Bye Bye Pores vs Bye Bye Pores Silk HD vs Mineral Veil vs Laura Mercier

Compare what is it? Bye Bye Pores vs Bye Bye Pores Silk HD vs Mineral Veil vs Laura Mercier

Bye Bye Pores – It is an award-winning airbrushed silk pressed anti-aging makeup finishing powder in a pressed formula.

Bye Bye Pores Silk HD – It is an anti-aging face finishing powder that sets makeup by delivering perfect finishing airbrush effect to the face. Bye Bye Pores Silk HD instantly minimizes the appearance of pores and wrinkles by absorbing oil on the skin and shine without settling into lines and wrinkles.

Mineral Veil – It’s a see-through finishing powder for makeup that works wonderfully on any complexion.

Laura Mercier – It’s a natural-looking and buildable foundation for sheer to full coverage of makeup and a custom blend of Pearl Powders rich in amino acids.


Compare what does it do? Bye Bye Pores vs Bye Bye Pores Silk HD vs Mineral Veil vs Laura Mercier

Bye Bye Pores – The moisturizing talc-free powder Bye Bye Pores erases the appearance of skin pores, fine lines, and wrinkles and gives the skin a flawless finish instantly with just the sweep of a brush. With its buildable and translucent texture, it gives perfect touch-up throughout the day.

Bye Bye Pores Silk HD – It gives anti-aging benefits and instantly conceals pores and imperfections, appearance of lines and wrinkles to provide a radiant looking, flawless and air-brushed looking complexion.

Mineral Veil – The weightless formula locks makeup in place and minimizes fine lines, absorbs oils, and softens complexion to give airbrushed perfection.

Laura Mercier – The lightweight formula gives a soft-focus effect, natural glow without build up, and protects the skin against environmental stressors. The smooth texture of Laura Mercier minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles and gives a flawless look to the face. The dual-sided sponge provides perfect touch-ups and foundation coverage.

Compare how does it work? Bye Bye Pores vs Bye Bye Pores Silk HD vs Mineral Veil vs Laura Mercier

Bye Bye Pores – The triple-fine milled micro-silk formula of the powder blurs pores and imperfections and keeps skin fresh and free of shine. The anti-aging finishing powder was created translucent and buildable in a pressed formula to eliminate the appearance of pores and fine lines instantly. Bye Bye Pores is talc-free and hydrating and hence provides flawless finish to the skin with just a sweep of a brush.

Bye Bye Pores Silk HD – The powder is created by leading plastic surgeons using anti-aging ingredients like line-smoothing hydrolyzed collagen, high-quality silk that gives poreless finish, and anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, and E that fight free radicals through the day and Vitamin K to prevent discoloration. Together these vitamins also treat the skin with anti-aging benefits, provide youthful radiance, and do away with imperfections. The translucent color of Bye Bye Pores Silk HD goes well with all skin tones and the Micro-HD formula provides airbrushed look.

Mineral Veil – It softens the skin and gives it airbrushed quality. The translucent powder gives a natural look to the skin and keeps it free from preservatives, wax, talcum, and binders. It minimizes pores, wrinkles, and fine lines to provide a youthful complexion. Mineral Veil makes skin look fresh and clean by absorbing oil, prolongs the wear of bareMineral SPF15 Foundation, Lipcolor, and Eyecolor. The super-light finish can be worn on bare skin and works on every skin tone and type

Laura Mercier – The formula contains Pearl Powders that are rich in amino acids, calcium, and magnesium to make the skin look smoother. Ingredients such as rice lipids, jojoba esters, and amino acids make the skin look healthier. The powder is dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic, oil-free and fragrance-free, perfect for any skin type, including sensitive. The blend of pure pearl powders and mica make the skin glow. Nourishing ingredients like minerals, aloe vera, and antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals.


Compare how to use? Bye Bye Pores vs Bye Bye Pores Silk HD vs Mineral Veil vs Laura Mercier

Bye Bye Pores – Twirl you’re the brush into the compact and tap it to remove excess powder. Making circular motions, gently buff it onto skin to get a finish that is soft-focus and skin-perfecting along with smooth and wrinkle-free appearance.

Bye Bye Pores Silk HD – Use the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder Brush to apply the powder as a finishing step to the makeup. Buff a small amount all over the skin with the brush to get flawless and airbrushed finish. Use it to set concealer and foundation or face-finishing perfecting powder on bare skin.

Mineral Veil – Apply Mineral Veil on oilier skin, in humid climates, or with heavy moisturizers. Use it on the go by swirling and tapping into the brush before setting out. Place the cover, toss it into your purse, and buff on the go. It can be easily applied. You just need to angle the Flawless Application Face Brush and twirl into the lid till you manage to dock all the Mineral Veil into the bristles. After twirling a small amount of Mineral Veil, tap away excess to a point where no formula is visible on the outside of the brush. Start on the outside of your face near the cheekbone and swirling in circular motion, stroke the powder into the skin. Pat it around your face as you approach the forehead, cheeks, and nose.

Laura Mercier – Use the Blendign Brush to pick up the Mineral Powder, tap off the excess and lightly buff over your entire face. Till you achieve the desired coverage, continue to layer the powder. The sponge side of the applicator can be used in smooth and even strokes to achieve a medium and buildable coverage. If you need a more sheer coverage or touch-up that is mistake-proof, you can use the flocked (white side) of the Laura applicator. It will give you a light and natural finish. When applying in the morning, use the Mineral Powder and Pressed powder while traveling and for convenient touch-ups. The loose formula goes into the vanity case perfectly and the pressed powder can be carried in the purse.

Compare Ingredients: Bye Bye Pores vs Bye Bye Pores Silk HD vs Mineral Veil vs Laura Mercier

Bye Bye Pores – It contains mica, silica, zinc stearate, triglycerides, coco-caprylate/caprate, jojoba esters, hydrolyzed silk, niacinamide, collagen amino acids, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, camellia sinensis leaf extract, water, glycerin, olive fruit extract, rosa canina extract, grape seed extract, colloidal oatmeal, licorice root extract, algae extract, soluble collagen, retinyl palmitate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, butylene glycol, cholesteryl chloride, carbomer, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, sodium hyaluronate along with several other compoments

Bye Bye Pores Silk HD – It contains Silica, Soluble Collagen, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopherol, magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phytonadione, Collagen Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Silk, etc.

Mineral Veil – It consists of Corn Starch, Corn Starch Modified, Zinc Stearate, Magnesium Stearate. May Contain: Iron Oxides.

Laura Mercier – Present in the powder re Silica, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Lipids, Jojoba Esters, Pearl Powder, Lauroyl Lysine, Copper Gluconate, Zinc Gluconate,Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Extract, Lycium Chinenesis (Lycii) Berry Extract, Milk Thistle Extract. May contain Titanium Dioxide, BismuthOxychloride, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines.


Compare Shades: Bye Bye Pores vs Bye Bye Pores Silk HD vs Mineral Veil vs Laura Mercier

Bye Bye Pores – It is available in bright off-white finely powdered in pressed finish

Bye Bye Pores Silk HD – The translucent shade looks pale yellow in the pan but on applying on to the skin, it looks very natural and blends with the skin color and does not look yellow at all.


Mineral Veil – It is available in 4 shades. The Original shade has a translucent soft finish. You can get the most out of your makeup with this see-through Mineral Veil shade that gives a great final finish to all kinds of complexions. It will help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, absorb oils, and softens complexion and provides a flawless finish to the makeup. The shade is completely weightless and is just a sheer veil of minerals to lock makeup in place and give the wearer’s skin airbrushed perfection.

The Illuminating shade has a delicately brightening dewy finish that’s seen on professional models in magazines. It has the same finish in this jar. The Illuminating shade of Mineral Veil also provides the wearer a pearly and ethereal glow, which replicates light to give a picture-perfect appearance. Much like the original shade of Mineral Veil, you will get the flawless finishing touch to any kind of makeup.

There is a Tinted shade that is a translucent soft finish shade with a hint of warm hue. You can complete your complexion with this shade of Mineral Veil. It has an ultra-light finish that gives a subtle touch of color to your skin. You can dab it on bare skin or over foundation to brighten your complexion, fade the fine lines and wrinkles away. The natural and almost sheer shade also softens features.

The Hydrating shade moisturizes and gives a cooling brightening finish. If your skin is deplete of moisture, the Hydrating Mineral Veil is a nutrient-rich formula that will inundate it with its cooling vitamins and minerals. The shade makes complexion more radiant, reduces lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin elastic and smooth. Dab it on as the final step of your makeup before you set out for the day.


Laura Mercier – The finishing formula comes in 7 shades. Golden Suntan is rich golden beige for olive to tan skin tone, Tender Rose is pink ivory for very fair skin, Real Sand is warm beige ivory hue for fair to light skin tones, Natural Beige is peach beige shade for fair to medium skin tones, Rich Vanilla is true neutral beige for medium to golden skin tones, Classic Beige shade is warm beige to suit medium skin tones, and Warm Chestnut is warm camel shade that goes on medium to dark skin tones.


Compare Price: Bye Bye Pores vs Bye Bye Pores Silk HD vs Mineral Veil vs Laura Mercier

Bye Bye Pores – $29.00

Bye Bye Pores Silk HD – $31.59

Mineral Veil – $22.00

Laura Mercier – $40.00


Compare REVIEW: Bye Bye Pores vs Bye Bye Pores Silk HD vs Mineral Veil vs Laura Mercier

Bye Bye Pores REVIEW

Bye Bye Pores Pros
I can’t have enough of this powder because it has made me look at least 10 years younger. It covers all the blemishes without making my skin look cakey. It has been my perfect travel companion, in cars, trains, flights and more, coming to my rescue every single time.

I used it the first time on areas around my cheeks and nose where I have more pores. I used it to set my under eye concealer and was surprised to see the results. It gave a silky texture without any kind of dryness. My skin felt hydrated and there were no creases, which is why I started using it on my whole face. I now use it to set my entire makeup and the results are good every single time.

One of the advantages of the powder is that it gives you good coverage and doesn’t change the colour of your makeup or skin. You should keep your eyes and mouth closed when using this fine powder, which keeps your skin looking fresh and not oily or powdered.


Bye Bye Pores Cons
The packaging is frail and it crumbled with brush application. How are you supposed to carry it around? Loose powder falls through the holes and makes a mess. The dish for the powder is shallow and quite useless.

Another problem with the powder is that it makes makeup cakey, while it creases, shows lines and dry spots. You also have to be careful with the amount of powder you apply because you will notice the spots in flash photography. You have to use it lightly because it’s not a setting powder.

It is drying and doesn’t work well for mature skin. You also look ghostly white in pictures, which is annoying. The jar isn’t big enough and you can’t use the sponge. You can use a large brush for application, but it makes a lot of mess trying to get the powder out of the jar.

The finish is more matte than you might like. Yes, your skin doesn’t look oily and pores are hidden but it ends up looking dull. Maybe using the brush for application can give better results.



Bye Bye Pores Silk HD Pros
One user who used Bye Bye Pores Silk HD reveals that the powder provides a perfect matte finish to hide the skin pores effectively. Although, the formula needs to be handled well as it is quite thin and can get wasted into the air while buffing. One other user who used Bye Bye Pores Silk HD says that it can lighten the makeup easily and provides a good finish that is smooth and uniform. And the best feature is that it works throughout the day. Another user who purchased Bye Bye Pores Silk HD states that the powder is good as it provides a lot of coverage, stays invisible and does not affect the makeup at all. It is a very fine powder that should be carefully applied to keep the skin looking fresh through the day. According to another reviewer who bought Bye Bye Pores Silk HD, it is a good setting powder that keeps the face looking oil free and does not feel heavy on the skin at all. It has a soft, nice glow to the skin, too, which brightens up the face.


Bye Bye Pores Silk HD Cons
One reviewer who bought Bye Bye Pores Silk HD warns that it is not good for photography using a flash. It should not be used at events, receptions, or even photo shoots for the same reason since the photographs appear ghostly white due to the powder. Another user who bought Bye Bye Pores Silk HD complains that it did not hide the skin pores and instead sat around them, in turn highlighting them. The skin feels uncomfortably tight without good coverage. He further adds that the powder is thin and messy to use and makes fair skin look even paler. Other user also reviewed similarly regarding Bye Bye Pores Silk HD’s masking ability of skin pores. One user of the powder states that it is very light and flies off easily. it also has a penchant scent, which can put people off. One other user who reviewed Bye Bye Pores Silk HD asserts that it is messy to apply because of the shape of the jar and its small size. They further add that the powder is not value for money at all.

One user who purchased Bye Bye Pores Silk HD says that it did make the complexion look white and flushed the makeup under it. It also does hide pore with a matte finish but at the same time it leaves the face appearing flat and dull. Another user of Bye Bye Pores Silk HD complains that the powder just cracks easily even without being dropped and that should not be the case for the price the powder comes for. They also state that there are holes on top of the jar it comes, which stay open even when not in use. One user who used Bye Bye Pores Silk HD did not find any change in the skin discoloration and didn’t notice any anti-aging benefits of the powder as well.


Mineral Veil REVIEW

Mineral Veil Pros – One user who used Mineral Veil states that it works wonders if applied just before the foundation for oily skin. The finishing powder, according to them, forms a smooth base and absorbs the oil throughout the day to keep the face feeling clean, dry, and fresh. It also makes a good touchup powder and makes the face look soft again. They add that the powder also helps in diffusing the intensity of makeup. Another user who reviewed Mineral Veil says that it keeps the face fresh even after a few hours and the wearer would not feel like they have applied the powder at all. Furthermore, Mineral Veil makes dry skin feel hydrated too. One other customer who used Mineral Veil reveals it is one of the best finishing powders available. They state that it is smooth and even for application and easy to use. Mineral Veil removes shine and lasts for the entire day without irritating the sensitive skin or leading to breakouts.


Mineral Veil Cons – One user who used Mineral Veil complains that it sparkles instead of settling down. It needs careful blending to avoid any kind of intense look or color change on the skin making it look unnatural. Another user who bought Mineral Veil states it is a nice soft finishing powder but does not blur fine lines and instead can make the skin look ghost-like pale. A user who reviewed Mineral Veil says that it did not provide any positive impact to the skin or positive results even after they put in a lot of time applying it. Instead, their skin felt parched and patchy with disco ball effect. The user also applied it on well-hydrated and fresh skin to ensure maximum benefits. Another user of Mineral Veil states similar issues and complaints that the finishing powder left residue on the skin without concealing the skin imperfections.

One other user who purchased Mineral Veil reveals that initially the powder worked well on their skin as a makeup finisher. But with constant use their skin started to break out and they had to stop the use of Mineral Veil to heal the skin. They suspect that there is cornstarch included in the formula that leads to clogging of the skin pores, which can be detrimental for acne-prone skin. This can cause a problem to the face and thus doesn’t work on sensitive skins. Another user who used Mineral Veil also complains that the powder was chalky when received and didn’t absorb into the skin effectively. They add that this may be a problem due to a defective or expired piece being shipped as another jar from a store worked perfectly well. Another user of Mineral Veil noticed that there may be chemicals used in the powder and that can be harmful to the skin. Also the listed ingredients are different from the ones listed by the seller. One user who used Mineral Veil says it gave pimples in places, which they never had on the face before using the formula. They say that the powder is no value for money and had a reverse effect to what it is supposed to do.


Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder REVIEW

Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder Pros
It works even though I have rosacea, which makes the skin go dry. It doesn’t make your skin look flaky and evens out pinkness in your cheeks. If you wear SPF 50, it is capable of making the shine go down nicely and letting you look polished.

You can use it after applying primer and concealer to get glowing results. Since it has an SPF of 15, you can still treat dark marks with lemon. The only question is whether it is the best mineral foundation for the price.

It does give you the benefits of minerals and is ideal for touchups through the day. It also works very well for sensitive skin, is not very oily and perfect for travel. It gives you a flawless natural look. Another advantage of this powder is that it uses Zinc Oxide for SPF and there’s no Titanium. Unfortunately it still has bismuth oxychloride in it.

Unlike other powders it doesn’t look dull and makes your skin look radiant. You can go to sleep wearing it and your skin still won’t break out. You can use it to cover hyperpigmentation marks, for touchups and it settles nicely into fine lines.

Whether you use Dior Forever foundation or LM Mineral foundation, this powder is versatile enough to work well with it all. It doesn’t grab on the dark spots, stays on in hot and humid conditions, all through the day.


Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder Cons
The results are disastrous because you end up looking like a white porcelain mask. I was told that applying with a brush instead of the sponge would make a difference. But it doesn’t really help you are better off using it only as a finishing powder. If you are fair, you have to avoid lighter shades. In fact it only makes sense to use it if you find the right colour. Overall it gives you a less than natural look.

Your skin looks patchy, and it’s a dampener on all the factors including texture, blendability, colour range, setting ability. It can work okay with dry skin because it doesn’t cling to dry patches. But remember, it doesn’t agree well with all types of skin. After some use, you can also notice a few bumps and pimples on your face because it starts clogging the pores. If your skin is oil and acne prone, proper cleansing and exfoliation is advisable. But the worrying part is that it has a strong chemical scent.

If you have no skin texture issues, it might be a good mineral powder for you. But application is tricky because it’s soft and you can’t use the sponge. Even with the brush a huge portion comes out. It ends up emphasizing pores on cheeks, nose areas; buffing doesn’t help and you have to apply sheer finishing product on top of it.

Just after two hours of wearing it, you notice that pulled look on your cheeks. It’s a clear sign that it is dehydrating your skin. There are not many colour options and your skin doesn’t really look flawless. You can wash it off but you see a rough after effect. I also noticed a red, sore area on the face and a new pimple. It could be the silica, which is an absorbing agent, and that might be the problem here. The powder sucks out all the moisture and oil from the skin, making it look dry. It is just not suitable for dry skin.

It’s overpriced considering the fact that you run through the powder in just about two weeks, even if you use it sparingly. You also need to use concealer under it if you want it to last. What’s worse is that it wears off in a couple of hours. It changes colour to orange with oil. Your options in shades are also limited if you want it for olive / yellow undertones.

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