Bondic vs Lazer Bond vs Blufixx vs Rapid Fix

Compare what is it? Bondic vs Lazer Bond vs Blufixx vs Rapid Fix

Bondic: It is an adhesive that is completely water proof and heat resistant, and claims to work on practically everything while giving you several advantages over regular glue.

Lazer Bond: It is a liquid resin, which gets activated with a UV light and promises to create a permanent bond with different surfaces in a matter of minutes. For more information about Lazer Bond, please see this page.

Blufixx:Inspired by Dental technology, it contains an adhesive gel that cures with Blulight LED rays and works on practically all kinds of surfaces.

Rapid Fix: It is a scientifically developed dual component adhesive system that includes a strong, instantly bonding adhesive and welding powder that is effective on different types of surfaces.


Compare how does it work? Bondic vs Lazer Bond vs Blufixx vs Rapid Fix

Bondic: It is a solvent free formula that stays in liquid form till it is cured by the UV light. It then dries clear on practically any kind of surface and creates a permanent bond. It has a 4 step process; clean, fill, cure and shape to fix just about everything and save you a lot of money.

Lazer Bond: It is a specially created plastic resin that gets activated with the help of a UV light to create a permanent bond in just 3 seconds. It creates an airtight, watertight seal that can support up to 350 pounds, according to its claims.

Blufixx:To start with, it’s a good idea to use it on a non-greasy surface. It works best with surfaces up to maximum 2mm in thickness. For thicker surfaces you can apply it several times. Once you have applied it, expose it to the light rays for a few seconds to have it completely cured.

Rapid Fix: Firstly it is scientifically formulated to give you instant bonding results. The adhesive can be used on its own, or with the welding powder, that instantly hardens when it comes in contact with the adhesive. Together they create a bond akin to a weld, which can be used to fill holes, gaps, cracks etc.


Compare what to expect? Bondic vs Lazer Bond vs Blufixx vs Rapid Fix

Bondic: It can be used to bond, build, fix and fill almost everything in matter of seconds. It can work on different surfaces including metal, wood, plastic, PVC, steel, wiring, rubber, ceramic, polypropylene, vinyl, leather and a whole lot more.

Lazer Bond: The liquid plastic adhesive used here is made in the US that speaks a lot about its quality. It can be used to fix, bond and build a whole range of surfaces including porcelain, leather, copper, plastic, wood, metal, vinyl, PVC, glass and more.

Blufixx:To begin with, it is suitable for all kinds of surfaces including stone, plastic, wood, metal and textiles. You can use it to fill holes, seal cracks and hide remodeling flaws. It can be used to seal up seams and spliced wires. It repairs and binds without the need for pressure.

Rapid Fix: It has a wide range of applications as it can bond just about any material to itself or another material. It can work on different surfaces including rubber, copper, glass, aluminum, steel, wood, ceramics and plastics too.


Compare features: Bondic vs Lazer Bond vs Blufixx vs Rapid Fix

Bondic: For starters, it can work between a wide range of temperatures; from -40 degrees C to 150 degrees C. It promises to work best on rough surfaces, especially those with undercuts. Results are better when the surface is clean and grease free. It is a liquid plastic welder, which can be used to good effect with the principle of welding, and works better in layers.

Lazer Bond: The plastic resin gets activated in the presence of UV light and creates a permanent bond in just 3 seconds. The water and airtight seal created because of that can support up to 350 pounds. It also has its advantages over sticky glue including the fact that it doesn’t harden in the container.

Blufixx:It is very easy to apply and you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of fixing things to get started with it. There are no solvents, mess and sticky fingers to contend with. Once cured the material can be ground, drilled, varnished and polished based on your requirements. It is available in different colours to allow you to match the shade of the original material.

Rapid Fix: The scientifically formulated instant adhesive and welding powder combine to create an instant bond that can be used to repair a wide range of materials. It produces a strong weld seam to support the repair like in the case of welded joints or solder. The welding powder turns opaque white and can be painted on, sanded, ground, drilled and filed. It promises to be easy to use and clean with the help of a wet cloth dipped in Acetone.


Compare shelf life: Bondic vs Lazer Bond vs Blufixx vs Rapid Fix

Bondic: If unopened it can have shelf life of at least a year.

Lazer Bond: It never hardens in a container and can be used whenever you want.

Blufixx:If no light gets to the plastic, it can be used for up to 24 months.

Rapid Fix: It is guaranteed to last for up to 12 months, but when stored under ideal conditions it can last for up to two years.


Can it be used to fix fingernails?
Bondic: Yes

Lazer Bond: Yes.


Rapid Fix: No.


Does it work on glass?
Bondic: Yes.

Lazer Bond: Yes.


Rapid Fix: Yes.


Does it work on metal?
Bondic: Yes.

Lazer Bond: Yes.


Rapid Fix: Yes.


Does it work on plastic?
Bondic: Yes.

Lazer Bond: Yes.


Rapid Fix: Yes.


Does it work on fabric?
Bondic: Yes.

Lazer Bond: Yes.


Rapid Fix: No.



Compare what do I get? Bondic vs Lazer Bond vs Blufixx vs Rapid Fix

Bondic: Bondic Starter Kit comes with a Pen that has an Applicator, 1 LED UV light, and one 4 gram tube of liquid plastic.

Lazer Bond: Your kit includes the pen with applicator, LED light and plastic resin.

Blufixx:The starter kit includes a pen, two 7 gm cartridges, Blulight LED and a file.

Rapid Fix: The 10 ml Hardware pack contains a 10 ml bottle of adhesive and 10 ml bottle of welding powder.


Compare Price: Bondic vs Lazer Bond vs Blufixx vs Rapid Fix

Bondic: Bondic Starter Kit can be bought for $21.99.

Lazer Bond: You can buy it for $19.99.

Blufixx:The starter kit is available for $14.98.

Rapid Fix: Its 10 ml Hardware pack is available for $19.95.



Rapid Fix is the only one of the systems that works on a different principle. It also has its limitations as far as the surfaces it can be used on, is concerned. Of the rest, we like the functionality and various colours for matching that are offered by Blufixx. It is also slightly cheaper than the other systems and is the winner for us.


Compare Reviews: Bondic vs Lazer Bond vs Blufixx vs Rapid Fix

Bondic Reviews

Works okay, but has limitations – Derek who used Bondic complained in his review that it is not a bad product but has several limitations. According to him, for it to work you need to have sufficient area to adhere it to. In fact you have to apply some of it beyond the immediate area of repair. But the bigger problem is the fact that you really get a very small portion of the compound for the price. He believes you really can’t get a lot of use out of it and feels that there are several similar products that you can get for a lot less. That’s why he thinks it’s not good value for money.

It has only a few uses – Paul who bought Bondic revealed in his review that he was only able to repair some of the items with it. For example he had no problem fixing plastic, which is quite thin. In fact, all the surfaces that you can fix with it have to be thin enough for the UV light to cure the resin. Otherwise only the resin on the outside of the surface cures and that means the repair doesn’t hold for long. He also reminds that Sunlight has UV rays and that begins to cure the resin, which is why you need to often use it indoors. You have to be careful with wiping off the tip of the dispenser because it hardens there. The hardened resin can chip off too, which is a nuisance.

Bad product, delivery issues – Erika who reviewed Bondic exposed in her review that firstly she had to wait for a very long time to get her hands on the product. Once it arrived she realized that the bottle was leaking. That’s a complete disaster, especially when you are talking about an adhesive. She also had mixed results using it because it worked on some surfaces and on others it didn’t. According to her it hardens up okay but when kept on something flexible it cracks immediately. Overall she thinks it’s a bad product that costs way too much.


Lazer Bond Reviews

Works well, but there are design problems – Nigel who used Lazer Bond revealed in his review that it worked on different types or surfaces as it claimed. But there are design problems with the product; like the cap to the resin dispenser, which doesn’t screw on and off easily. He had to twist off the cap and scotch tape it to hold it together, which was completely an unwanted chore. He wishes that they had made a better designed product for the price they were charging.

It is crap, waste of money – Lyle who bought Lazer Bond exposed in his review that it just didn’t work. As soon as you put little pressure on the things you have fixed, they break and you think you have not only wasted your effort but money too. He used it exactly according to the instructions and tried it several times but it didn’t hold up anything. After a few uses the cap to the dispenser broke and that led to its own set of problems. He believes the glue can work on principle but the manufacturers have just not put the effort into making a quality product. Here the material is weak and you are better off using super glue, according to him.


Blufixx Review

Doesn’t work well – Sharon who used Blufixx complained in his review that though it has some uses it doesn’t work very well. In fact the results leave a lot to be desired because the bond is just not strong enough. She like the idea of different colours but didn’t know how to source them.


Rapid Fix Reviews

Fairly decent product but expensive – Alan who bought Rapid Fix revealed in his review that he bought it to use for professional projects and it hasn’t really disappointed him. It worked on different types of surfaces though according to him it worked and smelt like super glue. The bond is also brittle, but it can be hardened with the welding powder. Does it merit that price though? Not according to him because he feels there are cheaper options available. He thinks it works okay but not evenly. It works better on larger rather than smaller surfaces. It also doesn’t work so well on plastic and some woods. One problem while using it is to gauge how much glue and welding powder to use every time. Also you have to apply several coats to get the job done and that is a waste of your time.

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  1. Plast-aid is perhaps a superior, and earlier, version comparable to Rapid Fix, which may be little more than super glue and baking soda. Plast-aid has a strong solvent, but this expedites bonding especially to plastics; it can be mixed thin or putty-like, and layers can be added to reinforce. Far stronger than even epoxy, it is soluable in acetone/mek etc but otherwise is bombproof in a variety of applications.

  2. bondic and blufixx are the same company(owner)!
    and both products arent working

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