, while being up to 6 times more efficient than traditional methods of cleansing.


Compare What does it do? Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

All the devices – Mia Fit, Mia 1, Mia 2, Alpha fit and Luna can cleanse the skin of dirt, sweat and oil. They also gently massage the facial skin, clear pores, expel impurities, and clean up sunscreen and makeup six times more effectively than cleansing by hands. They also prevent abrasions and use of chemicals while ensuring that skincare products are absorbed by the skin much more effectively.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit: It has been engineered to have men’s skin cleaner and healthier looking by clearing away oil, dirt and sweat. It’s clinically proven results include the fact that 100% men felt their skin was smoother and cleaner, more than 90% men experienced less shaving nicks and razor burns and over 90% men with beards felt a softer and more comfortable beard.

Mia 3: It offers you Sonic cleansing with a harmonic blend of form and function. Its three speed settings coupled with cleansing brush that moves at 300 movements per seconds ensures that skin is cleaned gently and more effectively than the traditional means. Clinical studies show that it cleans 6 times better than hands and leads to 61% greater absorption of Vitamin C. 94% users have reported softer skin and 90% users experienced radiant, glowing skin, with the device that is safe and gentle on your skin.


Compare speed settings: Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Mia Fit – It has 2 speed settings – Speed 1 cleanses delicately on a runtime of 60 seconds. Speed 2 setting cleanses the skin deeper, including the neck on a runtime of 80 seconds.

Mia 1 – It has a single speed setting for normal daily use.

Mia 2 – It has 2 Speed settings. Speed 1 or Delicate is for fragile skin and Speed 2 or Universal is for normal skin.

Alpha Fit – It has two settings. Setting 1 (Clean Shaven 60 seconds Daily Cleansing) needs to be used for 20 seconds to clean forehead and nose, 20 seconds to clean upper lip, chin and cheeks, and 20 seconds for the neck. Setting 2 (bearded 80 second Power Cleansing) is ideal for beards or post workout cleansing after a long day and takes 20 seconds for the forehead and nose, 40 seconds for upper lip, chin and cheeks, and 20 seconds for neck.

Luna – It has two cleansing settings – Cleansing Mode with T-Sonic Pulsations that channel through smooth, silicone touch-points, and unclog skin pores of dirt, oil, and makeup residue. It also removes dead skin cells. After cleansing each zone of the face for 15 seconds the pulsations momentarily pause. The second mode is Anti-Aging Mode, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provides more firmness and elasticity to the skin.


Compare Features: Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Clarisonic Alpha Fit – It makes the most out of patented engineering that has been designed for men’s oilier and thicker skin. Sonic technology drives each rounded filament more than 300 movements per second to massage hair follicles, prevent ingrown hair and loosen oil in pores. The brush head has an average of 27,600 Dupont elastometer filaments, which are super flexible and lead to maximum torque for an invigorating cleanse. The cleanser contains Lactic Acid, Aloe, Ginseng and Caffeine to gently remove dirt, and leaves your skin feeling soft.

Mia 3 – It offers customized cleansing experience with three speed settings. Speed 1 is for delicate skin, speed 2 for normal daily use and speed 3 removes set in debris with power that’s enhanced by 30% Compared to speed 2. Adjustable T-Timer lets you move to a different part of your face with ease. There are a number of interchangeable heads, right from sensitive brush head to radiance brush head that can be chosen based on one’s specific requirements.


Compare Power source: Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Clarisonic Alpha Fit – It works on a rechargeable battery with an USB enabled charging cradle.

Mia 3 – USB-enabled p-Link® charger, which makes it perfect for travel.

Mia Fit, Mia 1 and Mia 2 each have pLink charger that magnetically attaches to the handle and recharges the device.

Luna – It is rechargeable


Compare Battery life: Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Clarisonic Alpha Fit While the battery life is not clearly specified, it has a LED battery life indicator to keep you on top of things.

Mia 3 – The battery life is not mentioned but the real time battery indicator gives you desired information at the right time.

Mia Fit – On a full charge it has 24-28 minutes runtime.

Mia 1 – 20 min

Mia 2 – The battery life depends on how old the unit is, how often it is used, and how often and how long the handle is charged for. If the body brush heads are being used, the oscillations consume the battery more quickly. After using for 24 minutes, brush head pulses and indicator lights flash. The handle needs to be charged for approximately 18 hours for a full charge.

Alpha fit – Depending on what setting is used, if fully charged, the device provides approximately 28 minutes of use.

Luna – If fully charged, it gives up to 450 full cleansing and anti-aging routines.


Compare Charging time: Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Mia Fit, Mia 1, and Alpha Fit take approximately 18 hours for a full charge. While Mia 2 instructions say it takes 24 hours. Luna takes approximately 1 hour and should not exceed 24 hours and it should not be used while charging.


Compare Brushheads: Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Clarisonic Alpha Fit: The brush head has an average of 27,600 Dupont elastometer filaments. Alpha fit has an invigorating Men’s Daily Cleanse Brush Head that is designed with short bristles for men’s tough skin. It cleanses sweat, dirt and oil to give smooth skin and clean shave. The bristles of the brush head wear out and become ineffective over time and the brush head needs to be replaced 3 months. Rinse the brush head with warm soapy water once a week to remove residues.

Mia 3: Interchangeable brush heads including sensitive brush head, deep pore cleansing brush head, radiance brush head and more.

Mia 1 and Mia 2 have Interchangeable Facial Brush Heads are uniquely designed and engineered for specific skin types or conditions.

Mia Fit has a plush Radiance Brush Head with velvety-soft bristles that effectively cleanses the skin and is gentle enough to use twice daily.


Does it have pulse
Mia Fit – Pulse 1, Normal

Mia 1 – No PULSE setting

Mia 2 – Yes

Luna – Yes


Is it water-proof?

Clarisonic Alpha Fit: Yes it is.

Mia 3: It is waterproof.

Mia Fit, Mia 1 & 2, Luna are all waterproof.


Compare What do I get? Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Clarisonic Alpha Fit
Clarisonic Alpha Fit Men’s Facial Cleansing System
• Men’s Daily Cleanse Brush Head
• Alpha Cleanse Men’s Facial Cleanser, 1oz

Mia 3
– Mia3 (Aria) cleansing device
– Device stand
– Universal charger
– Sensitive brush head attachment

Mia Fit – Rechargeable Mia Fit device with USB-enabled charging dock, 2 Year Warranty, Radiance Brush Head, and 30ml foaming cleansing milk – Skin Illuminating Cleanser.

Mia 1 – Mia Fit Unit, Sensitive Brush Head and gray Mia comes with normal brush head. It includes 1oz sample size cleanser, and Universal Voltage pLink® Charger.

Mia 2 – Mia 2 Unit, Sensitive Brush Head, Protective Travel Case, 1 oz Sample Size Cleanser, Universal Voltage pLink® Charger. The Gray Clarisonic Mia 2 comes with a Normal Brush Head.

Alpha fit – 1 Alpha fit Unit, Gray USB Enabled charger, Men’s Daily Cleanse Brush Head, and 1 oz Alpha Cleanse Men’s Facial Cleanser

Luna – Not available


Compare Price: Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Clarisonic Alpha Fit: $189.00.

Mia 3: $199.00.

Mia Fit – $189

Mia 1 – $99

Mia 2 – $149

Alpha fit – $189

Luna – $169.00


Compare Warranty: Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Clarisonic Alpha Fit: It has a 2 year warranty covering any manufacturer defect related problems resulting from everyday use of the product.

Mia 3: It has a three year warranty covering any manufacture defect related to problems resulting from everyday use of the products.


While Clarisonic Alpha Fit is a classy device packed with features, we like the fact that Mia 3 can be used by both, men and women. Its three speed settings let you customize the treatment based on your requirements. It also has a longer warranty, which is an added advantage. That’s why MIA 3 is the winner for us.


Compare Reviews: Mia Fit vs Mia 1 vs Mia 2 vs Alpha fit vs Luna

Clarisonic Alpha Fit REVIEWS

Professional quality treatment for men – Felix who used Clarisonic Alpha Fit revealed in his review that he was quite pleased about the fact that finally there was a professional spa like treatment at home for men. For starters, he believed the brush was a thing of beauty and didn’t cause him any discomfort while using it. He was expecting it to be rough since it removes dirt and even built-in debris, but it just glided over his face and did the job. He quite liked the design of the model, which he thinks has been designed for men and it works. The fact that it is waterproof is an advantage because he could use it in the shower. Some of the features he was impressed by were the setting for men with beards and without beards, the beeping feature that told him when to move from one part of the face to another. He could be tired or have a hangover; but didn’t experience any annoying cuts, which left him quite pleased. He had one issue with the device and that was about the brush facing upwards while resting, which meant it collected water. Other than that, he was quite happy with the device.

Not the best option – Peter who bought Clarisonic Alpha Fit exposed in his review that the handles of other Clarisonic models including Mia 3 are a lot better. Although he is happy that this model is meant specifically for men, he believes other models from the company offer better results with more control.



Doesn’t work – Ellen who used Mia 3 complained in her review that she was hoping it would work for her but it didn’t do anything. Even after using it for months it didn’t clean the clogged pores or make a difference to her skin tone. She Compares it to a rough wash cloth and nothing more. She was also annoyed that the battery ran off pretty quickly. According to her the face wash isn’t bad but overall the product left her seriously disappointed.

Not well made – Pricilla who reviewed Mia 3 exposed in her review that it doesn’t really work for her delicate skin and if she could manage to get an exfoliator to work for her then it would do the same job. She needs a sensitive brush head and even then the results left a lot to be desired as there was no difference in her skin after a month’s use. Soon after the device stopped working and that’s just not what she had expected from one that she had paid good money for.

Not as good as other models – Cassandra who bought Mia 3 revealed in her review that she has been buying Clarisonic products for some time now and chose this one because of the hype around it. She wishes she hadn’t because the handle is slick and when trying to use with wet hands and cleanser it is practically impossible. She also complained that the device wouldn’t even remove the foundation on her face. Overall, according to her it’s nowhere close to the quality of other models from the company.

Warranty issues – Bella who reviewed Mia 3 complained in her review that Clarisonic doesn’t cover the warranty on products sold through Amazon. She found it the hard way as the first one stopped working rather quickly and she found out about the warranty issue with Clarisonic, which has left her annoyed.



One reviewer of Mia Fit writes that they have used a regular Clarsonic for years and bought a replacement after it conked out. They wanted a cheaper device with adequate settings instead excessive but useless ones. The reviewer adds that the Mia Fit works well but it rests with the bristles facing up, hence they don’t dry out. Its indication to switch to the next part of the face to cleanse isn’t obvious and can be missed easily.

Another reviewer writes that they don’t like the feel of Mia Fit and prefer the handle of my Mia. The reviewer also doesn’t like its fit around the nose and eyes. They add that Mia’s button is similar to a silicone and is sealed but Mia Fit has huge gaps around the buttons with metal-like rims. Because of this the device gets mold and mildew when water gets inside. The USB charging cable and wall plug both look cheap. On the whole, the reviewer is disappointed and while others may like it and it is worth a try, they were returning it.



One user of Mia 1 writes that they use it in the shower every day and it is effective at cleansing the makeup residue. Though it hasn’t cleared their acne, the blackheads have reduced and their face is much smoother and makeup looks a lot better. Another customer says that this is their fourth unit of Mia and all have suddenly stopped working within a year even though they were never dropped and were put out to dry. They add that their face feels great after using it and it removes excess makeup very well after a remover has been used. It is not very durable and that is annoying because the device is not exactly cheap.

Another reviewer says that they expected their face to feel clean but the device made it very red and resulted in acne breakout. Using Mia’s gel and the user’s cleanser gave the same result. They use the sensitive brush head but because Mia is not strong at all they don’t feel it working at all. One customer writes that they use it in the shower but it makes their skin dry, even though it clears pores very effectively. One user was excited to use the device. Their older skin feels and cleans great with the cashmere brush but it doesn’t hold the charge for 20 uses after a month. From 18 in the first week it reduced to about 12 times the third week and to 6-7 within 4 months. It appears to be a battery problem to the user after reading several similar reviews. Mia 1 seems to have used the sealed battery pack system of Panasonic electric toothbrush, which has lasted for years. They wish for the engineers to explain the reason and find a solution to these problems. Their excitement of getting Mia turned into disappointment.

One reviewer says that they had two units of Mia and both conked out just after the warranty expired. They wouldn’t charge or hold a charge and seem to be designed so to make customers buy a unit every year, making it a bad value.



A user of Mia 2 writes in their review that they did not like the device as it does not give enough time to wash the face. They had to get a face cloth to wash the rest of their face. They found it a waste of money as the brush felt hot on their face. Another reviewer says that the pros of the device include the fact that it has 2 speeds, Universal and Delicate. For them Mia 2 is a better choice than the Mia because the universal speed was too severe for their sensitive skin. The design of the unit is sleek and pleasant. They add that it’s great that unlike cheaper devices that are battery powered this one is rechargeable. They didn’t need to exfoliate because the unit made their skin smoother.

The reviewer adds that taking off the brush head every night is a hassle but not a deal breaker for them. They remove the brush head daily since it gets moldy with the water trapping behind the brush head and using a moldy device on the face is unpleasant. Taking the brush head off makes it easier to rinse out any residue and let the device dry completely. Another drawback for them is the price though it is advisable to invest in good products. The user has acne-prone skin and already had a few breakouts. They anticipated the purging stage and week into using the device and their skin had more pimples, which lasted for a week and a half, and the pimples that erupted from the purging phase disappeared. The 1-min timer turns off but can be turned back on if someone needs a few more seconds.

One user says that it is very difficult to take the brush head off the base. When they took the Mia 2 unit to the store, the salesperson had a tough time trying to remove it, too. It was unpleasant trying to get it off. Another customer says that it has got rid of more than half of their blackheads and it’s very effective even though they still have some bumps. It cannot be left in the shower and one needs to rinse and dry the brush head, otherwise it starts to smell moldy.

Another reviewer of Mia 2 had minor breakouts and a few blackheads and they expected this to be the solution. Their skin was never sensitive or acne prone till they started using this device. Initially Mia 2 was great on their skin, which hadn’t felt so smooth ever before. But approximately a week later their skin started breaking out all over even in places that had never broken out before. The customer care told them that it was the purging phase and it gets worse before getting better but the skin never did get better. They hoped for the skin to improve for 2 months and finally stopped using it because the skin got too dry and flaky in spite of using copious amounts of moisturizer. After discontinuing the use of the device, their skin was back to being normal within a few weeks but left scarring because of the breakout. They add that they followed the instructions perfectly and it didn’t work for them. Even if it does work for someone else, if their skin is even a bit sensitive they must use it sparingly – maybe once or twice a week till they are sure that the skin can deal with it.

Another user of Mia 2 was highly disappointed and really wanted this machine to work as well as everyone claimed. However, after 4 months of use they gave up because it caused breakouts on the face that would never leave. They used it twice a day initially, on the sensitive setting along with the purity cleanser. They noticed breakout for over a month and started using it just once a day, but that didn’t help and the skin continued to have breakouts. The stubborn breakouts gave them acne scars and when they stopped using it, the skin started clearing up and getting back to normal within 3 days. They emailed the customer care to check if they were using it incorrectly but and they sent them a link to return the device. The reviewer concludes that the device is not worth buying and a waste of money. They were also very disappointed with the customer support.

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