Car Cane vs Handybar

Compare What is it? Car Cane vs Handybar

Car Cane, Car Cane Deluxe and Handybar are car assist bars/handles that locks into a door latch of most of the cars to assist people to get in and get out of the car.



Compare Construction: Car Cane vs Handybar

Car Cane and Care Cane Deluxe – Both Car Cane and the deluxe version are cheaply constructed. The handle is made of plastic and rubber and 3 small screws attach the aluminum head to the handle. Many customers have reported in their reviews that they don’t feel Car Cane is safe to use. For more Car Cane reviews, visit this page.

Handybar – The 3-in-1 automotive assist tool is made of plastic, rubber and has a forged steel hook with corrosion resistant plating. Many customer have reported that unlike the as seen on tv copy Car Cane, Handybar is sturdy and built to last. It weighs 14.5 ounces and has non-slip rubber grip. The curved design provides the right height and angle of grip for better leverage for entering or exiting the vehicle.


Compare Max Weight Supported? Car Cane vs Handybar

Car Cane and Car Cane Deluxe – The infomercial claims that the Car Cane and the Deluxe version can support up-to 350 lbs of user weight.

Handybar – It too claims to support user-weight up-to 350 lbs.

Verdict – The whole concept of “user-weight” supported by Car Cane and Handybar is redundant because even a person weighing 150 lbs can exert a force of 350 lbs. A person using these assist bars (Car Cane or Handybar) exerts more force than his actual weight. So don’t trust this “user-weight supported” parameter much. They should mention the unit of force pressure at which the aluminum head breaks off from the rest of the handle.


Does it have seat-belt cutter?

Car Cane – No

Car Cane Deluxe – Yes

Handybar – Yes


Does it have hammer to break window glass?

Car Cane – No

Car Cane Deluxe – Yes

Handybar – Yes


Does it have Built in LED light?

Car Cane – No

Car Cane Deluxe – Yes

Handybar – No


Compare Price: Car Cane vs Handybar

Car Cane – $14.99 at

Car Cane Deluxe – $23 at

Handybar – $35 at


Compare Guarantee: Car Cane vs Handybar

Car Cane and Car Cane Deluxe – 30-Day money back guarantee.

Handybar – Lifetime Guarantee.


Compare Dimensions: Car Cane vs Handybar

Car Cane and Car Cane Deluxe – Handle length – 6″. Hook length: 2-1/2″

Handybar – 9″ x 1″ x 1″


Compare Weight: Car Cane vs Handybar

Car Cane & Car Cane Deluxe – 6.7 ounces

Handybar – 14.4 ounces.


Final Verdict

Considering the parameters that decide the durability, usefulness and strength of the tools, Handybar is the winner.

1. Handybar is stronger than Car Cane. The Handybar hook is made from steel while Car Cane’s hook is made from Aluminum. Steel is stronger than aluminum.

2. Handybar weighs twice that of Car Cane, thanks to its robust construction. Handybar can be used as a window breaker more effectively than CAR CANE.

3. Handybar is 3″ longer than Car Cane, hence provides larger area to hold it firmly.

4. Handybar comes with a lifetime guarantee.

5. Though Car Cane is cheaper, Handybar is stronger and more reliable.

Handybar is the winner

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  1. It also looks like the car cane deluxe will only fit front to back intruding into the egress space. The handy bar will fit two ways, front to back and also pointing out away from the car providing a larger egress area.

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