CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

Compare REVIEW: CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

CIZE Review

One customer, Richard, who reviewed CIZE complains that even though the idea to have a dance workout is great the execution of it falls apart. The problem was no proper focus on the dance breakdown and instead more time was spent on camera angles and backup dancers. There is a lot of need to pause and rewind in order to properly learn the moves but takes away the specialty of this workout. One other customer, Carrie, who reviewed CIZE also feels the dance moves are more like aerobic and less like dance with chances of routines getting boring. The program is expensive and Shaun is more of a distraction than motivation. One customer, Mike, who reviewed CIZE reveals that the moves are easy, Shaun T is good at showing the routines and works well for low-impact workout seekers. The things Mike disliked were the out-dated music, too easy steps and once learn the moves can be boring. Joanna, another customer who reviewed CIZE says that it is not at all what she expected to be. The routines are not on par and some routines simply work only one half of the body with no alternating sides. Overall she was not happy with it and found the production quality sloppy. For more information on CIZE Review – visit this page.



One customer who used Zumba reveals that the workout system works very well in terms of providing accelerated calorie burning. The cardio-based training program utilizes moves that are not just suitable for beginners but even the advanced users can feel the burn. The customer mentions that the DVDs are targeted at at-home use and the helpful tips and learn the moves section on DVD are excellent especially for those starting for the first time. The DVDs are very well designed in terms of navigation. The songs are split into different chapters that allow one to go back and forth easily with next and previous options. The verbal cues are optional and can be switched off for bringing only the music live once you have mastered the moves. One other customer who used Zumba complains that not all the moves are Zumba based elements and also incorporate some aerobics moves that add to the traditional Zumba moves. There are no modifiers for those who want to perform low-impact workout. The Rizer is used for only one track and people with back or knee problems cannot use Rizer due to high-impact moves. You need ample amount of space to perform all the moves.


21 Day Fix REVIEW

One customer who reviewed 21 Day Fix states that it helps in developing a food eating lifestyle and the portion control helps in minimizing the effects of binging. It simplifies eating without the actual need to weigh or eyeball proportions while eating. The customer also found the workouts pretty easy to follow with options to increase the weight to make it more challenging. The moves are also provided with modifier options for low-impact beginners. One other customer who reviewed 21 Day Fix finds it more gratifying than regular diets that create starvation and can have severe side-effects on health. Also it helps in eating all types of food that reduces any cravings and food-binging from occurring. The customer says the weight loss does take place but the portion control has to become a lifestyle to achieve good results and maintain it. The workouts are easy but one can perform other workouts too instead of the ones provided along. One customer who reviewed 21 Day Fix complains that it takes a lot of time to figure out the portions filling. It also still allows the consumption of food items that maybe not food for the body and should be completely eliminated.


Compare What is it? CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

What is CIZE? – It is a dance program that has revolutionized weight loss and made workout regimen more engaging by combining exercise and dancing so that you lose weight while having fun.

What is Zumba? – It is a Zumba dance exercise program that uses the benefit of Zumba moves to provide calorie-burning total-body workout.

What is 21 Day Fix? – It is fitness and eating plan that uses portion control system and exercises to lose weight and tone the body effectively.


Compare how does it work? CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

How does CIZE work? – The six dance routines are broken down in step-by-step manner followed by a final combined dance routine.

How does Zumba work? – The DVD’s and Zumba Rizer come with various set of dance tracks to be followed along with the instructor.

How does 21 Day Fix work? – There are color coded containers that take away the guesswork for different types of food for proportion control.


Compare What to expect: CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

What to expect from CIZE? – Expect to lose weight with the cardio-based moves that even strengthens the core and tone the muscles.

What to expect from Zumba? – The dance moves are pretty intense and can result in effective weight loss. It also delivers body toning, core strengthening and aerobic conditioning to the body.

What to expect from 21 Day Fix? – It can help lose weight up to 15 pounds in 21 days while building core and toning the body.


Compare Methodology: CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

CIZE Methodology – Shaun T is a professional dancer, choreographer, and leading fitness expert. CIZE is his brainchild where all his research combines into dance routines that are calorie-scorching and fun to perform.

Zumba Methodology – It brings Zumba dance home with easy to learn steps. It adopts cardio-based movements, cardio burst interval training and step training to burn incredible amount of calories

21 Day Fix Methodology – Developed by Autumn Calabreses, 21 Day Fix works on freedom of eating. It lets everyone eat any food type in proportion and lose weight at the same time by creating a calorie deficit.


Compare Features: CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

CIZE Features – It is an extremely easy to follow program and does not need any type of fitness equipment to perform. The routines are enjoyable compared to boring workout routines.

Zumba Features – There are no special equipment apart from the ones provided required to perform Zumba. There is ‘Learn the moves’ and ‘helpful tips’ section for beginners. The moves focus on various parts of the body and delivers enormous calorie burn.

21 Day Fix Features – The exercises do not need special equipment. The containers are color coded with green for vegetables, purple for fruits, yellow for carbohydrates, red for protein, blue for healthy fats and cheese, 2 orange for seeds and oils and a shakeology shaker cup for drinks.


Compare Calories burned: CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

CIZE – Depending on the heart rate and body weight one can burn approximately 200 to 350 calories.

Zumba – An hour’s session can burn approximately 700 to 1000 calories depending on weight and age.

21 Day Fix – The exercises burn 200 to 300 calories alone apart from the deficit created by the portion control system.


Compare exercises: CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

CIZE Exercises – The dance routines last for 30 to 35 minutes each with breakdown being the beginning and the entire routine combined to end it on songs such as ‘Hands in the air’ by Timbaland, ‘Treasure’ by Bruno Mars, ‘Lose my breath’ by Destiny’s Child, ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande, ‘Pass that Dutch’ by Missy Elliott and ‘Chandelier’ by Sia.

Zumba Exercises – The exercises are divided per program and consist of Quick start, 20-minute express, super cardio dance – cardio burst intervals, Zumba step workout with Zumba Rizer and 30-minute burn with 15-min abs workout.

21 Day Fix Exercises – The workouts are easy to follow and consists of Total body cardio fix, upper fix, lower fix, Pilates fix, cardio fix, yoga fix and dirty 30 workouts. They require weights or band and a mat.


Compare Duration: CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

CIZE Duration – It is a 4-week program with complete schedule accompanied.

Zumba Duration – On an average the workouts last anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes.

21 Day Fix Duration – The plan is to get fit in 21 days and exercises last for 30 minutes.


Compare Price: CIZE vs Zumba vs 21 Day Fix

CIZE – The base kit consisting of 6 dance courses and an ab workout is available for $72.80.

Zumba – There are different kits available with Base kit priced at $59.95 and Incredible Results Ultimate at $119.95.

21 Day Fix – It comes for a price of $72.80 with options to pay over 3 months.

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