Botvac Connected vs Roomba 980

Compare What is it? Botvac Connected vs Roomba 980

Botvac Connected
It is a Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum cleaner that can be controlled remotely through an app, and sends notifications to the owner’s smartphone.

Roomba 980
It is a robot vacuum cleaner that can be controlled with an app and cleans more thoroughly around clutter and furniture.


Compare How does it work? Botvac Connected vs Roomba 980

Botvac Connected
With the Neato App you can remotely Schedule, Pause and Stop cleaning from anywhere. You need to choose from Eco & Turbo modes for a long and more energy-efficient cleaning and super powered with maximum cleaning respectively. With the LaserSmart Mapping and Navigation the robot vacuum cleaner first scans the room, works out an efficient course of cleaning, and cleans thoroughly.

Roomba 980
Its iRobot Home app lets you tap “Clean” on your smart phone that will get Roomba 980 clean anywhere and anytime. The AeroForce cleaning system picks up debris and the VSLAM (Visual Simultaneous, Localization and Mapping) technology makes it navigate around clutter and furniture to clean efficiently.


Compare Features: Botvac Connected vs Roomba 980

Botvac Connected
The vacuum cleaner has a Neato App that lets you clean the room from anywhere and get notifications on your smart phone. Botvac Connectedhas patented LaserSmart mapping and navigation technology to let it plan the cleaning course methodically. The D-shape of the cleaner has square edges to clean hard to reach places. It has 50% larger brush than round robots and smaller profile. SpinFlow System has a more powerful suction and precision brushes. It has extra-large (0.7 liter) bagless dirt bin and recharges and resumes cleaning automatically.

Roomba 980
It has a long battery life and runs two hours longer and returns automatically to the base to recharge and resume cleaning. The simple to use iRobot Home app lets you control it and start and stop the cleaning remotely. Along with ‘bumper’ sensors, it has VSLAM (Visual, Simultaneous, Localization and Mapping) technology that lets it map and navigate the room and make an efficient cleaning course without dashing into walls or toppling over. It features AeroForce Cleaning that picks up two times more debris and the “carpet booster” feature maximizes air power on detecting a carpet or rug. It has powerful virtual lighthouse walls to signal where to and where not to clean.


Compare Benefits: Botvac Connected vs Roomba 980

Botvac Connected
Cleaning your room doesn’t need you to be around and you can do it from anywhere and anytime with Wi-Fi compatibility and app. Botvac Connectedgives completely clean floors with powerful suction and precision brushes and cleans along the sides of the walls and deep into corners. It is ideal for cleaning under bed and furniture and hard to reach places. Botvac Connectedcan give you long and quiet cleaning while saving energy and with Turbo pick more debris, pet hair and dirt. The vacuum returns to its dock automatically when low on battery and resumes cleaning on its own.

Roomba 980
The remotely controlled cleaning is ideal for people who are at work and always on the go. It gives a more powerful cleaning of debris and thoroughly cleans carpets and rugs by maximizing air power. It gives a more organized cleaning without bumping into things randomly.


Compare Reviews: Botvac Connected vs Roomba 980

Botvac Connected Review

Botvac Connected has the most unique feature of is Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you start, pause, stop and schedule cleaning when you’re on the move. It gives the ease of remotely cleaning floors by being connected with an app Neato. Botvac Connected cleans twice the area in the same amount of time, has twice the airflow, and picks up 50 per cent more fine dust. It has premium quality glossy black finish and the new filter design makes it easy to pop the dirt bin out for emptying. With just a push of the button the robot vacuum cleaner can clean the whole house and other buttons give spot clean. It has a wide main brush that stretches across the entire width of the cleaner that also has a docking station where it rests and recharges automatically.

Botvac Connected has three cleaning modes – house clean, spot clean, and manual cleaning. The cleaner scans and analyzes the area using Botvision laser navigation technology, which also works in the dark. With the SLAM technology the cleaner determines the areas it has and has not cleaned and if it runs out of battery before finishing the cleaning chore, it recharges on the docking station and resumes from where it left. Botvac Connected has a Scheduled Cleaning feature that lets you set times and days (even repeat days and times) when you want to schedule cleaning and it can be set via the app.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a SpinFlow technology that gives super clean floors and has no problems moving from wooden to tile floors to carpet. It can clean in the corners and gets within 14mm of the walls because of CleanClever technology. It does get stuck on the base of furniture but it does send notifications on the phone. The manual clean is not up to the mark and needs holding and repressing to work. The battery lasts very long and the app is simple to use. The cleaner does get stuck time and again and doesn’t work on stairs. Its Manual mode works only on one network and it is an expensive machine.


Roomba 980 REVIEW

Roomba 980 PROS

Thorough cleaning – Roomba 980 is a Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum cleaner that has a very simple and easy-to-use app. The vacuum cleaner lets the user control it from the phone. It provides a smart and internet-connected cleaning. Roomba has a newly redesigned motor that adapts to carpet surfaces effectively and cleans carpets thoroughly. Compared to other cleaners, Roomba 980 picks up even those crumbs that filter down to the bottom of the carpet. For someone who needs an upright vacuum cleaner it is the most powerful machine with maximum suction.

User-friendly and great after sales services – The vacuum cleaner is more user-friendly and gives hands-free operation with its new app, stronger battery and the automatic recharging/resume feature. Roomba 980 proves to be the best cleaning solution. Navigation is more enhanced with new features that cleans in a more organized and efficient manner. But it does bump into things and furniture though to a lesser extent. Roomba company iRobot has a great customer and after sales service and replacement accessories and parts are easily available on the market sometimes better than the original.


Roomba 980 CONS

Not perfectly smart – The robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 980 gets confused by power cords and cannot manage sizable edges and gets stuck often but can be managed once the problem areas are identified. Roomba 980 is only available at the iRobot store to control pricing. It is the best vacuum cleaner only if you have the money to afford it though it works best if you have a large office or house that needs regular cleaning. But for those who have smaller apartments, it is just an extravagance.

Steep price – iRobot is known to have steeply priced robot models that re moderately or more expensive than others on the market. And Roomba 980 is quite expensive too, costing $900 per unit, which will not be an easy expense to incur for most users. The new generation of Roomba has several enhanced features and is the best robot vacuum available on the market but if it is someone’s first robot then a less expensive but equally efficient alternative would be better.


Botvac Connected Review

The most unique feature that Botvac Connected boasts of is Wi-Fi connectivity and the Neato App with which you can start, pause, stop and schedule cleaning and get status updates anywhere and anytime on your iOs or Android device. But it requires you to be on the same network, which can be a restriction. The robotic vacuum cleaner has a D shape that can clean along the corners and hard to reach places like under a coffee table and along the baseboards. It can clean with double the airflow, allowing for up to 50% more dust flow. Botvac Connected has a more systematic approach to clean, dividing the room in back and forth and linear pattern. But it still requires boundary tape to prevent it from bumping into things. It has a Turbo mode of cleaning for fast and deep cleaning and Eco mode for battery-saving and maintenance cleaning, which is less noisy and good for cleaning at night. The Eco mode also allows cleaning of larger area because of extra battery life. These modes give more control to the user.

The new filter of Botvac Connected is ultra high performance and better at collecting dust. It is also easy to remove and empty and the screen reduces dust accumulation. Botvac Connected still uses the SLAM technology to navigate and map the room and it can resume cleaning from where it stops, if it does stop midway because of the battery dying, for instance. The robot vacuum cleaner is still very convenient because it can auto-schedule. But the added benefit is that you can schedule the cleaning from your phone. What makes it a better option is the fact that it is cheaper than the only other Wi-Fi enabled robotic vacuum cleaner but it doesn’t have a multiple pass feature to ensure thorough cleaning.

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