Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Compare What is it? Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – A high-velocity super blender that pulverizes food ingredients to extract maximum nutrients and make healthy smoothies, soups, and even desserts.

Nutribullet Rx – A compact, easy to assemble and clean blender with exceptional nutrition extraction power that breaks down ingredients to their most absorbable state.

Breville Hemisphere – A powerful blender with a revolutionary Blade and Bowl system that delivers perfectly blended smoothies and food processing.


Compare How does it work? Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – Its combination of high velocity ProKinetix Blade and Bowl system pulverizes any ingredient into 50% smaller particles than traditional blending. The super fine texture is smoother to eat and easier to absorb.

Nutribullet Rx – The blender has a Nutrient Extraction mechanism that features Bullet Cyclonic Action specialized blades and a powerful motor to break down the cell walls of fruits, vegetables, plants, nuts and seeds to extract maximum nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Breville Hemisphere – The surgical grade stainless steel blades are serrated for extra sharp performance. They combine with the Bowl system that has ribs on the inside to ensure that ingredients creep up the sides of the jug and fall back down to give a smooth blend.


Compare what is it good for? Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – You can make frozen desserts without preservatives, nut butter without salt and sugar, soups without flavoring, mayonnaise without emulsifiers, and green smoothies that are easy to eat and digest. It crushes ice into snow for cocktails and liquefies and aerates fine soups that are super nutritious.

Nutribullet Rx – Turn beneficial fiber, pulp, seeds, skins into a smooth-texture blend that is easy to digest and absorbs into the body to give the highest degree of nutrition. Nutribullet Rx can shred, blend, grind, chop, crush ice, and even make soups to smooth perfection.

Breville Hemisphere – Get perfectly blended smoothies without any additives and extra calories. It is great for pureeing, liquefying, mixing, snowing, crushing ice, and making velvety cocktails.


Compare Features: Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – It has a high-velocity patented ProKinetix blade and bowl system to pulverize any ingredient. 12 multi speed settings let you choose from slow stirring to high speed milling. LCD display shows speed settings, pre-programmed settings give complete blending control. Its unique ring pull design keeps ingredients sealed for leak proof blending and is still easy to remove. Tight-fitting vented lid lets steam escape while making soup. Auto clean feature cleans around the blades and it has push-in cord storage.

Nutribullet Rx – The blender has a great nutrient extraction power. It is compact and fits on any kitchen counter-top. It is easy to assemble and the unique Extractor Blades fix directly into any Nutribullet Cup to let you blend and consume from the same vessel. The cups are dishwasher safe. The blades also clean quickly with a rinse of soap and water.

Breville Hemisphere – It has a patented Blade and Bowl system with 5 electronic speed settings to snow, blend, liquefy, mix, and puree ingredients. The pre-programmed ice crush and smoothie settings don’t need any extra tool to push the ingredients; the Hemisphere blades ensure that they fall down on it themselves. The denser ingredients blend at a low speed and the motor revs up when thickening to give thick and smooth smoothies without adding thickening agents.


Compare Material: Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – Die-cast stainless steel and BPA-free Tritan plastic.

Nutribullet Rx – BPA-free dishwasher safe plastic and stainless steel.

Breville Hemisphere – BPA Free Eastman Tritan copolyester and stainless steel


Compare Wattage: Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – 1500W motor

Nutribullet Rx – 1700W

Breville Hemisphere – 750W


Compare Blades: Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – ProKinetix Blade System has 3 powerful stainless steel blades lined to the base of the jug.

Nutribullet Rx – Stainless steel Extractor blades twist onto the base of Nutribullet cups to let you blend and consume from the same container.

Breville Hemisphere – Surgical grade and serrated stainless steel ice-crushing, extra wide, central blades bring down what’s on top.


Compare Speed Settings: Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – Manual speed settings with 12 speeds from super slow to high speed milling.

Nutribullet Rx – Single speed setting and separate G setting for making soups.

Breville Hemisphere – Electronic 5-speed control – Snow, Mix, Liquefy, Blend, and Puree


Compare Container/Jug/Pitcher: Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – Large 68oz shatterproof jug.

Nutribullet Rx – 45-oz and 30-oz handheld cups and 1 liter soup making pitche.

Breville Hemisphere – Large 48-Oz BPA-free Tritan copolyester jug.


Compare Price: Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – $399.99

Nutribullet Rx – $179.99

Breville Hemisphere – $199.99


Compare Warranty: Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Boss – 7 year limited product warranty.

Nutribullet Rx – 1 year.

Breville Hemisphere – 1 year limited product warranty.


Compare Reviews: Breville Boss vs Nutribullet vs Hemisphere

Breville Hemisphere Control Blender Review

Decent product with some issues – Penny who used Breville Hemisphere Control Blender revealed in her review that after having the blender for some time now, she can say that it works fairly okay. It is a solid machine that does the job it is meant for, but you can’t really use it for making smoothies on a daily basis. It does have its advantages for cooking purposes, especially for those who want to make purees and dips. One big issue with the blender for her was that it was quite noisy.

Expensive blender – Andrea who bought Breville Hemisphere Control Blender complained in her review that though it is a powerful machine, it is definitely not worth the price. She also pointed out some design issues like the fact that stuff gets stuck even though it’s a powerful blender. She wishes the removable plug at the top of the lid was easier to work with. She liked the cut off power feature of the motor but realized that the blades were not as sharp as she would have liked them to be. But the biggest issue for her was that the jug was made out of plastic, instead of glass. While that makes it easier to handle, you would expect a glass jug from an expensive blender, which it isn’t.

It has its limitations – Sue who reviewed Breville Hemisphere Control Blender revealed in her review that there are some very good things about this blender. To begin with, it is a quiet blender, which is surprising for one that has a powerful motor. It is powerful and easy to clean as well. But it’s not the best blender you will find for the price, according to her. A big problem is that it is made out of plastic and it’s recommended to not use hot or boiling liquids. That was a serious limitation for her.

It has only certain applications – Lauren who bought Breville Hemisphere Control Blender complained in her review that it is not as versatile as it is claimed to be. She found it had its advantages when it came to blending smoothies out of kale, spinach etc. It blended everything from bottom first and she didn’t have to push the ingredients down; it started pulsing on its own. But then she doesn’t think you could use it for more heavy duty tasks in the kitchen.


Breville Boss Review

Fairly decent product – Selena who bought Breville Boss revealed in her review that she got it mostly to make smoothies, using ingredients like kale and spinach. She thinks it does the job fairly well but has to add pulsing to get the chunks of solids blended in. Unfortunately it still leaves kale bits in the smoothie. The self cleaning function is a huge advantage and she actually appreciated the tight lid because it kept the liquid in the bowl of the blender. She also had no problems getting the lid off though it was tight.

Not the best results – Anna who reviewed Breville Boss complained in her review that she doesn’t use it to make smoothies often because they have to be made thinner otherwise the blades keep moving round and round, doing nothing. You have to cut up frozen fruits if you want to use them for smoothies. She thinks it’s much better to use the food processor for the task. But she admits that this blender works well and is good value for money since it is not really expensive. She has used more expensive blenders in the past and they were completely useless; that’s definitely not the case here.


Nutribullet RX Review

Poor design and mechanics – Brad who reviewed Nutribullet RX complained in his review that the quality control from the company must be completely shoddy. Otherwise he just can’t believe how anyone would let such disastrous blade assembly be out there in the market. He was shocked that they would sell it for around 200 dollars when the mechanics are plain horrible. But he does admit that it liquefies well and does a good job with different ingredients including blueberry and raspberry that have hard seeds. However these are not good enough reasons to buy the machine, which falls apart. According to him, the gasket was broken twice and he just wishes they had a removable gasket. The blades would chew it up and the gasket would get twisted around them. It is one big flaw that completely destroys the whole blender, which he wishes a maker like Nutribullet would have paid attention to.

Flimsy product – Steve who bought Nutribullet RX revealed in his review that it is a flimsy product that just won’t last. In two weeks time the plastic cups cracked and within two months time the motor started giving trouble. He was hoping that a 1700 watt motor would be sturdier, but it isn’t. The cups also have constant leak problems that are made a lot worse by the holes at the top of the blender. Thus there are leaks everywhere and it makes difficult to clean the blender. There is a major design woe too because the machine manages to suck the seal out into the blades. Now that is just a recipe for disaster, according to him. He was also upset with the customer service because when he tried to return the blender, he was put on hold for hours. It makes him believe that it is all just a scam.

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